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Beautiful beaches and shopping malls are close to the restaurant. Enjoy delicious yet affordable price Okinawan food! The parking lot is available.

  • CategoryFoodJapanese food
  • Phone number0988-50-8633
  • AreaSouth
  • ParkingAvailable
  • Hour11:30-18:00(L.O 17:30)

YONAR'S is known as serving delicious food which is made with Okinawan local ingredients. Many people come to the restaurant for delicious food at affordable prices. Tonkatsu soba and Okinawan pork Katsu curry rice is highly recommended to try! You can taste the delicious steak don rice bowl for 980 yen if you sign up for a membership! Fluffy omelet is on top of the taco rice with tomato sauce is a must-try menu item which is the mayor of the city gave the idea!

Must-see sights

  • Sweet Okinawan pork Katsu curry and mini soba set

    Sweet Okinawan pork Katsu curry

    This is one of the most popular menu item at the YONAR'S. The sweetness of Okinawan brand pork fillet explodes in your mouth! The curry has rich yet spicy flavor. You can also get a set menu which comes with mini soba.

  • Tonkatsu Soba

    Tonkatsu Soba

    Sweet Okinawan pork Katsu fillet is on top of Okinawa soba noodle. The chewy noodle with pork bone broth soup matches perfectly! Juicy pork fillet oil mixed soup makes it more richer! Help yourself to the Hirami lemon and Okinawan chilli base sauce "Shimakara" to put some in your soup. You can enjoy another different delicious flavor!

  • Rafute Chahan

    Rafute Chahan

    Pork cut in cubes, boiled with sweet and spicy seasoning, called "Rafute" in Okinawa. Rafute is on top of Chahan(fried rice) is delicious! Soft tasty Rafute with Chahan is a super-satisfying meal. The delicious taste and affordable price for 680 yen is one of the reasons why it's so popular.

The appeal of Okinawan product market YONA'S


Okinawan product market YONA'S is located in the southern tip of the island Toyosaki, Tomishiro city. From Hirami lemon products to various Okinawan products, This is the best place to find a souvenir! YONA'S is making Ogimi village Hirami lemon products at their own factory. They want many people to know the great points of Okinawan products. There is a unique "Hirami lemon juice from the tap" service. You can have fresh yummy juice for free! It's a great experience for kids as well! You can get the 100% Hirami lemon juice at the shop as well. At the shop, you can see how the juice is made at the factory. There are local fresh vegetables, snacks, jam and ponzu for sell.

The concept of the restaurant is "To serve good food so that protects the Okinawan long-life". The restaurant cooks mainly the food in Okinawa.

If you become a member of YONAR'S, you can get "Salt, soy sauce almond" as a gift. There will be no optional fee. Also, you can get a delicious steak don rice bowl for 980 yen, which is 300 yen cheaper!

Chura SUN beach and Outlet Ashibina mall is close to the restaurant. It's the best place to stop by!! Free parking lot is provided as well.


  • Katus curry rice
  • Sweet Okinawan pork fillet katsu
  • large space restaurant
  • Soup is free to refill
  • Hirami lemon juice
  • You can see how juice is Hirami lemon making
  • Hirami lemon juice
  • Okinawan souvenir
  • Awamori sake
  • Sweet Okinawan pork Katsu curry
  • Tonkatsu Soba
  • Rafute Chahan
  • Sign board
  • Okinawa soba menu
  • Okinawa soba and food menu
  • Teishoku meal set menu
  • chewy thick noodles
  • Fruity yet spicy
  • Hirami lemon juice
  • Hirami lemon juice
  • Some present you can get if you sign up for a membership
  • The juice making factory
  • Fresh juice
  • Turmeric Hirami lemon juice
  • Sea grapes
  • Souvenirs
  • Shisa welcomes the visitors

YONA'S Infromation




ZIP:901-0225 3-84 Toyosaki Tomishiro city Okinawa


About 10 minutes drive from "Tomishiro・Nakachi highway IC"

Bus:From Naha bus-terminal to "Michinoeki Toyosaki" bus stop, a 5 minutes walk


11:30-18:00(L.O 17:30)


Open year around



Okinawa soba:350yen
Pork Cartilage Spare Rib Soba:650yen
Vegetables Soba:600yen
Loin Tonkatsu Soba:600yen
Nakami soba:550yen
Yushi dofu Soba:550yen
Curry Soba:450yen
Pork egg soba:450yen
Beef tendons Soba:700yen
Half Soba:200yen

Curry rice:350yen
Katsu curry:650yen
Melty egg curry:500yen
Spam curry:450yen
Omulette tacos rice don bowl:650yen
Taco rice:600yen
Garlic steak rice:980yen
Loin steak set:1,300yen
Garlic tonkatsu rice:980yen
Steak rice don bowl:1,280yen(Membership price:980yen)

Tonkatsu teishoku set meal:800yen
Fried fish teishoku set meal:800yen
Pork egg teishoku set meal:800yen
Vegetable stir-fied Chanpuru set meal:800yen
Chicken Namban(Fried Chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce) set:800yen

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

Not available




Not available



40 seats


Parking lot for 38 cars



Smorking is not accepted(only available at terrace seat)


The restaurant welcomes the visitors with disabilities.
You can connect to the city WiFi.

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

It's the best place to look for Okinawan souvenirs! Come stop by to taste the delicious Okinawan dish as well!

Important notice

Signing up for the membership is free.

Recommended menu

Katsu curry rice:650yen

Nakami soba:550yen

Tonkatsu teishoku set meal:800yen

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    Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach

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