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Ryuya is a delicious ramen restaurant that is loved by local students and office workers. It is about a 5 minutes walk from Kenchomae station. Opened till 5:00 AM.

  • CategoryFoodChinese food
  • Phone number0988-62-3480
  • AreaNaha/Shuri
  • ParkingCoin-operated parking
  • Hhour11:30-22:00(LO:21:30)

"Machino mendokoro Ryuya" is located about a 5 minutes walk from Palette Kumoji the symbol of Kokusai street. The name "Machino" means "the town's" in Japanese which shows that the restaurant is loved by locals. During lunch hours, many office workers come to enjoy the delicious ramen. The popular "Ryu kogashi ramen" is a black ramen with burnt garlic oil. The soup is not too heavy and you will be addicted to its taste! It's open from 11:30 a.m. to 5:00 in the morning!


  • Ryu kogashi(burnt) ramen

    Ryu kogashi(burnt) ramen

    This is the most popular menu item, Ryu kogashi(burnt) ramen.
    You can choose the thickness and how firm your noodles are. The soup is Tonkostu(pork) base with paste fried garlic. The taste of the garlic and mild pork flavor explodes in your mouth. You can ask if you want your soup to be more rich. The fresh bean sprout and soft-boiled egg are irresistible.

  • Ryu Tsukemen(Dipping noodle)

    Ryu Tsukemen(Dipping noodle)

    This is one of the popular menu item at Ryuya. The mild soup well coated with soy sauce base soup.
    The pork bone and seafood both soup is light yet mild taste. It's recommended for ladies since it's not too salty. You can choose the thickness of the noodles and how strong the soup is.
    There are "Ryu kogashi tsukemen", spicy "Ryu kara miso tsukemen"(spicy miso) and "Ebi tsukemen"(Shrimp) for dipping noodles.

  • Iron plate Gyoza

    Juicy Gyoza on a hot iron plate

    Gyoza is known as the side dish which comes with ramen. You can enjoy the extra-hot plate Gyoza. The stick shaped "Atu atu iron plate Gyoza(400yen)" and Okinawan pork "Agu Gyoza(550yen)" are highly recommended to try! The well-seasoned, juicy meat explodes in your mouth. Also, the "Cheese Gyoza" is very delicious with melted cheese on top.

The appeal of Ryuya


It's been 9 years since the restaurant opened. There are counter and table seats. You can enjoy reading Manga and Magazines, which are provided by the restaurant. The restaurant is open from 11:30 am to 5:00 am morning. During the lunch time, office workers, from evening to dinner is tourist who enjoy shopping Kokusai street, and during midnight, some office workers visit and enjoy the delicious Ramen and Gyoza.

There are many different ways to enjoy food at Ryuya, "Ryu ojiya"(100 yen) is the best way to enjoy your ramen soup! Put rice into your ramen after eating the noodles. You can also enjoy "Kaedama"(refill of noodles). Moreover, if you go to the restaurant on your birthday, you can have ramen for only 50yen!! And Don't forget the GO GO set menu with which you can have Gyoza(8pieces) and two alcoholic drinks for 550yen!!
You will be amazed by the hospitality! The mini curry comes with your Ramen for free during the lunch hours! The curry is limited. After you enjoyed your ramen, You can get the mini snow cone for free!
For kids under 5 years old, they serve ramen for free which is a great hospitality for family visitors! Moreover, the hair tie, paper apron, and the box for your carry out bag is also available for free at the restaurant! Free-WiFi and English menus are available!!

The friendly owner welcomes every customer. Have Delicious ramen and Gyoza and Dedicated hospitality! The restaurant is located close to Kokusai street. There is a coin-operated parking lot right next to the restaurant. The Okinawan noodle history is not just about Okinawa soba, but also delicious Ramen and warm people!


  • Ryu kogashi(burnt) ramen
  • curtain at the entrance
  • Popular Tsukemen(Dipping noodle)
  • Juicy Agu(Okinawan pork) Gyoza
  • Highly recommended
  • Popular Gyoza
  • 8 Counter seats
  • Table seats
  • Great hospitality
  • Go Go set menu
  • Ryu kogashi(burnt) ramen
  • Ryu Tsukemen(Dipping noodle)
  • Iron plate Gyoza
  • Sign board
  • Ramen menu
  • Side dish menu
  • English menu
  • Take-out menu
  • Open till 5:00 AM
  • Counter seat
  • Friendly owner
  • Ultraman muscot
  • Bag keeper
  • Hair tie
  • 5 tables
  • Ryu kogashi(burnt) ramen
  • Kogashi (burnt)soup
  • Thin noodle
  • Tsukemen(Dipping) noodle
  • Seasoning for ramen
  • Hot Agu Gyoza
  • Meaty Agu Gyoza
  • Stick Gyoza on iron plate
  • Stick Gyoza on iron plate
  • Curry rice
  • Free snow cone
  • Ryu Ojiya(rice with soup)menu
  • Drink menu
  • Home-made noodles
  • SNS Information
  • 1 year anniversary sandal
  • Smorking is outside the restaurant
  • Kokusai street is near by
  • Coin-operated parking lot next to the restaurant

Ryuya restaurant Information

Name Machino Mendokoro Ryuya



Zip:900-0014 1-6-8 MAtsuo Naha-city Okinawa


Monorail: 10 minutes walk from Kenchomae station

Bus: 5 minutes walk from Matsuo(toll line),Matsuo 1chome(city line) bus stop
10 minutes walk from Okinawa Prefectural Office Ent.(North) bus top




Not fixed



Ryu kogashi(burnt) ramen:750yen
Ryu Tonkotsu:650yen
Ryu Shoyu soy sauce:650yen
Ryu spicy miso ramen:750yen
Kids ramen(Under 5):Free

Ryu Tsukemen(Dipping noodle):700yen
Ryu kogashi(burnt) Tsukemen:750yen
Ryu spicy miso Tsukemen:750yen
Ebi Tsukemen(shrimp):800yen
Tsukimi maze soba:750yen

Stick Gyoza on iron plate:400yen
Cheese Gyoza:500yen
Agu pork Gyoza:550yen

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

Not available




Not available



27 seat(8counter,5tables,1tatami mat)


There are coin-operated parkig lots around the restaurant



No-smorking(There is a smorking space outside the restaurant)


City-wifi avaialble

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Try the highly recommended Ryu kogashi ramen! The smell of fried garlic will make you crave it!

Important notice

It will be crowded during lunch hours.

Recommended menu

Ryu kogashi(burnt) ramen:750yen

Ryu tsukemen(Dipping noodle):700yen

Agu pork Gyoza:550yen

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