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Ganso Daitou Soba

Ganso Daito Soba is located close to Kokusai street where you can taste South Daito island dish, "Daito Soba" and the rare marinated marlin sushi.

The restaurant is located 10 minutes walk from Kebchomae station. It's on the paradise street which is behind the Hotel JAL city Naha Kokusai street. Walk straight down Kokusai street from Kencho-mae station, turn left at the first corner at Matsuo crossing. You will find the place on your left. A lot people visit there to enjoy the delicious Soba especially during the lunch time.

Must-see sights

  • Daito Soba set

    Daito Sushi Soba set

    Thick wrinkled noodle with bonito broth soup makes you addicted! Daito Sushi comes with the soba. Daito sushi is Marlin marinated with sweet sauce which is sold at Naha airport as well. Here, you can enjoy marlin sushi. You can order it without Wasabi. Some customer visit here just for this delicious Sushi!

  • Egg Soba

    Egg Soba

    This is also the popular menu at Ganso Daito Soba. Thine egg is on top of the soba. The pork meat which is Okinawa soba standard topping is not included, but the combination of egg and soba is so good! You will be hooked by the perfect balance of sweetness from the egg and citrus taste of the soup. It's good for kids but adults as well.

  • Okinawa Zenzai

    Okinawa Zenzai

    Okinawan Zenzai is very cold. It's a good way to flood your oily mouth with sweet red bean and shaved snow. Slightly sweet ice is a must-have!
    Most of Okinawans soba restaurants also serves Zenzai. Some people say that there is always good Zanzai at good Soba restaurants.

The appeal of Ganso Daito Soba


At Ganso Daito Soba you can enjoy delicious Daito Soba and Marinated marlin sushi(the South Daito Island's food). It's located close to Kokusai street. The restaurant has a warm welcomed atmosphere with counter space, tables and tatami mat seats.

Daito islands is located the on Easternmost side of Okinawa. The daito soba noodle is hand-made, so the length and thickness has some difference, but the chewy noodle and delicious soup is very delicious. Normally Okinawa soba is made from flour, salt and lye water, but Daito soba's noodle is made with scum of the Indian coral tree or Banyan tree and the South Daito island deep ocean water with flour. This recipe was inherited before the war. For the soup, they use chicken, pork and bonito broth. The slightly souwered bonito broth makes you even more hungry! Daito soba is 500 yen for a medium size, 600yen for a large size and Soki soba is 700 yen which are all affordable prices. It's also recommended to try Goya chanpuru! But if you order it as single, the price will be same as the Goya chanpuru and Daito soba set.

The restaurant is loved by all generations, There are counter seats for up to 6 people, two tables for 4 people each and tatami mat seat for up to 10 people. Many locals and tourists from over the world visit the restaurant to enjoy the delicious Daito islands' food! It's open at 11:00. There are English and Chinese menus available. The restaurant makes you feel as if your back home as they have a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant's air condition is also great for those hot summer days.


  • Daito soba(Medium)
  • Sanmainiku(pork belly)
  • Daito Soba thick wrinkled noodle
  • Daito sushi
  • Egg soba set
  • Restaurant inside
  • Kichen
  • Signatures
  • Menu
  • Assistance dog permitted
  • Daito Soba set
  • Egg Soba
  • Okinawa Zenzai
  • Entrance
  • Best deal set menu
  • Yakiniku don bowl set
  • Koregusu (Okinawan chilli sauce)

Ganso Daitou Soba restaurant information

Name Ganso Daitou Soba



1-4-59 Makishi Naha-city Okinawa


10 minutes walk from Kenchomae station
5 minutes walk from Miebashi station
3 minutes walk from city line Makishi bus stop


11:00-18:00(Last order:17:30)


Open year around



Daito soba(Medium):500yen
Daito soba(Large):600yen
Soki soba:700yen
Egg soba:550yen ※With two daito sushi:650yen
Daito sushi soba set (5 sushi, medium soba):1,000yen
Yakiniku don bowl:600yen ※With Daito soba(Small):800yen
Goya chanpuru set :600yen ※With Daito soba(Small) and rice:800yen
Okinawa zenzai:300yen

How to pay



Optional fee

Credit card

Not available




Not available



6 counter seats, 2 table seat for 4 people each, tatami mat seat for 15 people


There is a coin-operated parking close to the restaurant





English/Chinese menu available

Assistant dog permitted restaurant

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

The bonito broth soup has light and mild taste which is loved by all generations!

Important notice

The restaurant will be close as the noodle sold out. It's recommended to visit there earlier.

Recommended menu

Daito soba(Medium):500yen

Goya chanpuru set:600yen ※With Daito soba(Small)

Okinawa zenzai:300yen

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