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Awase soba syokudou
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Awase soba shokudou is a famous restaurant for Okinawan soba. It is located close from Naha-city. The restaurant is a tourist gourmet spot that attracts many visitors.

The restaurant first opened 30 years ago. It is loved by local Okinawan people. The Sanmainiku soba and Nankotsu soba are the most popular menu items there are many people who will recommand these delicious foods.
The secret of the Awase soba is in its flat noodle. Most of the Okinawa soba is usually made with thin noodles. The noodle was developed uniquely by them mixing eggs with the noodle make the taste special.For the soup, they use chicken stock, skipjack tuna and pork bone broth for its base make the dish have its own taste which has attracted many tourists.

Must-see sights

  • Nankotsu soba(soft beef bone)

    Nankotsu soba(soft beef bone)

    The most popular menu is the Nahkotsu soba(soft beef bone). The beef bone is well boiled. You may think it's hard for the first glance, but it's actually very soft and mellts in your mouth. You can enjoy the real taste of the meat. For the secret flavor they use the Okinawan local sake called "Awamori".

  • Sanmainiku soba(boned rib soba)

    Sanmainiku soba(boned rib soba)

    Snamainiku soba is one of the popular dish with Nankotsu soba. The meat is 10 cm and 1.5 cm thick. It's so soft that you can cut with your chopstick. Once you bite it, the flavor explodes in your mouth. You will be hooked by the taste for sure! No matter how old you are, we promise you will like this dish, from the young children to the elders!

  • Special Soba

    Special Soba

    If you want to try not only the Sanmainiku soba(boned rib soba), but also Soki(pork ribs) and Tebichi(pig's feet), This is the best dish for you. With so many varieties of flavors you will find the right flavor for you. It is 840 yen which is very affordable for how much the meat comes with each bowl. If you don't know what to order, try the Special Soba!

The appeal of the Awase soba shokudou restaurant


Awase soba shokudou restaurant is at the middle of Okinawa where is loved by local people and is the essential for Okinawan food. The stock, the sleek texture noodle, Sanmainiku(boned rib) which is important for Okinawa soba, and Nankotsu(soft beef) make the Soba delicious! Although there are many Okinawa soba restaurants on the island, but here is the one of the best place where you can't miss!

Even during the work week, the restaurant will be packed. It will be packed till the last order on weekends. However, there are 110 seats at the restaurant, so the customers rotation won't take too long.
There are Sanmainiku soba, Nankotsu soba, Soki soba, Yasai soba, Nakami soba, Jushi and the Teishoku memu is also available to order. You can take out the soba and enojoy the taste at home as well. You can have your soba ingredients delivered anywhere to the Japan. Many tourists send it their home and friends as souvenir. The restaurant staff said that many people who have received the soba souvenir have come seeking to Awase soba restaurant to see just where the delicious soba came from. During the winter time, you can also enjoy the Nabe which is made from Awase soba soup stock. Once you experienced this taste, you will be hooked for sure!


  • Nankotsu soba(soft beef bone)
  • Nankotsu soba(soft beef bone)
  • Nankotsu(soft beef bone)
  • Flat noodle
  • Chopstick carrier
  • Jushi
  • Menu
  • Table seat
  • 座敷席
  • Souvenir
  • Sanmainiku soba(boned rib soba)
  • Special Soba
  • Outlook
  • Outlook
  • soki soba
  • Sanmainiku
  • special chili pepper
  • Large space
  • Noodles for the souvenir
  • Meat and soup for souvenir
  • special soba
  • Working hours
  • Soki soba
  • fresh jushi
  • Meaty soki
  • Tebichi
  • Extra special soba
  • Large space restaurant
  • Soki soba
  • Soki soba
  • Soki soba

Awase soba shokudou Information

Name Awase soba syokudou



5-3-9 Takahara Okinawa-city Okinawa


Bus: Awase Nishihara line 1 minute walk form The entrance of the Takahara elementry school


10:30~20:00(last call:19:40)





Sanmainiku soba(boned rib soba) : Large 690 yen, Medium 590 yen, Small 490 yen
Nankotsu soba(soft beef bone): Large 690 yen, Medium 590 yen
Soki soba(soft beef bone): Large 690 yen, Medium 590 yen
Yasai soba : Large 720 yen, Medium 620 yen
Nakami soba : Large 740 yen, Medium 640 yen
Tebichi soba : Large 790 yen, Medium 640 yen
Special Soba:大840 yen
Nakami soup: Large 840 yen, Medium 740 yen
Okazu set : 840 yen
Goya champuru :940 yen
Yakisoba :740 yen
Jushi : 150 yen
※here are other menus available

How to pay



【Lunch】 ¥1,000

Optional fee


Credit card

Not available







Table, Tatami mat





You are not allowed to smoke at the restaurant


The restaurant welcomes the visitors with disability.

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can enjoy this taste only here at the Awase soba shokudou! It's loved not only locals, but also from tourists as well.

Important notice

The restaurant will be packed especially during the lunch time.

Recommended menu

Special soba : Large 840 yen

Nankotsu soba(soft beef bone):Large 690 yen

Jushi : 150 yen

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