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Benitora Gyozabo Kumoji Naha
  • Wi-Fi
  • Reservation
  • Creditcard available

Benitora Gyozabo is a Chinese restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Chinese food at decent prices. It's accessible from Naha airport. Their Lunch menu is available on our site!

  • CategoryFoodChinese food
  • Phone number050-5592-2066
  • AreaNaha/Shuri
  • ParkingCoin-operated parking lot
  • Hours【Lunch】11:30-15:00(LO 14:30)【Dinner】17:00-23:00(LO 22:30)

Benitora Gyozabo Red tiger was opened at Kumoji Naha-city as the 1st chain store in Okinawa. The restaurant was opened to make Okinawan people enjoy delicious Chinese dishes more. The dish are crafted by Chinese chefs. You can taste the real Chinese cuisine from standard Chinese food. Their Homemade Chinese foods are, Tantan men noodle, stewed spicy tofu, Pan-fried big Gyoza and Pan fried pork Gyoza on a iron plate.
The second Benitora Gyozabo was opened inside the "Okinawa Outlet mall Ashibina" in July 2017 which is also very popular.


  • Combi set Menu

    Combi set Menu

    Combi set menu is most the popular menu item on the lunch menu. The left side of the plate has Yu-linchi which is a Chinese -style fried chicken with green onion, ginger, sesame oil and vinegar sauce. For the right side, you can choose Stir-fried pork & cabbage with miso, Stewed spicy tofu & minced pork or Boiled pork Gyoza. Rice and soup also comes with the lunch set which you can ask to be refilled as well.
    Yu-linchi is a crispy fried chicken with spicy sweet sauce marinated in it!
    The Soft and mild taste of tofu with spicy sauce goes well. You can taste deep Umami in the spicy flavor. It has mild yet spicy taste, also it's recommended to try for those of you who dont really like the spicy food! Don't forget the egg drop soup that comes with the lunch set! Enjoy the mild and sophisticated taste!

  • Black Sesame tantan men noodles

    Black sesame dan dan soup noodle

    Dan dan soup noodle is frequently ordered item!
    There are 3 Dan dan soup noodles, Black sesame dan dan soup noodle, White sesame dan dan soup noodle, and Hot&Spicy Dan dan soup noodle. The Black sesame dan dan soup noodle is highly recommended to try!
    The rich black sesame soup with pepper get you hooked with its delicious taste! Minced meat also makes the dish tasty. You can get free rice as you order from the noodle menu. Try to put rice into the soup after you enjoy eating the noodles.

  • Pan-fried big Gyoza

    Pan-fried big Gyoza

    Pan-fried big Gyoza is one of the recommended menu items at the restaurant. There are 4 large Gyoza on the plate.
    There are soy sauce, venegar and chilli oil for the seasoning.
    Bite the big Gyoza that enriches the flavor causing it to explode in your mouth with amazing flavor! Enjoy the crispy and juicy meat inside that'll make you crave for more!
    You will be hooked by the rich and juicy taste of the Gyoza. The garlic is not too strong so it's also recommended for ladies who have a craving for delicious Gyoza!

The appeal of Benitora Gyozabo


Benitora Gyozabo(Naha Kumoji) is its located towards the Naha city hall on Kokusai street. The restaurant ceiling is high and has a cozy yet good atmosphere. There are private room seats are also available from 4people to 16 people maximum. It's the best place for business party or drinking with your friends and family as well.

Benitora Gyozabo serves standard Chinese food, Sichuan stewed spicy tofu, Shrimp Chilli sauce and shark fillet dish as well! Enjoy sharing delicious Chinese food with friends and family!
Pan-fried big Gyoza is the most frequently ordered menu item at Benitora Gyozabo! There are pan-fried Gyoza on a iron plate, Cilantro Gyoza which is popular among ladies, and Tantan spicy sweet Gyoza which goes well with beer! If you can't decide what to order, try the Pan-fried big Gyoza as it's the best seller!

The daily combo set(weekdays only) is 800 yen which is a very affordable price. There is also a Combo set menu which comes with rice, soup and Yu-linchi fried chicken and 1 dish which you can choose from 3 options(Stir-fried pork & Cabbage with Miso, Boiled. Gyoza or Stewed spicy tofu). The rice and soup is ok for ask refill. This is the frequently order menu among the office workers as it's affordable price!
There are Stewed spicy tofu, Stir-fried pork&cabbage with miso, Stir-fried pork liver&green onion and Gyoza menu available.

Dan dan soup noodle amd Ramen are frequenly ordered during the lunch time. The dan dan soup noodle has three menu, Black sesame, White sesame and Benitora original Hot&Spicy Dan dan soup. If you can't decide what to order, highly recommended to try the Black Sesame Dan dan soup noodles as it's the best seller! The noodles well coated with rich soup is the best! Enjoy the spicy Chinese cuisine!

There are Shoyu(Soy sauce),Chicken tangerine noodle, vegetable noodle, and Vietnamese chicken and rice-noodle for the noodle menu. If you want to eat light soup noodles, try one of those!

There are hotels and offices around the restaurant . It will be crowded during 12:00-13:00 especially on weekdays. If you want to order lunch menu, it's recommended to go there at 11:30 as the restaurant opens.


  • Black Sesame Dan dan noodle soup
  • Black Sesame Dan dan noodle soup
  • Pan-fried big Gyoza
  • Pan-fried big Gyoza
  • Menu
  • Menu
  • Benitora Gyozabo restaurant outside
  • Benitora Gyozabo restaurant inside
  • Benitora Gyozabo restaurant inside
  • cashier
  • Combi set Menu
  • Black Sesame Dan dan noodle soup
  • Pan-fried big Gyoza
  • 紅虎餃子房外観
  • Waiting room
  • Bright interior
  • Restaurant inside with hight ceiling.
  • Private room with circle table
  • Private room for 9 people
  • Seasoning, plates, spoon and water
  • Lunch set meal menu
  • Combi Set menu
  • Noodle menu
  • Noodle menu
  • Yu-linchi fried chicken with spicy sweet sauce
  • Smooth Tofu
  • Egg soup(Have another one for free)
  • With vinegar
  • Subtle flavor
  • Black Sesame Dan dan noodle soup
  • Creamy mango pudding

Benitora Gyozabo restaurant Information

Name Benitora Gyozabo Kumoji Naha-city



1-4-1 Kumoji Naha-city Okinawa


Monorail: 4 minutes walk from Asahibashi,Kenchomae station




Open year around



Weekday lunch menu:800yen
Combi set menu:880yen
Stewed spicy tofu & Minced pork:780yen
Stir-fried pork&cabbage with miso:780yen
Pan-fried big Gyoza set:680yen
Black sesame dan dan soup noodle:780yen
White sesame dan dan soup noodle:780yen
Hot&Spicy Dan dan soup noodle:780yen
Pork vegetable fried rice:880yen
Egg lettuce fried rice:780yen
Pan-fried big Gyoza(4pieces):648yen
Pan-fried Gyoza on a iron plate:702yen
Almond jello:410yen
Mango pudding:410yen
Other corses:4,000yen-6,000yen

※Other menu items available

How to pay




Optional fee


Credit card








74 seats
Counter,Table,Private room available


Not available

There are coin-operated parking lots close to the restaurant



No smorking


The restaurant welcomes the visitors with disability, Wi-fi available, corse menu available.

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

The original Dan dan soup noodle is highly recommended for those of you who loves spicy food. There are Black/White sesame and hot & spicy soup.

Important notice

It's recommended to make a reservation.

Recommended menu

Combi set menu:880yen

Black sesame dan dan soup noodle:780yen

White sesame dan dan soup noodle:780yen

Hot&Spicy Dan dan soup noodle:780yen

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