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Makabe china
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Located 40 minutes from Naha airport is a Okinawan style house turned restaurant! Making the restaurant a very comfortable place to eat! They are known for their delicious Okinawan soba and desserts!

Makabe china is situated in an alleyway, it might be difficult to find the cafe without Navigation. The house was built in 1891, making it the “Okinawan national house”! The house survived the Battle of Okinawa during WWⅡ. You can see bullet holes throughout the house!
The house was used for a public place after the war. In 1998, Makabe china was opened and the house was registered as part of the “Tangible Cultural Properties” of Japan in 2005. The cafe has air conditioning and fans! It's the best place to cool down while enjoying delicious soba and desserts!

Must-see sights

  • The Dessert set

    The Dessert set

    The slightly soured sweet Guava juice is the best drink for hot days in Okinawa! Cheese cake is not too sweet, so highly it is recommended to try for those of you who don’t like sweets. The red sauce topping is sweet yet sour, making the cake so good! ※Dessert menu daily changes.

  • Good-old Soba

    Soba (Medium)

    The menu in the picture shows one of the best meals at Makabe China, Okinawa Soba! The size of the meal is not too small nor is it to large. It’s the best size for anyone! Rich but light soup with Kamaboko flavor goes well with the noodles! Chewy yet thin noodle taste so good on the way down! Soft Soki (boiled spare pork ribs) melts on your tongue! This is the type of food that you just have to eat during any vacation trips especially in Japan! The chef of the restaurant has been using the same recipe since they opened more than 20 years ago!

  • Bullet holes remain on the pillar

    Bullet holes remain on the pillar

    Most of houses in Okinawa are made with concrete due to the typhoons, but the restaurant was built with wood except for A stone wall at the entrance of the Okinawan traditional house. The house is more than 120 years old and survived the battle of Okinawa. At Makabe district, the battle ground was stranded in June of 1945. The area was burned down from the US attack. The Makabe China was part of an attack and lost it roof, bullets holes remain on a pillar, but after the war, they didn't rebuild the house they only fixed some parts. The house became the city hall after the war.

A house that survived a war

Terrace seat 3

The house has been loved by many people. The master takes very good care of the house inside and out. The house is very cozy with a great atmosphere. It's the best place to take a break before/after the trip in the Southern part of Okinawa.

The meals are made in a strong yet mild flavor, which is good in very hot weather. The serving time will not take too long if the restaurant is not to crowded. It will be crowded during lunch hours. It's recommended to visit the restaurant after 13:00.

It will be crowded during weekends, some menu items will be sold out if you go there after 13:00. You can add some seasonings(salt, pepper), but try the original taste at first before you do! ※You are not allowed to bring any food.


  • Makabe china entrance
  • Shisa at the entrance
  • Tea set
  • Souvenirs
  • Souvenirs 2
  • Souvenirs 3
  • Seasonings
  • Makabe china entrance 1
  • Makabe china entrance 2
  • Inside the restaurant
  • The Dessert set
  • Good-old Soba
  • Bullet holes remain on the pillar
  • Terrace seats 3
  • At the entrance, important intangible cultural asset
  • Counter inside and shoes box
  • Scones selling at the entrance of the restaurant
  • A corridor from the restaurant entrance
  • At the back of the corridor, You can see the bullets wentthrough
  • Japanese menu
  • Japanese menu
  • Japanese menu
  • Japanese menu
  • Japanese menu
  • Temporal parking lot
  • Temporal parking lot
  • Temporal parking lot
  • Parking infront of the restaurant
  • Terrace seats : Right side of the restaurant
  • Terrace seats : Left side of the restaurant

Makabe china Information

Name Makabe china



ZIP: 223Makabe Itoman-city Okinawa


About 35 minutes drive from Naha airport
About 20 minutes from Okinawa Express way


Varies from season and area



Sun&Mon, New year, Obon(Aug.13-15)



Soba:Large 680yen, Medium 570yen, Small 420yen
Seafood starchy sauce soba:Large 1130yen, Medium 930yen, Small 820yen
Jushi rice :210yen
Soba set meal :Large 1,160yen, Medium 1,050yen, Small 900yen
Supecial China gozen set:1,940yen

※Japanese&English menu available
Easy to order.

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

Not available







35 seats


There are parking lots for 5 bike, 8 cars

There is a temporal parking lots for 12 cars under the steps infront of the restaurant.





The entrance is kinda small so It might be difficult to enter with a wheel chair.

Bathroom : It's a unisex toilet.

Pets are not allowed.

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can enjoy delicious Okinawan meals at this quaint house that was build before the WWⅡ.

Important notice

It will be crowded during lunch hours.

Recommended menu

Soba:Medium 570yen

Jushi rice:210yen

Supecial China gozen set:1,940yen

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