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POSILLIPO is the restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Italian food. It's located at 10 minutes drive from Naha airport.

  • CategoryFoodItalianCafe/Sweets
  • Phone number0988-51-1101
  • AreaSouth
  • ParkingAvailable
  • Hour11:00-24:00(Lasst order Food 23:15 Drink 23:30)

Senaga island is located within 10 minutes drive from Naha airport. POSILLIPO is located on a little hill where you can overlook the beautiful ocean with delicious pasta and pizza! It's very famous among not only among locals but also tourists. You can taste the real Italian food as there is a stone oven inside the restaurant and the noodle is home-made fresh! The most popular menu item is lunch course for 1600 yen, also there is single menu available, if you are group visitors, it's recommended to order some dish and share the delicious dish!

Must-see sights

  • Cream pasta

    Organic bacon and three mashrooms cream sauce

    Ricciarelle is a cream pasta which means "wave" in Italian. The thick pasta well coated with cream and has a rich taste! The parsley and three different kinds of mushrooms smell makes you even more hungrier! This is one of the most popular menu item at the restaurant that some people come here to taste this. There are Tomato sauce, Karasumi(dried mullet roe), Carbonara and peperoncino for Pasta menu.

  • Pizza Gorgonzola

    Pizza Gorgonzola

    Gorgonzola cheese is very popular among ladies. This pizza is made with gorgonzola, Mozzarella Bufala cheese. IT's recommended to put honey! The pizza is 9 inches, which is a little big for a lady. It's recommended to share! During lunch hours, salad, pizza and pasta (you can choose from 6 different menu), dessert and drink for 1600yen!

  • terrace seat

    Instagramable terrace seat

    There are many fancy shops and restaurants on Senaga island. POSILLIPO is one of the best place where you can enjoy the marvelous ocean and delicious Italian food! On a sunny day, you can overlook the beautiful emerald green ocean! You will get many LIKEs as you post great pictures of the restaurant!

The appeal of POSILLIPO


POSILLIPO is opened on July 2014 at Senaga island Umikaji terrace. The best appeal is the great view location! Enjoy beautiful ocean and delicious dish! If you sit on the terrace seat, the salty wind makes your heart full. The concept of the restaurant is simple yet extra. South Italia is where is surrounded by beautiful ocean resort place. The street and warm weather are something reminds of Okinawa. The restaurant offers the great dish and hours!

Home-made pasta and authentic pizza are the best! The fish that used at the restaurant is all Okinawan fresh fish. The pizza is cooked by "Pizzaiolo" who won the pizza conpetision in Italy! Tate the crispy pizza that you will be hooked by the taste!
During 11:00 to 13:00 is relatively a few customers, but it will be crowded during 13:00 to 14:00. Salad, pizza or pasta, dessert and one drink come with POSILLIPO course menu for 1,600yen.
Not only the delicious pizza and pasta, but also the view from terrace seat is breathtaking! For a date, with friends and the wedding party as well, this is the best place!


  • Pizza
  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Menu
  • Menu
  • Drink
  • Terrace
  • Entrance
  • Sing board
  • View
  • Cream pasta
  • Gorgonzola
  • Terrace seat
  • Terrace seat
  • Highly recommeded by ladies! Gorgonzola Pizza
  • Pizza Gorgonzola and Cranberry juice
  • Cranberry juice and Pineapple juice
  • Pink Cranberry juice
  • Cream pasta and drink
  • Organic bacon and 3 kinds mushroom cream sauce
  • A view from terrace seat
  • Fancy interior
  • Restaurant
  • Entrance
  • Pictures and guide map infront of the elevator
  • Mark the sign board
  • Restaurant outside
  • View from Senagajima hotel
  • There are more shops climbing up the Senaga Umikaji terrace
  • Sunny day view

POSILLIPO restaurant Information




ZIP:901-0233 174-5 Senaga Tomishiro city Okinawa


10 mintues drive from Naha airport(about 5km)
Bus: From Yuirail Akamine station, there is a free chattle bus takes 15 minutes.


11:00-24:00(Last order Food 23:15 Drink 23:30)


Open year around



All you can drink:4,000-5,000yen
Other Corses:3,000-8,000yen

How to pay




Optional fee

Seat charge 300 yen/person ※After 17:00

Credit card








201 seats
Dining : 115 seats , Terrace : 86 seats



There are free parkings around the restaurant.



Separate Smoking Areas


Corse menu, Reservation, Wifi Available

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

The pizza baked in the stone oven is the best! Enjoy the Fresh home-made pasta!

Important notice

It's highly recommended that you should make a reservation.

Recommended menu


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