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MAHOROBA is a very popular restaurant for tiourists. It's located close to Kokusai street. It's an Okinawan cuisine spot!

  • CategoryFoodChinese food
  • Phone number0989-17-2468
  • AreaNaha/Shuri
  • ParkingNot available
  • Hours11:30~22:00(last call:21:30)

A married couple started the MAHOROBA buisiness with a simple food stand. The broth has special taste. There amazing noodles and soup attracts so many people visiting the restaurant.
It's not Ramen,Tsukemn, or Abura soba, It's a nwe type of noodles. Taste the delicious Maze men(Mixed noodle). There is a long line at the Maze men restaurant especially during lunch hours. It is located close to Kokusai street and JAL city hotel. Taste the new up and coming delicious food!

Must-see sights

  • Maze men

    Coriander, tomato and egg Shamu Soba

    This is the summer limited menu, MAHOROBA HIYASHI CHUKA with coriander. The slightly sweet egg is pair wonderfully with noodle and tomato. Taste the delicious cool and healthy noodles! You can add more coriander if you want.

  • Spicy Taiwan Maze Men

    Spicy Taiwan Maze Men

    Taiwan Maze men is a must try if you like spicy food! There are 4 spice levels you can choose. 1,2,3,4 are free. Anything over 5 is an additional 50 yen. You will get hooked on this spicy taste! Try to add the Ra-yu(Chili oil) in your noodle. Don't forget to order the Oimeshi(add rice) which will give you another serving of rice.

  • Maze men Kogashi cheese

    Maze men Kogashi cheese

    The most popular menu at the MAHOROBA is Maze men kogashi cheese. The melted cheese maches perfectly with the noodles! The creamy mild taste will have you hooked for sure! If you want to change the taste, try the Yuzu kosyo(citrus pepper). It's recommended to leave the cheese for the Oimeshi!

What makes MAHOROBA so fascinating

MAHOROBA presence

MAZE MEN MAHOROBA is located at Kokusai street Naha city. It's a famoust spot where there is a long line outside, MAZE MEN is attracts many people. There are MAZE MEN for 700 yen, MAZE MEN KOGASHI CHEESE for 780 yen, Spicy Taiwan MAZE MEN for 780 yen, MAHOROBA HIYASHI CHUKA with coriander, tomato and egg is 780 yen as limited menu. There are 3 standard menu except the MAHOROBA HIYASHI CHUKA.

The Spicy Taiwan MAZE MEN is a must try if you like spicy food! There are 4 spice levels you can choose. If you really like spicy, order "MORE than BARI BARI"which is spicier than the level 4 for an additional 50 yen. The summer limited MAHOROBA HIYASHI CHUKA is very popular among the ladies. You can add more coriander for an additional 100 yen. MAZE MEN comes with Miso soup and pickles which you can ask for some more.

The best way to eat MAZE MEN is mix the noodle and topping ingredients well. It's recommended to add RA-YU(chilli oil), Citrus pepper or Konbu(Kelp vinegar). After eating all the noodles, don't forget to order free OIMESHI. They add a small amount of rice to satisfy your needs. Free parking is not available. If you parked at the coin-operated parking, tell the staff that you parked they will give you toppings for free! Toppings are as follows: Nira(The family member of greem peppers), Chopped seaweed, salted kepl cabbage, sliced onion


  • Maze men
  • Maze men
  • Maze men
  • Maze men
  • Maze men
  • Maze men
  • Maze men
  • Maze men
  • Maze men
  • Maze men
  • Spicy Taiwan Maze Men
  • MAHOROBA outside
  • Spicy Taiwan Maze Men
  • Miso soup
  • MAHOROBA Hiyashi Chuka
  • Well cold tea
  • Drink Menu
  • Food menu
  • Special Ra-yu(Chili oil) and vinegar
  • Fancy restaurant
  • Welcome bord at the entrance
  • Outside of the MAHOROBA
  • MAHOROBA outside before open time
  • MAHOROBA logo
  • Singboard
  • Spicy Taiwan MAZEMEN Oimeshi





Post code:900-0015
3-9-7 Kumoji NAHA city OKINAWA


It takes 10 minutes from Makishi station


11:30~22:00(last call:21:30)


Sunday and Tuesday
※The 3rd week of Monday, It will be closed if the



MAZE MEN:700 yen
Spicy Taiwan Maze Men:780 yen
Limited menu Coriander tomato and egg Shamu Soba:780 yen
Sliced onion:80 yen
chopped seaweed:80 yen
Sald kelp cabbage:80 yen
Negi onion:80 yen
Nira(Chinese chives):80 yen
Okra:80 yen
There are other topping menu at the MAHOROBA

How to pay


【Dinner】1,000 yen~2,000 yen

【Lunch】1,000 yen

Optional fee


Credit card

Not available




Reservation is not available



15 seats
There are couter and table seats


Not available

There are coin-operated parking close to MAHOROBA
Coin-operated parking: 1 minuted walk



You are not allowed to smoke


Not available

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

This is a place you must go if you love Ramen! The recommended menu is spicy delicious "ROKOTSUNI"!

Important notice

Most of the seats are at the bar, so if you are goupe consists more than 3 people, you may need to wait.

Recommended menu

Taiwan MAZE MEN(Medium):780 yen
ROKOTSUNI (Spicy level★★★★):Free
Negi onion topping:80 yen

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