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Pork Tamago Onigiri (Main store)

Pork Tamago Onigiri (Main store) offers pork egg rice ball which is a famous Okinawan food.

The main shop of Pork Tamago Onigiri was opened in 2014 that offers Okinawan famous Pork egg rice ball.
There are three shops in Okinawa, You can enjoy delicious onigiri at Kokuai street, Airport and Chatan town. Taste the Okinawan rice ball which is loved by locals!

The shop makes the onigiri after taking the order, so they are always very fresh and hot.
Come stop by the shop that serves delicious Okinawan food!

Must-see sights

  • Pork Tamago (Miso flavor)

    Pork Tamago (Miso flavor)

    This is a very popular menu. It's 250 yen.
    It's light yet very juicy that fills up your stomach. The pork and egg are made same size as the rice ball, so they are pretty big.
    The combination of rice and miso is perfect! The pork and egg fines the taste!

  • Pork Tamago(pasted plum)

    Pork Tamago(pasted plum)

    This is a plum flavor pork egg onigiri.
    They use the pasted plum. It's not too sweet, too sour that is very delicious. Careful, you may drop the plum when you're eating it.
    Try the delicious pork tamago with plum flavor which is very recommended!

  • Fried fish with tartar sauce Japanese shallot

    Fried fish with tartar sauce Japanese shallot

    This is a special and unique menu, fried fish with tartar sauce pork egg onigiri.
    The fried fish, well coated with tartar sauce is the best!
    The sauce and pork are the best combination! The tasty flavor times 100! The shallot also gives a good accent to the dish.
    It's a limited menu item that you can only taste at here Makishi shop.

Pork Tamago onigiri (Main shop)

The special box drink set!

Don't forget to order the special box if you are here at Pork Tamago Onigiri Main Shop!
There are three different special boxes that you can choose the flavor of pork Tamago onigiri.
There are Aburamiso (miso) onigiri, mustard leaf, Fried Goya and Japanese shallot for the options.
4 onigiri with a drink or soup set, or 6 onigiri set.
Also, there are some unique menu items at the shop which even locals have never tried before.
The shop opens from 7:00 to 5:00 PM. You can taste delicious Onigiri as your breakfast or lunch and some snacks!

It's recommended to try not only one, but try many onigiris!
Taste the yummy Okinawan unique food!


Pork Tamago Onigiri Shop Information

Name Pork Tamago Onigiri (Main store)



Zip:900-0014 2-8-35 Matsuo Naha-city Okinawa


9 minutes walk from Yui-rail Makishi station.







<Morning menu>
Special PTO BOX 1 (5 onigiris) 1380 yen
Special PTO BOX 2 (4 onigiris with soup) 1380 yen
Special PTO BOX 3 (6 standard onigiris) 1280 yen
Po tama 250 yen 250 yen
Aburamiso 250yen 250 yen
Neriume(paste plum) 250 yen
Takana(mustard leaf) 250 yen
Mentaiko(spicy cod roe) 250 yen
Bonito seaweed 250 yen
Chikina(Mustard leaf) 290 yen
Tuna mayonnaise egg 280 yen
Fried fish tartar with Japanese shallot 400 yen
Fruity lemon tea 160 yen
Sanpincha jasmine tea hilami lemon 160 yen

※Other menu items available.

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

Not available




Not available



Seat:5 table seats
(For 10 people)


Not available. Coin-operated parkings are available close to the shop.





A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

The shop is crowded with locals and tourists.
The salty spam and rice is the best combination!

Important notice

It will be crowded with locals and tourists.
Since the shop offers fresh onigiri, it will take a little time.

Recommended menu

Special PTO BOX 2 (4 onigiris with soup) 1380 yen

Po tama 250 yen

Fried fish tartar with Japanese shallot 400 yen

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