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Manjumai is good old Okinawan food restaurant which has 43 years of history. It's located in Kokusai street where is the must-spot for Okinawa sightseeing!

  • CategoryFoodOkinawa sobaOkinawan food
  • Phone number0988-67-2771
  • AreaNaha/Shuri
  • ParkingThere are coin-operated parking lots close to the restaurant
  • Hours11:00-21:30/Open year around(LO 20:30)

Soki soba is the most frequently ordered menu at Manjumai and is called the Okinawan soul food. The Bonito broth soup is made with the owner's dedicated reserch of the water amount, adjustment of the amount of bonito. You may think the rich and heavy flavor by first glance, but the combination of bonito and pork bone make the soup rich yet light taste. The Fifachi pepper, which is originally made by the restaurant is good if you are usually sensitive to cold weather or allergic rhinitis, the spiciness warm up your body.


  • Soki soba

    Soki soba

    The best selling menu is Soki soba. The noodls is chewy and taste so good on the way down! The pork ribs are boiled for 12 hours in the secred sauce. It's very soft that you can't hold up with your chopstick! It's one of those foods you have to eat during a trip in Okinawa.

  • Yushi tofu meal set

    Yushi tofu meal set

    Yushi tofu meal is also highly recommended menu item at Manjumai which is the standard Okinawan food. The tofu is originally made at Manjumai which they don't use the Nigari(coagulant) when making Tofu which makes the tofu super smooth. Put tofu in a pot and boiled with bonito and pork bone broth soup. Enjoy tasting delicious tofu and soup explores in your mouth!

  • Tebichi(pork food)

    Tebichi(pork food)

    Tebichi is one of the most popular menu item among ladies as it has a large amount of collagen, which is not fattening, but the jelly gelatin. It is boiled in a Manjumai secret sauce, which the owner has been searching for 43 years. Tebichi dish is loved by locals as the nibbles with alcohol.

The appeal of Manjumai

Restaurant entrance

Manjumai is located in the southern tip of Okinawa, Naha-city since 43 years ago. It's in an alleyway from Kokusai street where is 3 minutes walk from Kenchomae station. Here is the best place to stop by before/after enjoying shopping! The owner is very friendly as he welcomes the customer "mensore!" which means "welcome" in Okinawan dialect. There are many signatures on the wall who have visited the restaurant before. There are tables, tatami mat seats.

On the weekends, (Fri/Sat) from 19:30 to 20:30, there is an Okinawa folk song live with Okinawan instrument. On Friday, you can enjoy the Yaeyama folk song, and on Saturday, you can enjoy Ryukyu folk song. The restaurant turned as a bar during dinner time. It will be very crowded and excited! Some customer comes to Manjumai to enjoy the LIVE performances. Enjoy the good beer and good Okinawan songs!

Manjumai has been opened for 43 years. The owner, Mr. Hironori set up the business by his generation. You can enjoy delicious Okinawan food with affordable price! The owner wanted everyone to enjoy his food so he set the price very affordable. This warm heart is the reason why Manjumai has been loved by locals and tourists around the world.


  • Soki(pork spare ribs) soba
  • Soki(pork spare ribs) soba
  • Soki(pork spare ribs)
  • Yushi tofu soba
  • Tebichi(pork foot)
  • Mowi vegetable
  • Tatami mat seat
  • Menu
  • Owner
  • Manjumai sign board
  • Soki(pork spare ribs) soba
  • Yushi tofu
  • Tebichi(pork foot)
  • Restaurant
  • Mowi vegetable

Manjumai Information

Name Manjumai



3-9-23 Kumoji Naha-city Okinawa


3 minutes walk from Kenchomae station




Open year around



Okinawa soba: Medium 450yen, Large 550yen
Soki Soba :650 yen
Yushi tofu: 650 yen
Meat vegetable Soba: 650 yen
Pork and egg: 650 yen
Other menu items available

How to pay



【Lunch】 ¥650-1,300

Optional fee


Credit card

Not available







Table, Tatami mat


Not available

Parking lot
Coin-operated parking infront of the restaurant



Smorking is allowed


Corse menu(Nees a reservation), Reserve for privately. Wi-fi is not available

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Home-made Yushi tofu is delicious! Taste the food which you can only enjoy at here Manjumai!

Important notice

It's recommended to make a reservation.

Recommended menu

Yushi tofu: 650 yen

Soki Soba: 650 yen

Meat vegetable stir-fried:650 yen

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