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Oideya Kumoji Restaurant
  • Reservation ok
  • Credit card available

You can enjoy the No.1 steak lunch and Korean Sundubu whithin 5 minutes walk from the prefectural office. For the noodles and rice, you can get the up-size for free!

  • CategoryFoodAsia/Ethnic
  • Phone number050-3463-1176
  • AreaNaha/Shuri
  • ParkingParking close to the restaurant
  • Hours【Lunch】Tue-Fri 11:30-14:00(last call: 13:30) 【Dinner】17:00-24:00

Oideya is located within a 5 minutes walk from the prefectural office that specializes in Teppanyaki(meat roasted on a hot plate). During the lunch time, you can also enjoy good Korean Sundubu which is loved by locals. Many tourists and locals visit the restaurant to enjoy a good food especially on lunch time. Steak don bowl is highly recommended! You will be hooked by the taste of the specialized meat and sauce! There are pork, seafood, and chicken meatballs for the Sundubu.

Must-see sights

  • Addicted special sauce

    The no.1 steak don bawl

    Oideya No.1 menu item is the steak don bawl. It's obvious. The meat is chosen very careful meat. THe meat is cooked in a special way as well, with the outside cooked and the inside is rare, so you can enjoy the flavor of the meat well. It matches perfectly with the rice and sauce! It is popular both men and women. It's highly recommended to give us a try! The rice is small in the picture, but you can get size-up for no extra-charge.

  • The meat is Okinawan pork

    Pork Sundubu

    Pork sundubu is delicious as they use the okinawan pork. The smell of the spice and pork will make your mouth water for sure! As you put the meat in your mouth, the flavor of the sweet meat explodes! For the topping, you can choose Tofu or Chanpon noodles, it is popular among men. For the rice and chanpon noodles, you can get size-up for free.

  • Shrimp, Squid, Clams

    Seafood Sundubu

    Seafood Sundubu comes with shrimp, squid and clam. It's not just tasty but also very healthy which is recommended for ladies! It's also topped with variety of seafood so good for men as well. For those of you love shrimp, it's the best dish to try! The clam stock makes the Sundubu taste mild. If you like spicy taste, put the pepper or the chili oil for the topping which increases spiciness.

What makes Oideya so fascinating

Oideya outward

Oideya is specializes in Teppanyaki(meat roasted on a hot plate) and located within a 5 minute walk from the prefecural office. There are many restaurants around this area, but the Oideya is one of the best place. You can enjoy Teppanyaki, Ishigaki beef and Okinawa Agu pork steak. During the lunch time, you can also enjoy the steak don bowl, humburg steak and Korean Sundubu.

One of the most popular menu item is the steak don bowl which is 1000 yen with the tax. You can enjoy good meat and Oideya original special sauce which macthes with rice perfectly. There will be many customers during the lunch time as they want to get the Steak don bowl. Put meat with a Sunny side up egg and the special sauce explodes in your mouth and you will be hooked by the taste.

Steak don bowl is the most popular item but the Sundubu closely rivals. There are 7 kinds of Sundubu which are all so delicious taht you can't decide which one you want. As the waiter says many customer will be like, "I want to eat beef tendons! but the seafood is also so delicious! I can't decide!". But don't worry, even you can't choose, everything is delicious. After you enjoyed all kinds of Sundubu, you can change the Tofu to Chanpon noodle to enjoy the different way to eat Sundubu. It's also recommeded to put egg and rice to the soup and make your own rice porridge!

The restaurant has culm atmosphere with the counter seat, table seat and tatami mat seat which is good for the groups and one person as well. The lunch time is during 11:30-14:00. It will be crowded during the 12:00, so it's recommended to go before or after 12:00.


  • Steak don bowl
  • Steak don bowl for the lunch
  • Seafood Sundubu
  • Pork Sundubu
  • complete look of the Pork Sundubu
  • Lunch menu
  • Oideya menu
  • Entrance of the Oideya
  • Nice atmosphere
  • Many signatures
  • Addicted special sauce
  • The meat is Okinawan pork
  • Shrimp, Squid, Clams
  • Oideya outward
  • Complete look of the Steak don bowl
  • sunny side up egg is the best!
  • with pickles you won't ever get tired of eating!
  • Loving the pork sundubu's melted meat!
  • Light taste
  • You can make Bibimbap with Namul
  • Chili oil, vinegar, Bibimbap sauce
  • You can choose the rice from size small-large
  • Jjigae(Korean hot pot) menu
  • Jjigae(Korean hot pot) menu
  • This entrance is the sign!

Oideya Kumoji Restaurant Information

Name Oideya Kumoji Restaurant



1F 2-7-21 Kumoji Naha-city Okinawa


It is about 3 minutes from Kencho-mae station(Monorail)


Tue-Fri 11:30-14:00(Last order:13:30)

Mon-Thu 17:00-24:00 (Last order for food :23:30/ for drinks : 23:15)

Fri 17:00-24:30(Last order for food :23:30/ for drinks : 23:45)

Sat 15:00-24:30 (Last order for food :23:30/ for drinks : 23:45)

Sun/Holiday 15:00-23:30 (Last order for food :23:30/ for drinks : 23:45)





Steak don bowl (Medium) 1000 yen with tax
3 side dish, Soup, Rice (Free size-up)

Steak don bowl (Large) 1450 yen with tax
3 side dish, Soup, Rice (Free size-up)

100% Beef hamburg 200g 1000 yen with tax
3 side dish, Soup, Pickles, Rice (Free size-up)

100% Beef hamburg 300g 1000 yen with tax
3 side dish, Soup, Pickles, Rice (Free size-up)

Teppanyaki steak
3 side dish, Soup, Rice (Free size-up)
US Beef steak 200g 1490 yen with tax
US Beef steak 300g 2290 yen with tax

Agu pork steak 120g 1790 yen
Agu pork steak 240g 2990 yen

Pure Tofu Jjige (Sundubu)
3 side dish, Soup, Rice (Free size-up)
Seafood Sundubu (Shrimp, Squid, clam)
Beef tendons Sundubu (Japanese beef tendons)
Pork Sundubu (Okinawan pork)
Chicken meatball Sundubu (Checken cartilage meatball)
Natto Sundubu (Japanese Natto)
Oyster Sundubu (Setonaikai sea oyster)
Toppings :Pork,sesfood,beef tendons,chicken meatball,Natto, Oyster, Tofu, Chanpon, 200 yen for each
Green chilli: 2 for 100 yen
※Without soy milk, spicy is also available.
※It's available to change tofu to chanpon. (Size-up for Chanpon is free)

Special Ishigaki beef/Okinawa beef Teppanyaki

Okinawa black beef 【Chateaubriand steak】7980 yen (Without tax)
Okinawa black beef 【fillet】Steak 4280 yen (Without tax)
Ishigaki Beef 【Sirloin】Steak 4280 yen (Without tax)
Ishigaki Beef 【aitchbone】Steak 3580 yen (Without tax)

Agu pork

Agu pork Super deluxe loin steak
Agu pork Chunk slice solt tan
Agu pork Sausage
Agu pork grilled feet

There are also premium corse, drinking corse, and Okonomiyaki as well.

How to pay


【Dinner】About ¥5,000 /person


Optional fee

Charge fee 300 yen /person

Credit card

VISA, US card, SEZON card, Master, Diner's, JCB, DISCOVER,銀聯




Make an inquiry directly to the restaurant.

The maximum reservation number of people : 30-46



Counter seat, Table seat, Kotatsu seat available
※Each table has hot plate


Not available

Parking close to the restaurant
Onishi parking (1F is reservad): 1 minute walking
Mitsui repark Kumoji 3 chome : 5 minute walking



Separated smorking areas


Corse menu, reservation, kids, good internet connection, drinking menu available. You are not allowed to bring pets with you.

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

The meat is awesome as the restaurant specializes in meat! The special sause and meat matches great with rice!

Important notice

It will be croweded during the lunch time.

Recommended menu

Steak don bowl (Medium):1000yen

100% Beef Hamburg 200g : 1000yen

Pure Tofu Chige : 1000yen

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