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Bueno Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Reservation ok
  • Credit card available

This is the place that you can taste the delicious roast chicken! It's loved by locals. It's located close to Naha-city.

  • CategoryFoodWestern food
  • Phone number0988-76-0452
  • AreaMiddle
  • ParkingThere are spaces in frot of the shop
  • Hours11:00-20:00(※It will be close as chicken sold out)

Bueno chicken is a famous roast chicken shop that is located in Urasoe city. You can takeout delicious roast chicken! After opening in 1982, It's been loved by local Okinawan people and tourist as well. In response to requests from many people that want to enjoy delicious chicken in the shop too, from April 2015, Bueno Kitchen was opened next to the Bueno Chicken, as the place for eat&drink place.

Must-see sights

  • Chicken

    Delicious taste and looking!

    Big cut garlic, put in the roasted chicken. The juicy smell makes you mouthwatering! The fresh roast chicken and juicy flavor explode in your mouth. The secret of the chicken is in soaking the chicken in garlic base soup. Taste the extra-large juicy chicken! It's best to enjoy with cool Orion beer, especially on a hot day!

  • Bright restaurant inside

    Fancy restaurant inside and exclusive dish

    The yellow color interior makes you happy! This is a very relaxing place for family and group visitors. There are many cute chicken nicknacks and small kids playing corner. The roast chicken is Yanbaru brand chicken and vegetables are from Okinawan farm. Try the whole chicken for those of you who crave for delicious chicken! There are cut chicken and salad menu for ladies as well.

The appeal of Bueno Kichen


Bueno kichen is becoming more and more popular from SNS. The second owner wanted the restaurant be to last for 100 years in Okinawa. You can taste the fresh roast chicken at the shop inside. The kitchen will be crowded with locals and tourists.

Many people come to get the delicious chicken, not even on weekdays, but on weekends as well! If you want to make sure, it's recommended to make a phone call reservation. Especially during the Christmas season and New year season in Okinawa, It will be hard to get chicken!

Bueno kitchen has satisfied many people with its delicious toast, chicken and the good and comfortable atmosphere! If you have never been to the place, highly recommended to try the yummy juicy roast chicken!


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  • Chicken set
  • Nich-nacks
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  • Bueno chicken
  • Chicken
  • Bright restaurant inside
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Bueno kitchen Information

Name Bueno kitchen



1-14-2 Uchima Urasoe-city Okinawa


30 minutes driving from Naha airport

Bus: 3 minutes walk from Uchima Iriguchi bus stop


11:00-20:00(※It will be close as chicken sold out)


Every Mondays & New year



・Bueno Chicken a whole chicken(3-4 people) 1600yenbr> ・Bueno Chicken a half of whole(1-2 people) 800yen
・Toriwake set(A half of Bueno chiken+Medium salad+2drinks) 1500yen
・Nikushoku set (A half of Bueno chiken+rice+ 1 drink) 950yen
・Ohitorisama set(a quater of Bueno chicken+Rice+Salad+ 1 drink) 800yen
・Bueno sandwich set (Bueno sandwich+soft drink) 650yen
・Medium salad 300 yen , Small salad 200yen
・Bueno sandwich 500 yen
・Bueno soup 100 yen
・Orion beer 600 yen
・Bass Pale Ale 600 yen
・KIRIN FREE 400 yen
・Okinawa Cerrado coffee 300 yen
・Sanpin cha(Jasmine tea) 300 yen
・Orange juice 300 yen
・Coca cola 300 yen
・Ginger ale 300 yen

How to pay




Optional fee


Credit card





Reservation OK



33 seat
Counter&Table seats


There are 2 spaces in frot of the shop

Coin-operated parking available
There is one next to the KAIHO BANK(30minutes:100-200yen)



No Smorking


A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

This is the place for those of you who is craving for good chicke! 1600 yen for a whole chicken!

Important notice

It's recommended to make a reservation.

Recommended menu

Bueno Chicken a whole chicken(3-4 people) 1600yen

Toriwake set(A half of Bueno chiken+Medium salad+2drinks) 1500yen

Bueno sandwich set (Bueno sandwich+soft drink) 650yen

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