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Naha steak
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Naha steak is located close to the Naha bus-terminal where you can enjoy a delicious steak at affordable prices.

  • CategoryFoodAmerican food
  • Phone number0989-43-0090
  • AreaNaha Shuri
  • ParkingCoin-operated parking
  • Hours11:00-22:00(L.O 21:00)Lunch time 11:00-15:00

The restaurant opened on September 9th, 2016 in front of the Naha bus-terminal. This is the best location when using the bus-terminal. At the time the restaurant opened, you had to buy the ticket from the ticket machine by yourself, but now the waiter comes to take the order. The restaurant inside has large space with table seats for 4, 6 people and also counter seats that group visitor can also make yourself comfortable. The table set for 4 people close to the entrance can enjoy the view outside the window.

Must-see sights

  • Steak

    Naha Steak medium size

    The most frequently ordered item is the "Naha steak M size". The meat is chuck roll, the Medium size is 200g, Large is 300g. The steak comes with Rare cooked, if you want to grill it more, you can cook with the steak pellet which is round shaped and high temperatured. The steak is thick yet you can cut with the knife easily, the more you bite, the more you will be hooked by the taste! Taste the juicy and rich meat flavor. You can add more seasonings on the table.

  • Curry

    CAB Angus beef Loin Steak Curry

    If you want to enjoy juicy steak and delicious curry at the same time, try the "CAB Angus Beef Loin Steak Curry". The rare steak meat on top of the curry rice that is full of fresh vegetables. There is a large portion of rice as well! Help yourself to the sauce for the steak at the table. If you want to taste the thick, delicious steak with a different flavor, this is the best dish to order.

  • Beef Stew

    Beef Stew

    The carrot and cabbages are boiled together with beef. Soft and mild vegetables and beef with light soup is the best! The more you chew, the more the flavor you will taste! The carrot is slightly sweet and soaked with soup flavor. The best thing is its affordable price! It's only 300yen! Try with your steak!

The appeal of Naha Steak

Naha Steak

Shisa and Hanagasa (flower hat) are displayed at the entrance! The restaurant inside is very comfortable and Stylish interior. The stylish interior, comfortable seats, the light from the ceiling, and tiles on the floor are all cute and stylish!

The Steak meat has great variety by its price, and cut section. The restaurant serves steak speedy, if you want to enjoy a delicious steak, but having not much time, here is the best place! Rice, salad and soup are all free to refill.

There are salt, pepper. steal sauce, Japanese pepper and hirami lemon ponzu sauce on the table. You can make your own steak by using them! Feel free to use the small dishes on the table when you use the sauce as well. The restaurant original pepper, "Shimakara" which is made with the Okinawan hirami lemon and chilli pepper is sold at the next to the cashier. You can try first at the restaurant, if you like it, get it as a souvenir!
Come to "Naha Steak" if you want to enjoy delicious and affordable good steak!


  • Chuck Roll steak(Rare)
  • Naha Steak entrance
  • Lunch hours only menu item
  • Seasonal menu sign board
  • Steak menu
  • Recommended menu
  • Aging Steak
  • Variety kinds of menu
  • Popular menu
  • Beef cut section
  • Extra-large size Naha Steak (Medium size)
  • CAB Angus beef Loin Steak Curry
  • Delicious side menu dish
  • Naha Steak entrance
  • Cute cashier
  • Table seat for 4 people at the 2nd floor
  • Couter seat for 1 person
  • Table seat for 6 people, good for group visitor
  • Stylish interior
  • Good atmosphere light
  • Sauce set at the table
  • Naha Steak Lunch Set
  • Grill your steak with the pellet
  • Dip your steak in favorite sauce
  • CAB Angus beef Loin Steak Curry
  • Salad and soup/free to refill
  • Sweet corn inside the potato
  • Curry plate
  • Large amount of rice
  • Fresh Vegetables and meat
  • Thick CAB Angus beef Loin Steak
  • Great cooked rare steak
  • Light soup and soft beef

Naha Steak restaurant Information

Name Naha Steak



1-15-25 Izumizaki Naha-city Okinawa


In front of the Naha bus-terminal

4 minutes walk from Yui-rail Asahibashi station


11:00-22:00(L.O 21:00)
Lunch Hours 11:00-15:00


Open year around



Naha Steak: Medium size(200g)999 yen, Large size(300g)1,550 yen
Triple Combo Chicken: 1,850 yen(300g)
Cheese hamburg and Wagyu diced steak :1650yen(300g)
Rich Hashed Beef : 1,000yen
CAB Angus beef Loin Steak Curry:1,200yen
Special Agu pork Steak Curry:1,200yen
Aging Beef Curry:700yen
Kids plate:700yen
Beef stew soup:300yen
Ishigaki beef sirloin steak(200g):5,800yen
CAB Angus beef filet steak(150g):2,600yen
      〃      (300g):5,000yen
CAB Angus beef sirloin steak(250g):2,600yen
      〃         (450g):4,500yen
CAB Angus beef loin steak(200g):1,450yen
      〃       (300g):1,950yen
      〃       (450g):3,000yen
CAB Angus beef top blade muscle steak(200g):1,450yen
      〃       (300g):1,950yen
Miyazaki brand beef diced steak(200g):1,800yen
Special Agu Okinawan pork steak(200g):1,600yen
Aging Beef Hamburg Steak(200g):1,200yen
Thick Beef tongue steak(150g):1,800yen
※11:00-17:00 Salad/Rice/Soup is free to refill

How to pay



【Lunch】 ¥1,000-2,000

Optional fee


Credit card

VISA,JCB,MasterCard,Square,American Express,Discover Card,DinersClub







64 Seats
Counter & Table seats


Not available

Coin-operated parkings close to the restaurant





Bring Pets is not Aviailable、Wifi is Available

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can enjoy a delicious steak at affordable prices! The rare steak can taste the real Meat!!

Important notice

There is no free parking lot. Use the coin-operated parking lots close to the restaurant.

Recommended menu

Naha Steak: Medium size(200g):999 yen

Cheese humburg and Wagyu diced steak(300g) :1650yen

CAB Angus beef filet steak(150g):2,600yen

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