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Fukuya is a restaurant where you can enjoy the good-old Okinawan cuisine. The restaurant is near the Shurijo castle park, so it's a good spot to stop by before/after enjoying the Shurijo castle.

  • CategoryFoodOkinawan food
  • Phone number0988-84-4201
  • AreaNaha Shuri
  • ParkingAvailable
  • Hours11:30-15:00(LO 14:30)
    18:00-22:00(LO 21:00)

Fukuya is located close to Ryutan Pond, which is under the World Heritage Site Shurijo castle park. Here, you can enjoy the good-old style Okinawan cuisine. Go straight Route 29 from Okinawa Prefectural office, Keep straight Ikehata's light, You will see Ryutan Pond on your right, turn left at the first corner, go straight about 100 meters, there is a parking entrance on your right side. At the parking lot, there is no rental car, which means the place is known among the locals.

Must see sights

  • Mujina soup

    Mujina soup

    Mujina soup is a famous Okinawan cuisine, which is eaten on the celebration day. If you try to make the Mujina soup at home, your hand will get dirty when you peal the Muji potato or your hand will get itchy and costs a lot of effort. But here, you can enjoy delicious Mujina soup without those efforts and much more affordable price. They use Taimo potato and its stem, pork,and tofu. The Taimo potato stickness make the soup even more tasty. This is a very rare dish which it's hard to find at other restaurants.

  • Inamuduchi


    Inamuduchi is also made on celebration days. Put mushrooms, bamboo shoot, yam cake, Castilla kamaboko (boiled fish paste), and pork meat in boiled water and as the secret ingredient, they put white miso and peanut butter. The taste has mild and sweet flavor with full-bodied. People used to make Inamuduchi with bore meat instead of pork meat.

  • Ryukyu side dish cuisine

    Teishoku meal Side dish

    The side dish which comes with Teishoku meal is also attractive! Kanpyo Irichi, which dried vegetables boiled made with pork. The left one is called "Namasu" which is a shredded radish. "Biragaramachi" is made with vinegar and miso. "Bira" means green onion, "Garamachi" means rolled. The dish is Kamaboko rolled with boiled green onion. "Ji Mami tofu", "Ji Mami" means beans, Jimami tofu is made from the peanut squeezed juice with the stretch of sweet potato. Lastly, We have "Duruwakashi", It has Taimo potato, mushroom and pork meat mixed fried. You will taste various kinds of broth.

Appeal of Fukuya

The entrance of the restaurants

Ryukyu cuisine is a palace cuisine from the Ryukyu kingdom era. They called it different from Okinawa cuisine, which is famous for Goya chanpuru or Okinawa soba. Okinawa cuisine has local taste, but Ryukyu cuisine has more rich taste. Furthermore, Okinawan cuisine is influenced by American culture, but Ryukyu cuisine has original Okinawan taste and made with Okinawan recipe. You might think those two are same food, but it's actually completely different in many ways.

Shuri built a castle and all the kings and his relatives lived there. Because of that, many Ryukyu cuisine restaurants and food culture are from Shuri. During the Ryukyu kingdom period, the interchanges with China were flowering, so the dishes were very much influenced by China. During that era,the palace cuisine was much fancier than now. People think that the food is very important as they have many visitors from overseas. After the Meiji period, the Ryukyu cuisine had declined as Ryukyu kingdom ends.

Ryukyu cuisine has a deep-seated thought of "A balanced diet leads to a healthy body" which is derived from China. The dishes are lightly salted, has rich protein of pork and Tofu, and also vegetables and seaweed. There is a famous word "Nuchi Gu Sui" which means "the medicine of life" in Okinawan dialect. People think that if you eat good food, you will live for a long time, so they were conscious of what they eat. Some people think that Okinawan cuisine has a strong taste, but Ryukyu cuisine has a light taste and more sophisticated flavour.

The restaurant inside has a comfortable atmosphere with a soft light and tree's warmth. Come inside the restaurant after taking off your shoes. There are table seats and Tatami-mat. If you want to sit at the table, it's recommended to make a reservation as there are only 2 tables. The hot sanpin-cha (Okinawan jasmine tea) relaxes you which is free. You will feel the good thoughts of the owner's heart that he wishes that Ryukyu cuisine would not fall out of fashion and he put his effort to protect the casing.

Moreover, there are Nakami soup, Yushi tofu, Okinawa soba, Chanpuru and Nmuwakashi are on the menu. Not only for lunch, but also recommended to visit there during the night time as you can enjoy Shimasake(Awamori) with Ryukyu cuisine. You may have a lot of Okinawan cuisine during your trip, but here at Fukuya, you can enjoy the rare Ryukyu dish! Enjoy the healthy and delicious Ryukyu cuisine! It will be another great memory of your trip in Okinawa.


  • Mujina soup meal
  • The entrance of Fukuya
  • Okinawan Zenzai
  • The restaurant has tree's warmth
  • Teishoku meal menu
  • Single menu
  • Nmuwakashi soup
  • Nmuwakashi, Nabera(Luffa),Rafute(stewed pork cube),Sekihan(steamed glutinous rice with boiled red beans)
  • Inamuduchi teisyoku meal
  • Sekihan(steamed glutinous rice with boiled Black Rice)
  • Mujina soup
  • Inamuduchi
  • Ryukyu side dish cuisine
  • The entrance of the restaurant
  • Mujina soup and Inamuduchi meal
  • Nabera Nbushi(Boiled loofah)
  • Nmuwakashi teishoku meal(Sweet potato soup)
  • Jimami tofu
  • Hirami lemon juice
  • Duruwakashi (Duru ten fried)
  • Rafute
  • side dish
  • Nmuwakashi soup
  • Okinawan Zenzai
  • Parking entrance
  • only Fukuya visitor
  • Fukuya from outside
  • Fukuya from outside
  • Fukuya from outside
  • Restaurant inside look
  • Fukuya inside
  • Fukuya inside
  • Fukuya inside
  • Fukuya inside
  • Fukuya inside

Fukuya restaurant information

Name Fukuya



Post code: 903-0812 1-14 Tounokura-cho Shuri Naha-city Okinawa


It takes 10 minutes walk from Gibo station


11:30-15:00(LO 14:30) 18:00-22:00(LO 21:00)





Mujinu soup teishoku meal 1250yen
Inamuduchi teishoku meal 1050yen
Nakami soup teishoku meal 1050yen
Yushi tofu teishoku meal 1050yen
Okinawa soba teishoku meal 1050yen
Nmuwakashi teishoku meal 1050yen
※Mujinu single 650円 Other single order 450yen
Okinawa soba 550yen
Goya chanpuru 550yen
Nabera(Loofah) steamed 550yen
Somin tashiya(wheat flour noodles) 550yen
Shima rakkyou(pickled Japanese leek) 450yen
Rafute(thick sliced pork meat) 550yen
Taimo potato Dengaku(Thick and creamy) 350yen
Tofu you(Fermented tofu) 350yen

How to pay



【Dinner】 ¥1,000-2,000

Optional fee

Credit card

Not available


JPY only


Reservation is available



40 seats
Table/Tatami mat seats


Available(For 5 cars)

There are coin-operated parking close to the restaurant.



You are not allowed to smoke at the restaurant.


Alcohol, soft drinks available

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Fukuya's Ryukyu cuisine has a subtle flavor which somehow reminds people of good-old days. Mujina soup is one of the popular menu items which is very rare that it's hard to find. If you visit Shurijo castle park, please stop by and give it a try!

Important notice

It's recommended to make a reservation before you visit.

Recommended menu

Mujinu soup teishoku meal:1250yen

Nakami soup teishoku meal:1050yen

Shima rakkyou(pickled Japanese leek):450yen

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