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Miyako Soba Doraemon
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"Doraemon" is a popular Okinawa soba restaurant. It's located on the Kokusai street, alley way from Okinawa Prefectural government entrance. You can taste Miyako island style soba! Check the menu, seating on this page.

  • CategoryFoodOkinawa soba
  • Phone number0988-61-8343
  • AreaNaha Shuri
  • ParkingCoin-operated parking lots available
  • Hours11:00-23:00

"Miyako soba Doraemon" is located in an alley way on Kokusai street right behind the Karate shop Shureido. There is a signboard at the Kokusai street, so it won't be difficult to find the restaurant. When you hear the word "Doraemon", you may think the famous character, and hard to imagine the food, but here you can taste the delicious Miyako soba! The noodles are thin and flat, the soup is made from bonito and pork broth, which is very light but tasty! The opening hour is from 11:00AM to 11:00PM. There are good cool beer, Okinawan Kamaboko (fish cake), Sanmainiku (pork belly meat), Tebichi (boiled pork leg) and some nibbles for beer! You can enjoy drinking beer from day time! This is the place to enjoy the good-old cozy atmosphere!

Must see sights

  • Doraemon set

    Doraemon set

    The soba comes with Soki(spare rib), Sanmainiku(pork belly) and Tebichi(boiled pork leg) on top of Miyako soba noodle. This set also comes with the Jushi-steamed rice with mixed vegetables. The thin and flat noodles well coated with the light bonito soup. The combination of juicy meat and delicious soup is great! The more you eat, the more the soup gets rich! This is the most frequently ordered menu item at Doraemon!

  • Tebichi soba

    Tebichi soba

    The large Tebichi(boiled pork leg) is on top of the soba noodle. The chewy soba noodle goes perfect with bonito and pork broth. Enjoy the delicious soup and rich flavored Tebichi! You will be hooked by the chewy and soft tebichi! If you want to add the spiciness, try the Koregusu(Okinawan chilli)! This menu is also highly recommended for ladies since the tebichi is healthy and has a lot of collagen!

  • Goya Chanpuru

    Goya Chanpuru

    Goya Chanpuru is a standard Okinawan dish menu. Chanpuru means "mixed" in Okinawan dialect. The Goya chanpuru at Doraemon is less bitter but has fresh crunchy texture, stir-fried Goya and soft and flaky Tofu is the best combination! Taste the simple yet light delicious flacvor which you can enjoy the delicious vegetable!

The appeal of Doraemon


Different from Kokusai street, the restaurant has a calm and cozy atmosphere that you will feel as you are at home. There are table and Tatami mat seat at the restaurant that you can be relaxed and enjoy your food.

The office worker, tourists come to Doraemon to taste the delicious Soba especially during lunch hours. You may have to share the seats with other customers. Doraemon is not a best location since it's on an alleyway, but it's very popular. This is because not only the soba is delicious, but also the atmosphere of the restaurant, and friendly staff as well. The good Soba spread by word of mouth from friends, family!

You can take out the delicious Soba home! the soup and noodle are available to buy for souvenirs as well! Cook the tasty Soba at home! This take-out style is also very popular among tourists. In addition, souvenir shop staffs at Kokusai street also come to Doraemon to enjoy soba! You may be able to be friends with them and get some local informations!


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Miyako Soba Doraemon restaurant Information

Name Miyako Soba Doraemon



2F 3-2-17 Kumoji Naha-city Okinawa


a 1 minute walk from kenchomae station




Open year around



Doraemon soba:850yen

Soki soba:750yen

Sanmainiku soba:700yen

Tebichi soba:700yen

Vegetables soba:780yen

Tsukimi soba:600yen

Green onion soba:500yen

Miyako soba:550yen

Extra-large soba:700yen

Kamaboko soba:550yen

Yomogi soba:600yen

Half soba:450yen

Doraemon set:1000yen

Kids doraemon:700yen

Goya chanpuru:700yen

Tofu chanpuru:700yen

Stir-fried vegetables:700yen

Jushi rice:230yen


Orion beer(beer mug・bottle):600yen

Awamori sake:600yen

How to pay


【Lunch】 ¥700-1,000

【Dinner】 ¥700-1,000

Optional fee


Credit card

Not available







24 seats
16 counter, 8 Tatami mat seats


Not available

Coin-operated parking is close to the restaurant
(40minutes:200yen)(12hrs after parked:800yen)



Smorking acceptable



No pets allowed

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Traditional Miyako soba that is loved by locals and tourists! Taste the most popular Doraemon set that Spare rib, pork belly and boiled pork leg are on top!

Important notice

It will be crowded during lunch hours.

Recommended menu

Doraemon soba set:1000yen

Goya chanpuru:700yen

Jushi rice:230yen

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