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Cafe Agio
  • Parking available
  • Reservation ok

This is a hideaway cafe which recommended to go on your special day. Although it is located in a quiet place, it's accessible distance from Naha airport. Come stop by before/after the South trip!

Agio means relax and chill in Italian. Here is the best place to relax and chill. You need to take off your shoes and change to the slippers when you enter. This hideaway cafe has many cute interior goods! The chairs are all different and handmade. Since this cafe has a calm and warm atmosphere, the vast number of people to go is 2-3.

Must-see sights

  • Blue fusilier steamed in wine(Cream sauce)

    Blue fusilier steamed in wine(Cream sauce)

    The cream sauce is thick and rich, but the soup is nice and light. Clam and mussel with cream taste very creamy and the sour tomato makes the dish even more addicted to it! The Blue fusilier tastes a little sweet and matches very well with cream sauce. There is no fishy smell, dry, or bitter, so even a person who doesn't like fish can eat.

  • スープ

    Salad and soup

    The dish is mainly light taste.。 The soup for the Appetizer has light taste. Vegetables are cooked well that you don't have to chew. You can taste the sweetness of the vegetables which are very healthy. For the salad, they use very fresh vegetables. It matches very well with sour dressing! The cone and raw ham, make the salad rich!

  • Dessert


    You can order dessert for an additional 200 yen. The menu will be vary season to weather. Hence there is no picture of the desert on the menu. The day we went, it was vanilla and Cranberry ice cream. They said that in different season, it will be cake. Sweet vanilla and cranberry are a good pairing. Try to eat both vanilla and cranberry at the same time! The taste gets more mellow!

The glam of Cafe Agio


Help yourself for a drink. You can choose from the drink corner at the entrance of the cafe. Water, tea. Japanese tea, orange juice, coffee are available. Take a look at the cute handmade coaster! Their goods are very cute!

They serve soup, salad, the main dish in order. Although there is a 1 staff, the serving is very fast and nice. You don't have to worry about call the staff and ask to check your order.

The menu is daily changes. Mainly there are two choices. The owner decides the menu by the vegetable, fruit, meat they laid in the morning. On this page, we introduced the fish dish, but the meat is also recommended! It is very tender that you can even cut with fork or knife. You can choose rice or bread. You may think that there are a few menus to choose from, either way you won't regret! It's recommended to go with two people so that you can share meat and fish!


  • Blue fusilier steamed in wine(Cream sauce)
  • Steps to the 2F
  • Steps to the 2F
  • Drink
  • Menu1
  • Inside the cafe1
  • Inside the cafe2
  • Inside the cafe3
  • Desert and drink
  • Couter seat
  • Soup
  • Dessert
  • Menu
  • Entrance
  • Salad comes with set
  • You can choose rice or bread
  • Cafe inside
  • Parking in front of the cafe

Cafe Agio Information

Name Cafe Agio



55 Aza Kitanamihira Itoman-city Okinawa


It takes about 25 minutes from Naha airport

(via Line of Prefectral road 7, 4miles / Route 331, 6 miles / Line of Prefectral road 62, 4.5 miles )


12:00-16:00 (Last order, 15:00)


Sunday, Holiday



Menu: Daily lunch & Dessert for additional 200 yen

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

Not available







16 table seats


There are free parkig in front of the cafe
For van, park alongside the cafe
The cafe is loceted in an alleyway, If the parking lot is full please contact with the owner.



You are not allowed to smoke inside the cafe.


Entarnce of the cafe is on 2F
There are steps at the entrance
The cafe inside is handicapped accessible.
The place has good reception.
Wifi: Not available
Bathroom : Unisex toilet
Hours: 40 minutes - 1h

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

It's a nice hideaway cafe! You can enjoy a real Italian food. It's a popular cafe especially among ladies!

Important notice

It's recommended to have a reservation in advance.

Recommended menu

Daily set lunch : 1,150 yen

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