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Ishigufu Urasoe park
  • Parking available

Ishigufu was selected as the first Okinawa soba king and there are 8 restaurants in Okinawa. Ishigufu Urasoe kouen park is located close from Naha and has a large parking lots available.

  • CategoryFoodOkinawa soba
  • Phone number080-2780-1800
  • AreaMiddle area
  • Parking38 free parking lots
  • Hours11:00-17:00 (※It'll be finish as the soba finish)

There are 8 restaurats in Okinawa, The restaurant was selected as the "the first Okinawa soba king" by the local Okinawan. It's been 5 years past since the restaurant was opened.
The restaurant is located at the hill where you can overlook beautiful westcoast and there are free parking lots available. It is located from Urasoe joseki castle about 5 minutes by car, 10 minutes by walk. As soon as you enter to the restaurant, you'll smell good Okinawan Agu pork stock soup flavor. The restaurant is kinda small but it is very comfortabkle and even 1 person can enjoy the soba, There are counter seats for 2 people,4 and table seats for 4 people.
It will be crowded on the luncu time and the weekends with locals and tourists. Reccently so many tourists from overseas visit the restaurant to enjoy the soba as well.

Must-see sights

  • Ishigufu Soba

    No.1 Ishigufu Soba

    Try the Ishigufu soba which is the No.1 Soba at the restaurant. As soon as you ordered the soba, Ishigufu soba with the big bowl comes. Thin fried egg, boroiled soki(spare rib), green onions are on top of the soba. Other than soba, they have wasabi, red pepper and dried bonito bowl are prepared on the table. The soup made from the Agu pork stock has melty taste with the light mild taste. The soki(spare rib) has chewy taste and it has the different taste from the stewed soki which has the taste is condensed. The Soki is melted and broiled and it will melt in your mouth as soon as you put in. The more you chew the soki, the more the taste will be richer. It's recommended to try the Soba. You can choose either Jucy(rice seasoned cooked with Agu pork stock) or Raw egg on rice. It's recommended to try if you are men! Try the No.1 Ishigufu soba for the best!

  • Agu Tebichi

    Agu Tebichi(pig's feet)

    Same as the Ishigufu soba, the Agu pork stock soup tastes awesome with the homemade noodle and Tebichi(Pig's feet). The Tebichi is well boiled which melts in your mouth as soon as you put in your mouth. The taste is quite light, but you can enjoy the taste of the Agu pork. The fresh dried bonito is also well prepared so enjoy the soba with them. You can put the dried bonito to enjoy the different taste. The Agu pork stock has light and good taste which is recommeded for the ladies as well.

  • Home made soba noodle

    Home made soba noodle

    The home made soba noodle was made from flower grown at the Nago-city Okinawa. You can choose the noodle from 2 different tipes. The one is middle noodle and the other is thin. This time we choosed the middle one, It has the chewy taste which maches good with the light soup. You can put Wasabi, red pepper and dried bonito which is on the table as you want.

What makes Ishigufu so fascinating


You need to be careful the restaurant will be closed as the soba sells out. Especially on the weekends, the restaurant will be crowded.

At the restaurant, they have the point card which you get 10 points, you can get the my hashi(chopstick).

There is an observation deck over the restaurant where you can overlook and enjoy the view, and spend a good time. There is a Urasoe park which is located close to the restaurat, where is also a good place for a family. Ishigufu is the place where so many people visit and enjoy the Okinawa soba. For those who never tried the Okinawa soba, It's highly recommended to try the good and delicious soba.


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Ishigufu Urasoe daikouen restaurant Information

Name Ishigufu Urasoe park



2-53 Nakama Urasoe-city Okinawa


It takes about 30 minutes from Naha airport by car

Bus: It takes about 5 minutes from Nakama entrance bus stop


11:00-17:00 (※It will be finish as soon as the soba sold out)





・Ishigufu soba 900 yen

・Hon Soki(spare rib) soba 760 yen

・Agu Tebichi(pig's feet) soba 760 yen

・Broiled Soki Soba 700 yen

・White koku soba 700 yen

・Tamago egg soba 560 yen

・Ishigufu soba set 1000 yen

・Hon Soki soba set 860 yen

・Agu tebichi(pig's feet)soba set

・Broiled Soki Soba set 800 yen

・White koku soba set 800 yen

・Tamago egg soba set 660 yen

・Home made boiled dumplings (4pieces) 250 yen

・Home made boiled dumplings (8pieces) 490yen

・Kids Soba (no meat) 390 yen

・Kids soba (Broiled soki) 490 yen

・Homemade gingerale 150 yen

・Flat lemon juice 150 yen

・Tankan citrus juice 150 yen

How to pay


【Lunch】1000 yen

Optional fee


Credit card

Not available




Reservation is not available



(Table seat for 4 people is available)


38 cars(Free) (Open hrs: 9:00-21:00)



You are not allowed to smoke at the restaurant


You are not allowed to take pets with you

Wifi is not available

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

"The first Okinawa soba king" is not the only thing that makes the restaurant's name special. The bonito stock and Agu pork stock, with the chewy noodle is best to try!

Important notice

The restaurant will be closed as the soba sells out.

Recommended menu

Ishigufu soba set : 1000 yen

Agu tebichi soba set : 860 yen

Home made ginger ale : 150 yen

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