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Okinawa Cerrado Coffee

Okinawa Cerrado Coffee has been opened for more than 30 years. You can taste delicious home-roasted coffee. It's in an accessible place from Naha, has coin-operated parkings.

Okinawa cerrado coffee shop is located at Urasoe-city inside the Minatogawa stateside town. The coffee company that has been doing bussiness for over 30 years open the shop. You can taste the coffee and also buy the home-roasted coffee beans. The founder and his son had poured their passion and love to coffee to let people taste the great coffee. They don't have a food menu at the coffee shop like a cafe, they serve the special coffee and the beans in front of the coffee company from 2014.


  • Fresh coffee

    A cup of special coffee that you can taste only at here

    The time when they make your coffee in front of you, the smell of the best coffee beans makes you so relaxed. Taste the mild and flavorful coffee with bitter yet a bit sweet. You can taste the rich flavor after you drink the coffee. This is the coffee for those of you who want to enjoy the bitter coffee and easy to drink coffee. The shop staff told us that he wants people who think that coffee is too bitter and can't drink without milk, but this has bitter yet sweet original flavor and easy to drink. There are no special tools to make a good coffee, they use paper dripping which is easy to copy at home as well. Tell the staff what kind of flavor you prefer, they will make a great one cup for you.

  • Coffee shop inside

    Lime-green coffee shop with simple interior

    The lime-green with white house is very stylish. Once you enter in to the coffee shop, the smell of coffee makes you so relax. There is one order counter and few seats for 2-3 people. Simple yet cozy. The coffee beans comes from all over the world has a specific way to make coffee. The amount of coffee beans that they use will be 1t a month!

The appeal of Okinawa Cerrado Coffee

Coffee shop

Okinawa cerrado coffee has been selling the coffee to Okinawa government Prefectural office and loved by many workers there. They still sell the beans as they get the order to all over the island. Now, as they opened the own coffee shop, you can get a delicious coffee beans that have been loved by many cafes and bakeries in Okinawa.

There are many people from all the generations to the Minatogawa stateside Town Coffee shop. If you can't make it to the shop, don't worry, there is an online shop that you can order their coffee! Enjoy the delicious coffee at your home!

They change how they roast the coffee beans by beans to beans. If you are not familiar with coffee, it's ok. You will find your favorite coffee for sure! It's recommended to try the difference of each coffee bean by visiting the shop!


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Okinawa Cerrado Coffee Shop Information

Name Okinawa Cerrado Coffee



2-15-5 Minatogawa Urasoe-city Okinawa


40 minutes drive from Naha airport




Holidays(according to Japanese carender)



・Today's coffee 400yen

・Hand dripped coffee 480yen

・French Presss coffee 400yen

・Iced coffee 500yen

・Espresso coffee(Single) 350yen

・Espresso coffee(Double) 400yen

・American coffee 400yen

・Gibraltar cofee  400yen

・Captino 400yen

・Caffe latte 450yen

・Cascara Soda 450yen

・Espresso Tonic 650yen

・Coffee bean (The price will be different from the market price)

How to pay



【Coffee bean】 ¥1,500

Optional fee


Credit card

Not available




Not available



Chair seat for 2-3 people


Not available at the shop

The parking lot close to the coffee shop
8:00-20:00 30minutes/100yen
20:00-8:00 60minutes/100yen



Not acceptable


A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

The coffee that is made by great passionate owner makes people calm. Find your favorite coffee beans!

Important notice

There is no food menu available.

Recommended menu

Today's coffee:400yen

Hand dripped coffee:480yen


Coffee bean (The price will be different from the market price)

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