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Crystal is the popular cafe among locals and tourists. It is located close to the Kokusai street and is one of the most popular gourmet spot you can not miss!

  • CategoryFoodWestern food
  • Phone number0988-66-0775
  • AreaNaha/Shuri
  • ParkingThere is a coin-operated parking lot close to the cafe
  • HoursMon-Sat 10:00(flexible)-23:00
    Break time 16:00-18:00
    Sun 12:00-16:00(Last order 15:00)

Crystal is located a 10 minute walk from the prefectural office that so many people visit especially during the lunch time. It's loved by family and couple visitors. The secret of the popularity is in its large-portions! The food size is very different compared to the usual cafe food. The cafe is located close to the Kokusai street so it's the best place to stop by! There is no other cafe like here in Okinawa which you must try! Enjoy the old cafe's atmosphere and food!

Must-see sights

  • B lunch

    The No.1 B lunch

    The most popualr menu item at the Crystal is called B lunch. The old Naporitan, ham egg, salad and for the most special part is the sandwich which is the best menu item at the Cristal is on top of the plate! It you can't decide what to order, this is the best menu item for you! It also comes with Miso soup and drink. You will know why this place is so loved by locals with this menu item.

  • Omurice

    Omurice(Omelette with rice)

    Omurice is the one of the most popular menu item ! It is the standard menu item at the cafe, but here at the Crystal, you will be surprised by its quality. The chopped green pepper, onion, chicken ketchup rice with fluffy egg makes the Omurice even more delicious! When you spoon up the egg, you will be facsinated by its creamy egg! There are many customers who come to the cafe to taste this Omurice! It's one of the popular menu item with ladies.

  • Sandwich

    Special Mix sandwich

    Sandwich is the Crystal's special menu item! When Okinawa was returned to Japanese goverment, the sandwich was made.It has Okinawan and American taste! The bread is crispy grilled by the oven and sandwiched between the egg salad, cabbage and ham. Enjoy the large portion and nostalgic taste! For those of you who try this sandwich for the first time, your thought of sandwich will be broken the mold!

What makes Crystal so fascinating

The appearance of the Crystal

Crystal is located 10 minutes walk from Yui-rail Kencho mae station and is in an alley way from Kokusai street. The sign of the cafe "Crystal" is written in Hiragana, which has nostalgic feeling. You can imagine the atmosphere by the sign. At the first glance, the cafe looks like wood log house and has fancy atmosphere.

There are stump designed chairs at the cafe.
Usually, cafes have culm atmosphere where you can enjoy your tea and coffee and enjoy your time, but here at the Crystal, there are many customers who wants to eat the food mainly, so during the lunch time it will be crowded by the office workers and tourists. It will be more like a restaurant than a cafe. You need to follow the line especially during the lunch time.

The sandwich is the most popular menu item at the Crystal. It is recommended to order "B lunch" which you can enjoy the sandwich and other good foods togethere. Crystal is popular for its large portion menu item. At the first glance, you will worry if you can finish the food all by yourself or not, but don't worry, it's too delicious to make the left overs! Because of the delicious taste, it is poopular among ladies! Moreover, the coffee is must try as the cafe is old and has good taste! Please try the good large portion when you are close to the area!


  • B lunch
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  • B lunch
  • B lunch
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  • Cafe inside
  • Omelette with rice
  • Sandwich
  • B lunch
  • Omelette with rice
  • Sandwich
  • The appearance of the Crystal
  • Napolitan(Ketchup-based spagetti)
  • B lunch
  • Omelette with rice
  • Napolitan
  • The appearance of the Crystal
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  • B lunch
  • Omelette with rice
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Cafe Crystal Information

Name Cafe Crystal



3-29-26 Kumoji Naha-city Okinawa


It is located 10 minutes walk from Kencho-mae station


Mon-Sat 10:00(Flexible)-23:00 Break time 16:00-18:00
Sun 12:00-16:00(Last order 15:00)


The 1st and 3rd Sunday



■Lunch Menu
・A Lunch 780 yen
・B Lunch 780 yen
・C Lunch 780 yen
・Tonkastu set(deepfried breaded cutlet of pork) 830 yen
・Pilaf set 880 yen
・Mix Omurice 880 yen
・Crystal lunch 880 yen
・Curry rice 700 yen
・Okinawan style Chanpon 700 yen
・Ham egg 700 yen
・Omurice 730 yen
・Pilaf 730 yen
・Napolitan 750 yen
・Pork and egg 750 yen
・Miso soup set 750 yen
・Omurestu curry 750 yen
・Chanpon set (with Tonkatsu) 780 yen
 ・Mix sandwich 750 yen
 ・Egg sandwich 750 yen
 ・Ham sandwich 750 yen
 ・Tuna sandwich 800 yen
 ・Toast 550 yen
 ・Kastu sandwich 800 yen
 ・Meat Kastu sandwich 800 yen
 ・Toast & Curry 750 yen
(Set menu avobe comes with drink)

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

Not available




Reservation is available



counter seat for 5 people
table seat for 4 people×5
table seat for 2 people×1


Not avialble

Coin-operated parking available close to the cafe
Mitsui no repark
7:00-19:00 900 yen, All time 40minutes 200 yen



You are not allowed to smoke at the restaurant


A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Many people are facsinated by the cafe and be the repeat customer. It will be crowded during the lunch time. Not just the taste, but also the big-sized is one of the reason here is loved by so many locals!

Important notice

For the group visitors may need to wait sometime.

Recommended menu

B lunch:780 yen

Pilaf set:880 yen

Mix sandwich:750 yen

Omurice:730 yen

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