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Sea side drive in
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Sea side drive stands the test of time and was established 50 years ago. It's quite far from Naha-city but it's the best place to stop by as the driving corse.

  • CategoryFoodWestern food
  • Phone number0989-64-2272
  • AreaOnna village
  • Parking40Parking
  • HoursOpening hours 8:00-23:00 (Last order : 22:00)
    Take out counter is opened 24h

Sea side drive in was established in 1967 and stands the test of time over 50 years. It was the first drive-in-restaurant in Okinawa and is loved by local people over 50 years.
The restaurant is located at he sea-side where is on the route 58 drive towards to the north of Onna village. For the take out counter runs 24h and is the best place for driving course which you can order delicious food. You can also enjoy eating at the inside as well.
Here is the place where you can enjoy the beautiful ocean of Onna village during the driving with car or motorcycle. For the menu item, there are light meal,Japanese food,Western food and Chinese food are available and you can enjoy plenty of morning menu item. At the restaurant, you can enjoy the nostalgic american atmosphere with the american oldies music. Here is the place loved by locals, family visitors and couples. Relax and enjoy your meal with beautiful view of the ocean.

Must-see sights

    • Beef curry

      Beef curry

      Beef curry is the one of the popular menu item for over 25 years. It is called "yellow curry" and it's the good old Japanese curry. Nowadays, it's quite difficult to find the yellow curry at the nomal restaurants. The curry was born after the WWⅡ in Okinawa and is brought by American culture. Enjoy the beef curry which has not changed for over 25 years!

    • Sea side sandwich

      Sea side sandwich

      This is the popular menu item which is loved by Okinawans so many years. Enjoy the big-size sandwich which has bacon,tomato,ham and cheese with crispy bread. Enjoy the american taste home-made sandwich! The sour masterd gives accent to the sandwich and you will be hooked for sure! The more you chew, the more you can taste the bacon,cheese and lettuce! You won't stop biting!

    • Home made soup

      Home made soup

      The creamy and delicious soup is one of the popular menu item at the Sea side in. It's also recommended by many customers! It's only 250 yen but the taste is pricy! Breathe a sigh of relief with delicious warm soup. The more you drink the more you will want it! Have a break with yummy and relaxing soup. It's also recommended to try the black pepper to change the taste! Local people come to enjoy the soup during their motorcycle touring to warm up their body!

    What makes Sea side drive in so facsinating

    n out-look of Sea side drive in

    Since the restaurant was opened influenced by American culture, there are many rare motorcycle and nostalgic figures are displayed at the restaurant. You will be fascinated by them even if you don't know much about it. You can also enjoy the colorful tropical fish swimming inside the big tank!

    Here is the place for couples and friends enjoy and relax the time! It's also recommended to stop by during the driving corse for not only locals, but also tourits visitors!

    Sea side drive in is the restaurant where you can enjoy the nostalgic and warm atmosphere of the American and Okinawan mixed culture. It has been loved by locals for over 50 years since it's opened in 1967. Especially on a sunny day, the american people at the restaurant sropping during their harley motorcycle tour is just like the scene of the movie. It's different from the cafes and restaurants at the urban city but you will be fascinated by the original nostalgic Okinawan old restaurant!


    • Up-close shot ofthe Beef curry
    • Up-close shot ofthe Beef curry
    • Sea side sandwich up-close shot
    • Up-close shot of soup
    • Above-shot of Beef curry and sandwich
    • Side look of Beef curry and sandwich
    • Sandwich and soup with ocean view
    • Displayed mini car
    • Inside the restaurant
    • Take out counter
    • Beef curry
    • Sea side sandwich
    • Home made soup
    • outlook
    • Full of vegies Beef curry
    • Feel at ease taste
    • Full of vegies sandwich
    • Up-close look of the sandwich
    • Popular home-made soup
    • Up-close look of the home-made soup
    • Plenty of menu item
    • Clean tank
    • Rare vintage motorcycle
    • Up-close look of the motorcycle
    • Nostalgic gigures
    • Spacious restaurant
    • You can enjoy looking the beautiful tropical fish
    • You can buy original goods
    • The entrance of the restaurant

    Sea side drive in Information

    Name Sea side drive in



    885 Nakadomari Onna-village Kunigami-district Okinawa


    Car: It takes about 810 minutes from Naha-airport
    (About 50 minutes by the Express way: Naha IC→Ishikawa IC)

    Bus: It takes about 5 minutes walk from Nakadomari bus-stop


    Opening hours 8:00-23:00 (Last order:22:00)

    Take-out counter is opened 24h


    No holidays



    Steak&Egg :1,100yen
    Bacon&Egg : 950yen
    Cheese omelette : 950yen
    Bacon Omelette :950 yen
    French toast :600 yen
    Rib steak:1,750 yen
    Hamburg steak : 1,450yen
    beef tail stew : 1,900yen
    Special lunch : 1,500 yen
    Chup steak :1,250yen
    Beef and green pepper : 1,200yen
    Fried checken : 1,000 yen
    Fried fish : 800 yen
    Chinese-style stewed pork spare ribs : 1,250 yen
    Beef curry : 800 yen
    Fried rice : 850 yen
    Meat souce spaghetti : 750 yen
    Kids lunch : 600 yen
    Subuta : 1,200 yen
    Pork and eggplant moso fried : 1,000 yen
    Beef chamen : 1,000 yen
    Frid shrimp set : 1,500 yen
    Unagi don bowl 1,000 yen
    Katsu don bowl : 800 yen
    Katsu burger : 320 yen
    Fish burger : 280 yen
    Egg burger : 300 yen
    Cheese burger : 300 yen
    Hamburger : 250 yen
    Hot dog : 250 yen
    Tacos ball : 350 yen
    Fried potato : 200 yen
    Mash potato fried : 250 yen
    Sea side sandwich : 480 yen
    Steak egg sandwich : 500 yen
    Steak sandwich : 450 yen
    Beef Katsu sandwich : 480 yen
    Bacon egg sandwich : 400 yen
    Bacon tomato sandwich : 300 yen
    Ham egg sandwich : 380 yen
    Ham sandwich : 300 yen
    Egg sandwich : 250 yen
    Cheese sandwich : 250 yen
    Veggie sandwich : 250 yen
    Garlic sandwich : 250 yen
    Toast : 250 yen
    Home-made soup : 250 yen
    Iced tea : 300 yen
    Iced milk : 250 yen
    Iced cocoa : 250 yen
    Iced coffee : 300 yen
    Drink : 250 yen
    ice cream soda : 400 yen
    Shake : 450 yen
    Hot tea : 250 yen
    Hot milk : 250 yen
    Hot cocoa : 250 yen
    Regular coffee : 300 yen
    Espresso coffee : 350 yen
    Orion beer(Can): 300 yen
    Orion beer (bottle): 450 yen
    Draft beer (Medium size): 500 yen
    NOn-alcohol beer : 250 yen
    Ice cream(Single):300 yen
    Ice cream(Double):400 yen
    Sundae : 450 yen

    How to pay




    Optional fee


    Credit card

    Not available




    Reservation is available





    Free parking/ 40 cars



    You are not allowed to smoke inside the restaurant


    The restaurant welcomes customers with disability

    A little advise from Churashima travel

    A brief comment

    When it comes to Onna village, you shouldn't miss the Sea side drive in! It is loved by locals and tourists over 50 years!

    Important notice

    For take-out corner is available 24h.

    Recommended menu

    Hamburg steak: 1,450 yen

    Beef green pepper : 1,200 yen

    Beef curry : 800 yen

    Home made soup : 250 yen

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