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Habu Shokudo
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Habu Shokudo is Okinawan extra-large food restaurant which was forwarded by the media. You can enjoy delicious food for within 1,000 yen! It takes about 15 minutes from Naha airport by a car.

Habu Shokudo is the most popular restaurant in Okinawa, where they serve extra-large sized food! There are other extra-large sized food restaurants in Okinawa, here is the best place where satisfies your claim!
The menu items are all extra-large sized that the food overflows from the bowl! The Niku soba (Meat soba) has a large amount of meat and vegetables on top of the Soba which you will have "Soba" and "Stir-fried meat, vegetables" two dishes as you need to separate them because they are too extra. Other than that, there is Katsu curry which has two big Katsu (Deep-fried pork) !
Moreover, The fascinating points of Habu Shokudo is not just its extra-large food, but also on its Price! Most of the dishes are within 1,000 yen, here is the best place to go when your purse is light or even heavy!
You can share your food or it's also good to enjoy by yourself!
Here is a little advice for you, the amount of food might be too extra for even adult male visitors. So, it's recommended to skip breakfast or lunch, before you go to Habu Shokudo.

Must see sights

How to enjoy your meal at Habu Shokudo

Best time to go

How to order and pay

Must see sights

  • Niku soba

    Highly recommended menu Niku Soba(Meat soba)

    You will be surprised by its extra-large sized Soba!
    The stir-fried meat vegetables flowing from the bowl is just like a mountain!
    What is more, under the stir-fried meat, vegetables, there is thin and wide noodles, which are soft but also Al dente. In addition, crispy and tasty vegetables make the dish even more delicious! Give it a try!

  • Katsu Don

    Known for those in the know "Katsu don"

    Katsu don is a secret menu item at Habu Shokudo. It's 750 yen with its amount!
    The thickness of Katsu is about 2-4 cm big, and for the rice they scoop 2-3 cup of rice! You will need to separate the rice and Katsu to other bowls as they are too extra!
    The Katsu has a little sweet taste which reminds of a good-old taste. The vegetables with sweet Kastu matches perfectly with rice!
    You will be surprised by its extra-large looking at first glance, but it's worth a try!

  • Katsu curry

    Extra-large Katsu curry!

    Katsu curry is as popular as Niku soba
    The double Katsu (deep-fried pork) is innovative! The Katsu is boiled well with the broth. You can taste the sweetness of the Okinawan vegetable in curry!
    Its extra-large size makes you full just looking at it! Even adult male can't finish all by oneself!
    It's recommended to share with more than two people for one dish!

How to enjoy your meal at Habu Shokudo

There are Niku Soba and Katsu don as regular menu items at Habu Shokudo and all of them are extra-large sized! Even adult male can't finish by themselves! But it's not a man's way to make leftovers.
Therefore, people who come Habu Shokudo frequently, order one menu item and share with others. Sharing doesn't mean that you won't be full, actually it will satisfy!
Some people try to finish all by themselves, but most of their faces show that they're too much!

Most of the menu items are under 1,000 yen, so highly recommended to try sharing with your friends if you have a chance to go Habu Shokudo! If you think you are not satisfied, try to eat all by yourself! But don't forget to skip the meal before you challenge!
By the way, if you can't finish eating all, you can get a Togo box for free.

The best time to go

Most of the time, Habu Shokudo is crowded, But if you don't want to be in a line or can't wait person, it's recommended to go after 15:00.
During 12:00-14:00, the Shokudo will be crowded with the workers at the port or the office workers. It's hard to find your seat or you need to wait for a while. Or you might share the tables with others. If you want to relax and enjoy your meal, it's recommended to go there not at the lunch time.
After 15:00, it will be easy for you to find your seat, but as the Shokudo is called "always full packed", it's safer to make an appointment or call the restaurant and ask.

How to order and pay

All you need to do is tell them what you want to eat. After telling them the menu, they give you a number card and wait till they call you.
There is no hall staff at the Habu Shokudo, so you need to tell the workers in the kitchen, but you might need to tell them in a loud voice as the kitchen is very busy.
Once they call you a number, you go to the counter in front of the kitchen and take the food you ordered. Don't forget to return your plate after you finish eating as well. Please help yourself to water.
Tell the staff what you ate when you pay.

The appeal of Habu Shokudo

Niku vegetable Soba

Habu Shokudo is located in Southern part of Naha-city Okinawa. It takes about 5 minutes from Naha airport.
The view around the Shokudo is surrounded by the port with containers. The Shokudo is located in front of the warehouse.
The view around the Shokudo is surrounded by the port with containers. The Shokudo is located in front of the warehouse.

There are 35 table seats, 12 tatami seats and 4 counter seats. Although you may need to share the seats as the restaurant is mostly crowded.
There are not just Okinawa soba, and Goya Chanpuru for Okinawan cuisine, but also they have Chahan, Stir-fried meat vegetables and curyy as well.
You may think it's the same Shokudo like others, but the big difference is its extra-large size! Most of the menu items are all big-sized! If you are starving, here is the best place for you!

Especially Donburi-mono (a bowl of boiled rice with ingredients on top) has a large amount of food! You will be scared that you won't be able to finish them all by its size! The taste is also fantastic! The broth makes the dish even more delicious!
The surprising points are not just the size, but also the price! You can enjoy most of the meal within 1,000 yen! If you don't like waiting, it's recommended to go after 15:00.
The open hour is till evening. Try the Habu Shokudo where satisfies your mouth and fill up your belly!


  • Niku soba
  • Seasoning
  • Tonkatsu (Deep-fried pork)
  • Katsu curry (Deep-fried pork on top of curry)
  • Nirareba (Liver sauteed with leek)
  • Macaroni salad
  • Curry and Soba
  • Shokudo inside
  • Soba
  • Soba
  • Niku soba
  • Katsu don
  • Katsu curry
  • Niku Yasai Soba(Meat and vegetable soba)
  • Niku soba
  • kichen
  • Niku soba which needs to separate
  • Full of Macaroni salad
  • Curry
  • Okinawa soba
  • Katsu don
  • Habu Shokudo inside
  • Niku soba
  • Niku soba
  • Curry
  • Niku soba
  • Habu Shokudo inside
  • Katsu don

Habu Shokudo Restaurant Information

Name Habu Shokudo



4-22 Tondo-cho Naha-city


It takes about 11 minutes from Monorail Asahibashi station by walking
Ryukyu bus No.99 From Naha airport Domestic flight terminal bus stop, to Asahibashi bus stop, walk to the destination about 13 minutes







White-meat fried fish:700yen
Okinawa soba:500yen
Soki soba:700yen
Yaki soba:650yen
Chahan(Fried rice):600yen
Goya chanpuru:750yen
Tohu chanpuru:650yen
Yasai Itame (Stir-fried meat vegetables):650yen
Curry rice:600yen
Katsu curry:750yen
Niku soba:750yen
Katsu don:750yen
Nasu miso itame(Stir-fried eggplant and miso):750yen
Hechima boiled with miso:650yen
Pork egg teishoku plate:650yen
Nirareba (Liver sauteed with leek):650yen

※Except some menu, Dish comes with rice and soup

How to pay



Optional fee

Credit card

Not available


JPY only


Not available



32 Table seats, 12 tatami seats, 4 counter seats





No smorking


A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Habu Shokudo is loved by Okinawan locals! It's not just the price is affordable, but also its extra-large size makes the restaurant so popular! The food overflowing from the bowl satisfies your claim!

Important notice

It will be crowded during lunch time.

Recommended menu

Niku soba:750yen

Goya chanpuru:750yen

Katsu don:750yen

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