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Nadai Sobadokoro Minosaku
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Gettou Soba(Shell ginger soba) is very famous at Minosaku. It's accessible from Naha-city. Try the unique yet delicious Japanese Soba which is popular among locals and tourists.

  • CategoryFoodJapanese food
  • Phone number0988-61-7383
  • AreaNaha Shuri
  • ParkingNot available
  • HoursMon,Tue,Thu,Fri : 11:15-15:00/17:00-21:00 Sat,Sun,Holiday:11:15-21:00

Nadai Sobadokoro Minosaku is located at Kumoji Naha-city where it is a 3 minutes walk from Kenchomae station. You may think of Okinawa soba as you hear the word "Soba", but here you can enjoy delicious Japanese soba. Since 1977, the restaurant is loved by not only locals but also tourists as well!
"Gettou Soba" is very famous it is made from the powdered shell of ginger flower. You can only taste the Gettou Soba here as it is registered as trademark.


  • Bukotsu(Rough) Soba

    Bukotsu(Rough) Soba

    This time we ordered "Bukotsu Soba" which is made from different types of grilled soba flour. You can taste the original Aoba's Umami. It's the best Soba for those of you who are not a huge fan of Soba. The smell is not too strong. If you want to enjoy the soft Soba, try the "Teuchi soba" which means "hand-made". If you want to try chewy soba, try the machine-made soba. One of the fascinating points of Japanese soba is there are two different way to cook it even it's still the same dish. There is also called "Hana Soba" which is made with noodles from Miyako island. This is the best dish especially during the hot summer in Okinawa as you can cool down with delicious Soba! Enjoy the chewy feeling of the delicious Soba going down your throat. If you visit the restaurant with family or friends, order different kinds of Soba and share them!

  • Tempura Gettou Soba

    Tempura Gettou Soba

    It's recommended to try Tempura Gettou Soba if you want to enjoy Tempura and Japanese Soba as well! You can choose hand-made noodle or machine-made noodle for your soba. Gettou Soba is very colorful and has a good smell of Gettou. For the Tempura, thereare "Mushroom","Sweet potato","Ocra"and "Shrimp". It's highly recommended to dip your tempura with Soba soup! "Sobayu" also comes with Soba which is hot water after noodles were boiled in. You can pour it into your soba soup and enjoyed it as soup or tea.

  • Gettou Gelato

    Gettou Gelato

    Enjoy the Gettou Gelato for desert! Have you ever tried Muchi(Okinawan rice cake wrapped in a shell ginger leaf) before? Well, if you have, the Gelato reminds you of the Muchi! Taste the delicious light sweet Gelato!

The appeal of Minosaku


Nadai Sobadokoro Minosaku has been around for a long time to serve as a place where you can enjoy delicious Japanese Soba in Okinawa. Okinawa soba is more popular than Japanese Soba in Okinawa but try the "Gettou Soba" which you can't taste anywhere else in the world. It's registered as a trademark! Try the Minosaku Original Soba which you can only taste in Okinawa!
Gettou has polyphenol 30 times more than red-wine which has Anti-aging effect and very healthy as well. It's 720 yen for Gettou Soba single. There is a set menu which comes with Tempura. You can also enjoy different kinds of Japanese Soba, Udon and Don bowl and alcohol beverage as well..
Don't forget to try the Gettou Gelato which you can only taste in here!

There is a 1st floor and 2nd floor inside the restaurant. There are 3 tatami mat seats which is a sunken kotatsu style. There is a counter seat at the 1st floor so you can easily come in and enjoy your Soba!
70% of the customer is locals. The customer base is from 20-60 years old. There are some couples and one customer.
The menu at the table is only in Japanese , but the staff can speak English.

It might not be easy to visit the restaurant with wheel chair as the restaurant is a little narrow.
It will be crowded especially during on lunch time as there are many offices around the restaurant. It will be easy and comfortable for you to avoid those time for those of you who don't want to wait.
You can taste the Gerrou soba which it's the only place where you can enjoy! Here is the rare Japanese Soba restaurant that has been around for a long time. Enjoy the delicious Soba which is loved by locals and tourist around the world.
It's located close to Kokusai street! Come stop by and have delicious Gettou Soba which you can't taste anywhere else but here at Minosaku!


  • Gettou (Shell ginger) Soba
  • Bukotsu(Rough) Soba
  • Tempura&Gettou Soba set
  • Tempura
  • Bukotsu(Rough) Soba
  • Kamo nan(Duck meat)Soba
  • Menu
  • Gettou gelato
  • Menu
  • 5 different kinds of Tempura
  • Sobayu(Hot water which they used to boiled soba)
  • Simple yet delicious Kamonan Soba
  • Simple yet delicious Kamonan Soba
  • Light soup
  • Katsu don bowl(pork fillet)
  • Inari sushi
  • Menu
  • Other menu
  • Warmth atmosphere restaurant
  • Inside
  • Steps to 2F
  • Table seat at 2F

Minosaku restaurant Information

Name Nadai Sobadokoro Minosaku




ZIP:900-0015 3-8-1 Kumoji Naha-city Okinawa


Car: 10 minutes from Naha airport

Monorail: 3 minutes walk from Kenchomae station


Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri : Morning:11:15-15:00/Afternoon17:00-21:00



Wed, The last Thursday of the month



Gettou Soba:720yen
Bukotsu Soba:880yen
Mori Soba:630yen
Minosaku Teishoku meal:890yen
Gettou Gelato:250yen
※for Hand-made noodle+200yen
※Other menu item available

How to pay




Optional fee


Credit card

Not available







53 seats
Counter,Table,Sunken Kotatsu and Tatami mat seat


Not Available

There are coin-operated parking lots close to the restaurant





The restaurant welcomes the visitors with disability

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Gettou Soba with slightly shell ginger smell and chewy soft noodle is must-try! The Gettou Gelato is very popular among ladies as it's less sweet and delicious!

Important notice

It's recommended to have a reservation in advance.

Recommended menu

Gettou (Shell ginger) Soba:720yen

Gettou gelato:250yen

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