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Rakuen cafe
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Start a healthy diet at the Rakuen cafe! Taste delicious food for vegans!

Rakuen cafe is located on the 2nd floor of Ryubo department store Kokusai street.
The cafe was opened on May 23rd 2018. The tables and chairs are made with Okinawan wood which are very calming.
This is the entrance of Okinawa trip. The name, "Rakuen" means "heaven" in Japanese.

You can taste delicious yet healthy Okinawan fresh food used menu items! Veggie taco rice, Salad bowl, Hamburger, Parfeit and smoothie!


  • Okinawan brand beef

    Okinawan brand beef "Rakuen burger"

    Rakuen burger is made with Ishigaki island beef 100%. Juicy beef with fresh vegetable is the best combination!
    For the sauce, they use the mango salsa sauce that you can taste the tropical flavor!
    Bacon also comes with the burger fills up your belly!
    Don't forget to try the fried sweet potato chips! The sweet potato and salt, matches perfectly!

  • Avocado tacos tartine

    Avocado tacos tartine

    This is the menu for vegan. It's a best dish when you are feeling a bit hungry.
    The meat is not used, but it's very juicy and the avocado melts in your mouth. This is the highly recommended menu item for those of you who loves Avocado!
    It's also a best to order when you don't want to light meal!

  • Okinawan grain pancake with brown sugar syrup

    Okinawan grain pancake with brown sugar syrup

    Organic Okinawan grain made pancake is very healthy sweets.
    Sweets are also vegan menu at the cafe, the creamy top of the pancake is also made from soy bean.
    At first, I thought "Soy cream?? Is it sweet enough??" but it was sweet enough and the has a light soy flavor which was very delicious.
    Pancake is not sweet as the regular one, as it's very recommended to try for those of you who don't really like sweets.
    If you want more sweetness, put the brown sugar syrup on the pancake!
    The rich yet simple brown sugar syrup well coated with pancake!

  • Macha moringa tea latte&Okinawa red smoothie

    Macha moringa tea latte

    Okinawan super food, Moringa with Macha mixed tea latte! The rich milk with Macha is the best match. It's very healthy and easy to drink.
    The flavor is similar to milk tea which is recommended for those who likes milk! It's good with ice and hot as well.

    ※Super food a food that is rich in compounds considered to a person's beneficial to a person's health.
    ※Moringa the plant originated in India
    The plant is very famous for its good effect on beauty and health.
    Another name for Moringa is called Miracle tree that has a lot of good nutrition.
    Moringa has an effect to make the blood pressure and blood sugar level down. It's also said that there is a good effect for the avoiding caught.

  • Soft drink

    Okinawa red smoothie

    The colorful red smoothie is very healthy and yummy!
    It's very bright color, but it doesn't have that much strong flavor.
    It's not too sweet, it goes down well on your throat.
    Highly recommended to try for those of you who doesn't like vegetables!

The appeal of Rakuen cafe

Vegan menu

■Vegan menu available!

The half of the menu item at the Rakuen cafe is for vegan.
One of the reasons is the needs of tourist visitors in Okinawa and increasing the ideals of healthy thoughts.

There is a leave mark on the menu for the vegan menu.
You can also check what ingredients the food was made of.
Moreover, the menus specialize in local vegetables and fruits, which are very recommended to try for not only Japanese tourist, but also from overseas and locals!

※Vegan using or containing no animal products
The vegan menu available restaurants are becoming more and more popular in Japan.

Various menu

■For Mornig, Lunch and dinner.

Rakuen cafe is open from 8:00 in the morning, that you can stop by before work.
Try the "Zakkoku omusubi& Kachu soup" which is very delicious and healthy morning menu.
You can enjoy delicious hamburgers during lunch hour, and pancake, parfait for the tea time!
There are alcohol beverages during dinner hour, you can use the cafe as a bar. Try the beer, Okinawan cocktail and whisky!
For Mornig, Lunch and dinner, you can enjou at anytime.


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Rakuen cafe Information

Name Rakuen cafe



Zip:900-8503 Depart Ryubo 2F 1-1-1Kumoji Naha-city Okinawa


1 minute walk from Kenchomae station




New year



<Morning menu>
Zakkoku omusubi&Kachu soup morking set 550yen(Tax is not included)

<Grand menu>
Vege tacorice 850yen(Tax is not included)
Okinawan brand beef rakuen burger 1,300yen(Tax is not included)
Avocado taco tartine 600yen(Tax is not included)
Okinawa zakkoku brown sugar syrop pancake 850yen(Tax is not included)
Rakuen tropical parfeit1,200yen(Tax is not included)

Macha moringa tea latte R450yen/L500yen(Tax is not included)
Okinawa red smoothie 600yen
Orion draft beer 500yen(Tax is not included)

※Other menu items available.

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

※E-money:Rakuten Edy




Not available



Seat : 100 seats
(Table, counter, terrace seat availabe)


Parking lot is available at Ryubo department store. You can get a discount.



Not allowed


There is an English descriptions on the menu.
Wi-Fi available.

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can have a relax with delicious food&drinks!
From heavy meal to light healthy meal&drinks, you can enjoy them!

Important notice

It will be crowded during lunch hour.

Recommended menu

Okinawan brand beef Rakuen burger 1,300yen(Tax is not included)

Okinawa red smoothie 600yen(Tax is not included)

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