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Dotonbori is located at the 2nd floor of Makishi Public market where you can enjoy the fresh fish and Okinawan cuisine. It is in an accessible location from Naha city center. They can cook fish that you bought on the 1st floor.

  • CategoryFoodJapanese food
  • Phone number 0988-66-0557
  • AreaNaha Shuri
  • ParkingThere are coin-operated parking close to the area
  • Hours10:00-20:30

Dotonbori is located inside the Makishi Public Market where the symbol of Kokusai street is. Go straight to the "Ichiba Hondori" which is next to Don QuiJote(Kokusai street shop) and is on the 2nd floor of the market. On the first floor, there are meat, fish and Okinawan product shops. The restaurants are lined on the 2nd floor. Dotonbori opened in 1955. Many tourists visit here especially during the lunch time rush!

Must see sights

  • Fresh Sashimi meal set

    Fresh Sashimi meal set

    The cafeteria staff recommended us the Sashimi meal set. Sashimi is a Japanese dish of bite-sized pieces of raw fish. The price is 1200 yen which is a little expensive but they purchased from the shops on the 1st floor everyday, so the fish they use are all fresh. The Sashimi fish will be different day by day. This day, it was Maguro(Tuna), Octopus, Squid, Salmon, irabicha(Okinawan blue fish), Northern shrimp and Akamachi(Etelis). Miso soup, rice and pickles comes with a meal set. Miso soup has clams. First, we thought the price is a little expensive, but after the dish came, We realized It was worth it!

  • Stir-fry Agu pork with ginger meal set

    Stir-fry Agu pork with ginger meal set

    Okinawan pork Agu is made with Stir-fry Agu pork with ginger meal set. Rice and seaweed soup comes with the set. Stir-fry Agu pork with ginger comes with a stone plate. The sizzling sound makes you even more hungry! The Okinawan made Agu pork has a little sweetness and with ginger savory matches great with the rice! If you don't really know if you like ginger, try it! The Wakame seaweed soup which came with the dish was also very delicious! The light and sophisticated flavor was very good!

  • Makishi Public Market

    Makishi Public Market

    Makishi Public Market was opened in 1951. The market back the was called the "Resident's kichen" and helped with postwar events. There were meat shops and fish shops at the market that are still open by the local people. You can enjoy Okinawan colorful fish at the fish market. Moreover, if you pay 500 yen they will cook the fish you bought!

The appeal of Dotonbori


Since there are many tourists around the world, Dotonbori is available for English and Chinese. There are food pictures on the menu which makes your order easy. We asked a staff member at the Dotonbori some questions, he said that Doronbori's fish comes from the fish shops on the 1st floor, so they are always very fresh! There are some couples and friends who order the Tacorice & Okinawa soba set or Tacorice & Soki soba set and share it. The biggest reason is its affordable price! Other than that, there are Goya and Somen (thin noodles), Chanpuru, seafood, Don bowl dish, Chinese food and soup menu items are also available. Some snacks for alcohol are also available. You can enjoy beverages such as Asamori, Mango drink, Pineapple, and Hirami lemon juice!

There are many tourists from overseas at the Dotonbori as you can enjoy Okinawan dish for affordable price! There are sightseeing touch panel guided map and a Currency exchange machine available on the 2nd floor. There are many shops and restaurants around the area where you can enjoy shopping and eating delicious food! Close to the restaurant, there is Heiwa street , Mini theater cafe, Sakurazaka cinema (which holds music events), Sakurazaka central that has many houses, Tsuboya yachimun dori is where the potteries are. Explore and enjoy the Kokusai street!


  • Sashimi (rare fish)
  • Dotonbori
  • Signbord of Makishi Public Market
  • Shell
  • Colorful fish
  • To the Shokudo with escalator
  • Cafeteria
  • Colorful fish2
  • Alive shrimp
  • Pork meat
  • Fresh Sashimi meal set
  • Stir-fry Agu pork with ginger meal set
  • Makishi Public Market
  • Souvenir shop on the right, bathroom on the left
  • Electric menu bord
  • Electric guidemap bord
  • Exchange machine
  • Ichiba Hondori is next to Don Quijote
  • Ichiba Hon dori

Dotonbori restaurant Information

Name Dotonbori



2F of Makishi Public Market 2-10-1 Matsuo Naha-city Okinawa


530 meters away from Makishi station




Every 4th Sunday



Sashimi teishoku set:1,200yen
Stir-fry Agu pork with ginger meal:1,300yen
Asa(seaweed) soup:500yen
Spam egg:680yen
Rice Chanpon:680yen
Tacos pizza:700yen
Nakami soup:650yen
Other menu available

How to pay




Optional fee

Credit card

Not available




Not available





Coin operated parking close to the restaurant



Smoking area available


A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can taste the fresh fish! Sashimi teishoku set which comes with miso soup and rice is recommended.

Important notice

It will be very crowded during lunch time.

ecommended menu

Sashimi teishoku set:1,200yen

Stir-fry Agu pork with ginger meal:1,300yen

Nakami soup:650yen

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