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Cafe Unizon is a modern cafe which is famous for local products used menu. You can overlook the beautiful view! Parkings are available.

  • CategoryFoodCafe/Sweets
  • Phone number0988-96-1060
  • AreaMiddle
  • ParkingThere are 22 free parking available
  • Hours11:00-1:00(Last order:23:00)

There are many nice cafes, restaurants and select shops on Deigo St. in Ginowan-city. CAFE UNIZON is located on the second floor of MIX lifestyle (Furniture store). The Cafe has simple and modern atmosphere with good taste furnitures selected by the owner of the cafe. The daily set menu used healthy Okinawan food is very famous among ladies.

Must-see sights

  • Inside Cafe

    Good taste furniture and modern atmosphere

    Most of the furnitures in the cafe are made by Okinawan local artists. Moreover, take a look at the plates which are also handmade by the famous local potter. There are books and magazines for kids and adults at the cafe which you can enjoy reading.

  • Daily set manu

    Special Okinawan food

    A lunch set (Chiken) is most popular among the daily set menu. 5 different kinds of vegetables come with the set. Fresh Okinawan vegetables are used, such as, pickled olive with minced red bell pepper and cucumber, Tomato-simmered eggplant and onion, and Handama (local vegetable) and radish with a dressing.

The glam of CAFE UNIZON

Cafe Unizon

Futenma-city was prospered during 1960, the city declined with the times. However, after 2000, young entrepreneurs renovated the old building for modern shops and cafes. The city became vital again. The CAFE UNIZON was open in 2005 as one of the cafes to become the street vital again!
The name "UNIZON" means harmony and unity. They named to wish the cafe to be the place for people who are interested in food, interior, music and many other different kinds of genre gather at the cafe to have a good time. Every month since it opened, they pick up goods and accessories made by local Okinawan artist and sell at the cafe. Moreover, hang out with the artists at the cafe is also held regularly. It's ok to walk in and just look for the books and products without eating.
At day time, you can overlook beautiful East China sea from the cafe and enjoy your lunch! The night view is also recommended especitally for couples to have a romantic time!


  • Daily set menu
  • Daily set menu
  • Drink
  • Menu
  • Menu
  • Inside Cafe
  • Inside Cafe
  • Book shelf
  • Entrance of the cafe
  • Cafe Unizon
  • Good taste furniture and modern atmosphere
  • Special Okinawan food
  • Cafe Unizon
  • Healthy oarganic plate
  • Ginger drink
  • Popular lunch menu
  • Popular side menu
  • Drink menu
  • Kid's books
  • View from the cafe
  • Nice cafe inside
  • Decorations
  • Yummy cakes
  • Different kinds of books
  • Cafe inside
  • Modern & Stylish cafe inside
  • 1st floor is furniture&goods store

CAFE UNIZON Information




MIX life-style 2F 2-39-8 Shinjo Ginowan-city Okinawa


Car:It takes about 40 minutes from Naha-airport

Bus: From Naha bus terminal, get off at the Futenma bus stop


11:00-1:00 (Last order:23:00)


Tuesday (The cafe will be open on holidays)



A lunch : 1500 yen
B lunch:1400yen
C lunch:1500yen
Uchina Miso soup set :1400yen
Gapao rice set :1300yen
Chang pong rice set :1300yen
Okinawa miso soup soba set:1300yen
Local vegitable salad bread set :950yen
Riceball and vegitable set:600yen
Soy risotto set:600yen
Hot sandwich set:1100yen
Baguette sandwich set:1000yen
Daily cake set:800yen
Scone set:700yen
Kouglof cake set:700yen
Okinawan sweets set:700yen
※Drink menu and Dinner menu are available at the cafe

How to pay




Optional fee


Credit card





Reservation is available



47 seats available


There are 22 free parking available
(Parking lots are sharing with MIX life-style customer)



You are not allowed to smoke inside the cafe.


Reservation entire cafe is available with more than 30 people ※You need a reservation in 1 week advance

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

It's a popular cafe among ladies! The local vegitable used healthy lunch set is must try!

Important notice

It's recommended to hace a reservation in advance.

Recommended menu

A Lunch : 1500yen

Gapao rice set:1300yen

Baguette sandwich set:1000yen

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