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American Shokudou Sand's
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American Shokudou Sand's is an american style restaurant that is located whithin a minute of Makishi station. You can enjoy amazingly delicious burgers.

American Shokudou Sand's is an american style restaurant where you can enjoy juicy humbrger! The No.1 burger on the menu is so packed full of such a strong delicious flavor you can't even pick up the burger without the burger itself seeming to drool over itselt. It's very obvious that this is because the burger is made of Agu pork.
It's guaranteed that if you like humburgers, you will love it! The humburger is not the only thing that is delicious on the menu, but Tacos and Taco-rice are also good. The onion rings are not only delicious but also very photogenic.

Must-see sights

  • Agu pork Bacon Cheese burger

    Agu pork Bacon Cheese burger

    We ordered the Agu pork bacon cheese burger which is 1050 yen. It's bigger than the average man's hands. The burger consists of patty,cheese,bacon,lettuce,tomato. For the sauce, you can choose from ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard. One bite into this bacon burger and my mouth exploded with so many wonderful flavors.

  • Taco-rice


    The Taco rice is made with regular taco ingridients : meat, lettuce and cheese but with a twist. Instead of a tortilla, the whole meal lays on a bed of rice. It is an Okinawan style food. In 1984, the first Taco-rice restaurant was opened in Kin town which was called Parlor Senri. But now the taco-rice business has spread across Okinawa. Since all the ingredients are locally grown and the meal was so popular it was smoothly integrated with school meals and bentos sold in the local stores! In most places it is sold with cabbage but here it is sold with sliced lettuce.

  • Goya and Onion double rings

    Goya and Onion double rings

    The onion rings are cut then fried just like their goya. To get both as a meal you just need to order the onion and goya double ring which is 580 yen. The onion goya double ring you will get the best of both worlds! Be careful while eating the onion rings its chewy and its extremely hot making it hard to eat if you're not careful.

The appearal of American Shokudou San's

American Shokudou San's presence

American Shokudou San's is located within a minute of Makishi station by walking. For those who loves humburgers,taco-rice and tacos, here is the best place for you! There is an English menu available at the restaurant.
The building is modeled after American modern architecture and maches with the Okinawan atmosphere. During Golden week and Summer vacation will be crowded especially after 18:00. For those who want to go there by car, there is a coin-operated parking close to the restaurant.

Their consept is "American food which arranged with Okinawan food." They mainly use ingredients which are only forage in Okinawa. In addition to famous hamburger, Taco rice which is Okinawan dish Mexican Tacos meat on top of the rice. Moreover,it's recommended to try onion fried ring and goya fried ring! There are steak,tacos and hawaiian dish locomoco is also on the menu. For the desert, they have delicious pancake! If you want to try something rare, try the Habu sake! (Habu is a famous snake in Okinawa.)

The restaurant inside is also very Americanized with bar. There are tables for 4 people at the entrance of the restaurant, on the back of the restaurant there are tables for 8 people where you can have a seat with family and group member. There are also counter seats which you can enjoy by yourself. Here is the place you where everyone can enjoy their time!


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American Shokudou San's restaurant Information

Name American Shokudou San's



1-1-60 Asato Naha-city Okinawa


It takes one minute from Makishi station


11:00-24:00(Last order: 23:00)


Open year around



Agu pork Okinawa burger: 980 yen
Agu pork Bacon Cheese burger : 1050 yen
Tacos : 280 yen
Taco-rice : 780 yen
Goya and Onion double rings : 580 yen
There are other menu items available

How to pay



【Dinner】 ¥1,000-2,000

Optional fee

Don't forget to give them tip!

Credit card



JPY only





There are 40 seats available.
Including counter and table seatings


Not available

Coin-operated parking close to the restaurant
Times Asato 1 chome : 1 minute walk from the restaurant
Times Okinawa Makishi : 5 minutes walk from the restaurant



Smorking Free


No pets , English menu available

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Hambergers made with Okinawa Agu pork is must try! You can enjoy your humburger with 3 different kinds of sauces!

Important notice

Recommended menu

Agu pork Okinawa burger: 980 yen

Goya and Onion double rings : 580 yen

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