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Maguroya Honpo
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Maguroya Honpo is located at inside the Tomari port premises in Naha-city where you can enjoy the fresh Maguro (Tuna) unloaded at the port on that day.

On 2005 May, Tomai Yumachi which was newly established in Naha-city for letting people know about Okinawan seafood. Inside the Yuimachi, there are 23 wholesalers, shops that specialize in different kinds of seafood and also the fish fillet section is annexed to the shops.
The fish landings at Tomari port is about 20 tons/a day and 70% of them are tunas. Each shop sells fresh fish which unloaded on the day.
Maguroya Honpo is the restaurant located inside the Tomai Yumachi where you can enjoy fresh tuna.

Must see sights

  • Maguro sanshoku don

    Maguro sanshoku don

    Lean meat, tuna rib and Negitoro (minced fatty tuna) are on top of the rice. For those of Maguro lovers, you will absolutely love it! Enjoy the thick, lean meat, the rich tuna rib and sophisticated Negitoro taste! The more you shove it in your mouth, you love Maguro!
    Don't forget to try the "Umi budou" which literally means "sea grape" in Japanese! The mildly sweet cucumber matches perfectly with "Sushi meshi"(vinegared rice).

  • Hon Maguro don

    Hon Maguro don

    Hon Maguro don is a seasonal menu which you can enjoy the seasonal fresh Maguro. It comes with tuna lean meat, Chu Toro (fatty tuna) and Umi budou (sea grape). It doesn't smell fishy as Maguro is very fresh. The Chutoro has mild fat that melts in your mouth.
    There was not much meat in the squid ink soup, but you can taste the good broth of bonito. Your mouth and lips will get the color of the soup, but it will disappear as you rinse your mouth with water after you eat it.

  • Nakaochi don

    Nakaochi don

    Nakaoshi don is one of the popular menu item at the Maguroya Honpo. It is not just fresh and delicious, but also the secret of the popularity is in its affordable price. There is a Umi budou(sea grapes) is also on top of the rice. Small side dish and soup is also comes with the menu. You will never be bored!

The appeal of Maguroya Honpo

Outlook of Maguroya honpo

At Maguroya Honpo, you can enjoy the fresh fish which unloaded at the Tomari port on the day. If you have a chance, try the Asa don (morning set) which is served during 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.. Here, you can have a good fresh Maguro and seafood don at very affordable price.
The restaurant is very crowded as the food they serve is delicious, it will be super crowded, especially during lunch time which is after 12:00. Not only locals but also tourists from overseas also come to the restaurant to enjoy the meal.

When you want to order your meal, go to the other place which is located at the back of the restaurant, in the far left corner. Decide what you order from the menu list on the wall. There is an English menu for tourists.
For the Don Mono (bowl of rice with seafood on top), You can choose soup for free which are Squid ink soup, Boned soup or seaweed soup.

After ordering your meal, please help yourself to the water, which is right next to the ordering place.

The staff at Maguroya Honpo is very kind and speedy. Even during lunch time, you don't have to worry too much about waiting.


  • Maguroya Honpo
  • Maguroya Honpo Inside
  • Order place
  • Soup menu
  • Rice menu
  • Water server
  • Counter table
  • Kichen
  • Sanshoku don
  • Don menu
  • Maguro Sanshoku don
  • Hon Maguro don
  • Nakaochi don
  • The outside look of Maguroya Honpo
  • Affordable Asadon(morning) menu
  • Sushi menu is also available
  • Tomai Yumachi outlook
  • Up close of the Tomai Yumachi outlook
  • Maguro avocado don & Squid ink soup set
  • Maguro avocado don
  • Avocado on top of Maguro
  • Nakaochi don& Asa(seaweed) soup
  • Maguro Nakaochi don
  • Fresh Maguro Nakaoshi
  • Maguro Nakaochi don
  • Asa jiru (seaweed soup)
  • Asa jiru (seaweed soup)
  • Squid ink soup
  • Maguro avocado don
  • Black squid ink soup
  • Restaurant inside
  • Restaurant inside
  • Restaurant inside
  • Restaurant inside
  • Plates
  • Tomai Yumachi market
  • Tomai Yumachi market
  • Inside the Tomai Yumachi market
  • Shops

Maguroya Honpo restaurant information

Name Maguroya Honpo



1-1-18 Minato-town Naha-city Okinawa


It takes about 10 minutes from Naha IC







Maguro don:650yen
Negitoro don:650yen
Nakaochi don:650yen
Magurotsuke don(Tuna marinated bowl):750yen
Maguro makanai don(Bigeye tuna):750yen
Maguro ja-ja don:750yen
Maguro sanshoku don:880yen

How to pay


【Lunch】 ¥650-2,000

Optional fee

Credit card

Not available


JPY only


Not available



30 seats
8 counter seats, 4 table seats(6 people each)



In fromt of Tomai Yumachi building: 30 cars
Right side of Tomai Yumachi building: 30 cars
Back of Tomai Yumachi building(Available from afternoon): 20 cars



No smorking inside the restaurant
There is a smorking space outside the Tomai Yumachi building


Free Wi-fi is available by showing passport, The place welcomes visitors with disability

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can enjoy fresh fish which unloaded on the day. Maguroya Honpo is loved by not only locals but also from tourist around the world.

Important notice

Caution slippy due to the place is located fish market inside.

Recommended menu

Maguro sanshoku don:880yen

Nakaochi don:650yen

Maguro don:650yen

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