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Cafe Unizon is a modern cafe which is famous for local products used menu. You can overlook the beautiful view! Parkings are available.

The Senagal island Umikaji terrace is a popular tourist spot where over 30 shops and restaurants are. BEARS'COFFEE is Hawaiian and Okinawan taste mixed cafe.
Senagal island is surrounded by the ocean. The view from the road built on the ocean is breathtakingly beautiful. Seasonal events are held on the island. It's a good spot with family, friends and couples!

Not only tourists but also it's a famous driving and walking course among locals.
Since the airport is close, you can see the airplane flying at a short distance from the island. Also, at night, the island has different beautiful atmosphere.
The Senagal island Umikaji terrace was opened in 2015 as the best place to enjoy the beautiful ocean and shopping, food. If you are in Okinawa, please don't forget to check out the place!

Must-see sights

  • Avocado salmon sandwich

    Avocado salmon sandwich

    One of the most popular menus is an Avocado salmon sandwich. Avocado, salmon and a lot of vegetables are in the sandwich. It looks like a hamburger, the bread is very thick. It comes with chips and a napkin. The staff recommended to put the sandwich in a napkin to avoid your hands get dirty. It says "Mahalo" on the napkin which means "Thank you" in the Hawaiian language. Once you bite the sandwich, the salmon and avocado match perfectly with fresh vegetable. The sandwich is 980 yen, which some people may feel it's expensive, but it was worth to try!

  • Side menu

    Side menu

    For the side menu, there are Nachos for 500yen, spam rice ball for 300yen, mango drink for 300yen. Nachos are a Mexican food which is shaped like a chip. You eat with the sauce comes with. The best time to eat rice ball is when it gets a little cold. The spam and rice match perfectly. Spam is an Okinawan local food derived from Hawaii. You can get spam at any supermarkets in Okinawa. Don't forget to try Mango drink! Mango melts in your mouth and sweet and cool flavor is so delicious! There are many other side menus at BEARS'COFFEE you can try!

The glam of BEARS'COFFEE


The Senaga island Umikaji terrace is located in 15 minutes from Naha airport by Taxi/Car. It is the tourist spot which was opened in 2015. There are more than 30 shops and cafes on the island. It's the best spot where you can enjoy the beautiful ocean, shopping and food!
Hawaiian cafe BEARS'COFFEE was opened in Hawaii the coast city Hiro in 1983. Over 30 years , it has been loved by local Hawaiians. Now the 2nd cafe is on the Senaga island!
A cute bear sigh board welcomes the visitors. Here is the place you can enjoy beautiful Okinawan ocean and delicious Hawaiian food!

There are counter seats inside the cafe, and open terrace seat in from of the cafe that you can feel the wind and sun. It will be crowded on the weekends and holidays.
There are Okinawan and Hawaian food on the menu. Avocado salmon sandwich, Spam rice ball, Nachos and Mix nuts are so good.
For the drinks, there are soft drinks used Okinawan Mango and Hirami lemon, Budweiser and Kona beer is also sold.
The nice atmosphere is the best tourist spot for family and couple visitors! Enjoy the beautiful view and good food!


  • Avocado salmon sandwich
  • Side menu
  • Ocean view
  • Open terrace cafe
  • Cafe inside

BEARS'COFFEE Information




174-6 Senaga Tomishiro-city Okinawa


It takes about 15 minutes from Naha airport(Go straight from Naha airport exit to Itoman, Turn right at the Senaga intersection)



Senaga island Umikaji terrace 10:00-21:00(May vary shops to shops)


Open year around



Avocado salmon sandwich 980 yen
Nachos 500 yen
Mix nuts 300 yen
Spam rice ball 300 yen
Coffee, Soft drinks 300 yen

 TThere are other menu available at the cafe

How to pay




Optional fee


Credit card

Not available




Reservation is not available



19 seats(4 counter seats/15 open terrace seats)


There are free parking for 400 cars available(Senaga island Umikaji terrace)



You are not allowed to smoke at the non-smorking area.

There are several smorking area at the Senaga island Umikaji terrace.


Customer base: 20-40

You are not allowed to bring pets

Wifi and Handicapped bathroom is available at Senaga island Umikaji terrace.

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

It's recommended to try the avocado salmond sandwich! The overlooking view of the ocean and good food is awesome!

Important notice

It will be crowded during lunch time.

Recommended menu

Avocado salmon sandwich 980 yen

Nachos 500 yen

Mango drink 300 yen

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