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Okashi Goten restaurant Matsuo
  • Reservation ok
  • Credit card available

You can enjoy Okinawan food and Sanshin guitar live! It's located on a Kokusai street, the 2nd floor of Okashi Goten.

Okashi Goten restaurant is located on one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Okinawa Kokusai street. It's on the 2nd floor of Okashi Goten.
Home made Okinawa soba is very popular. Taste the chewy yet delicious noodle! The restaurant is very good for couples and group visitors as it has a large space!
You can enjoy the Shimauta Sanshin guitar live during dinner hour. You can enjoy delicious Okinawan beer and Awamori with good Okinawan music.


  • Okinawa Omoro Bento

    Okinawa Omoro Bento

    You want to taste everything? This is the best menu for you!
    Two raw fish, Agu pork fried fillet, Boiled Soki and vegetable, Jushi(Boiled rice), Okinawa soba, Mozuku and Jimami,,, you can taste many delicious Okinawan foods with this plate!
    This is a very recommended dish as you can enjoy popular Okinawan dishes all at one time!

  • Lunch map

    Have Okinawa Soba with a coin.

    If you bring the "Lunch map" that you can get it at the bookstores and convenience stores in Okinawa, You can get Okinawa Soba for 500 yen! It's 360yen cheaper!
    The Okinawa soba noodle is home made chewy! You can taste the delicious soda, which is different from others!

  • Live stage

    Enjoy Shimauta Okinawan guitar live

    There is a mini stage at the restaurant. You can enjoy Okinawan music during night hours.
    There are 2 stages in a day, which starts from 18:30 and 19:30. If you don't want to miss the live, recommended to go there a little earlier!

The appeal of Okashi goten restaurant

Restaurant inside

The restaurant is very calm and has a relaxed atmosphere.
It won't be too crowded during lunch hours. This is a good place to have a break.

The 1st floor is a souvenir shop that you can get a popular "Beniimo tart"!
Taste the delicious Okinawan food and have a break on the 2nd floor before/after enjoyed shopping.


Okashi Goten restaurant Matsuo Information

Name Okashi Goten restaurant Matsuo



1-2-5 Matsuo Naha-city OKinawa


3 minutes walk from Kenchomae station


11:30-15:00,17:00-21:00 (L.O.20:30)

Music live:Everyday 18:30-,19:30-


Open year around



<Morning menu>
Goten Soba:880yen
Soki Soba:800yen
Okinawa soba:800yen
Asa soba:800yen
Beniimo tsukemen(dipping) noodle:890yen
Mozuku tsukemen(dipping) noodle:890yen
Taco rice:930yen
Ginger agu pork stir-fry:1,200yen
Agu tonkatsu teishoku set:1,500yen
Okinawa Sanshoku don rice bowl:1,500yen
Kaisen sea grape rice don bowl:(S)1,300yen(L)1,500yen
Churaumi maguro tuna rice don bowl with seagrapes:1,450yen
Inamuruchi soup and pork egg teishoku set :960yen

※Other menu items available.

How to pay


【Except lunch hour】2,500yen

Optional fee


Credit card








150 seats
(Table, box seat available)


Not available. There are coin-operated parking lots close to the restaurant.



Smorking is not allowed at the Okashi Goten.


Elevator is available
Okinawa song live
1F Souvenir shop

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Enjoy delicious food and atmosphere! The affordable price is one of the reasons why restaurant is so popular.
Come stop by after enjoy shopping on Kokusai street.

Important notice

There is no free parking lot close to the restaurant. Park at the coin-operated parking lot.

Recommended menu

Okinawa Omoro bento lunch:1,200yen

Agu tonkatsu teishoku set:1,500yen

Kaisen sea grape rice don bowl:(S)1,300yen(L)1,500yen

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