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Setsuko fish shop
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Setsuko fish shop is located in Naha-city close to Kokusai street where you can enjoy fresh seafood and beer!

  • CategoryFoodJapanese food
  • Phone number0988-63-2404
  • AreaNaha Shuri
  • ParkingNot available
  • Hours12:00-21:00(Last order Food:20:30)

Setsuko fish shop is loved by locals where you can enjoy fresh seafood and cool beers! It literally feels like you are drinking beer at a fish koishop than at a Izakaya(Japanese style bar). Help yourself to the cool alcohol beverages at the entrance of the shop. This is the best place to enjoy a cozy yet delicious local style of drinking!


  • Mini Uni(sea urchin)budou(sea grapes) don bowl

    Mini Uni(sea urchin)budou(sea grapes) don bowl

    Fresh Uni and Umi budou are on top of the rice with a cute mini bowl. The staff suggested that we eat the Sea urchin and Sea grapes together as they mix very well. The light salted Sea urchin and sea grapes with rice and the cold beer are the best!

  • Kaisendon

    Mini Kaisendon(Sashimi rice bowl)

    It also came with a cute mini bowl. Sea urchin, Sea grapes, Octopus, salmon, tuna, amberjack, flying fish roe and fried eggs are on top of the vinegared sushi rice. Pour soy sauce on top of the Sashimi and enjoy the great taste! The lightly salted seaweed also goes well with the rice!

  • Sashimi

    Sashimi set

    Sashimi set comes with a daily sashimi+Oyster+1 drink for 1,300yen. The sashimi daily set changes by the Shop's recommendation of the day. This time we had Tuna, Salmon, Amberjack, Octopus, Sea grapes and fried egg. You can enjoy fresh delicious raw fish anytime! If you order the sashimi and oyster by them selves, it will be a little expensive than if you had ordered them from the set menu. The set also comes with one drink of your choice.

The appeal of Setsuko Fish shop

Setsuko fish shop outside look

Setsuko fish shop is located close to Kokusai street, Heiwa street and Ukishima street in Naha-city. It's famous for their fresh seafood such as their oysters and clams!
You can enjoy the raw fresh clams and oysters, but also you can grill them by yourself! For the grilled menu, there are Hokke fish, dried salmon, miso-baked sablefish.
The price of abalone and turban shell will change with the daily market price. Kindly ask the shop staff for the prices.
Some menu item are not available even if they are on the menu due to the season. It will be 200yen+ for the grill net.

Help yourself to a drink at the entrance of the shop. There are beers, non-alcohol beers, Chuhai (cocktail), soft drinks and wine.
You can take whatever you want and enjoy it at your table. You don't have to say anything to the shop staff when you take the beverages. The staff will count the cans and bottles when you pay.

After 13:00, it will be crowded with not only locals but also tourist especially on weekends. You can drink beer during the afternoon, so some people stay there for awhile and enjoy drinking with delicious food. If you visit there with more than 4 people, it's recommended to make a reservation.
There are 18 seats in Setsuko fish shop, so it's recommended to make a reservation if you want to make sure that you get a seat and enjoy the delicious seafood and drinks!


  • Daily Sashimi
  • Sign board
  • Wine and non alcohol beer
  • Setsuko fish shop outside look
  • Fresh raw oyster
  • Daily Sashimi
  • Sashimi
  • Setsuko fish shop inside
  • Kaisendon seafood don bowl
  • Daily Sashimi
  • Mini Uni(sea urchin)budou(sea grapes) don bowl
  • Kaisendon seafood don bowl
  • Sashimi
  • Setsuko fish shop outside look
  • Highly recommended to have sea urchin and sea grapes together
  • Raw oyster comes with Sashimi set
  • Kitakyushu oyster
  • Daily sashimi
  • Fresh raw oyster with lemon
  • Mini fish soup
  • Sea urchin rice bowl and Kaisen don bowl
  • Help yourself for drinks
  • Root beer and non-alcohol beer
  • beer, non-alcohol beer,Chuhai(cocktail),soft drink,tea and wine
  • Setsuko fish shop outside look
  • You can come in after 12:00
  • Middle
  • Left back
  • The view from fish shop
  • Today's recommended menu on the wall
  • The fish shop when visiting early
  • Drink and Nibbles menu
  • Sashimi/Clam menu

Setsuko fish shop Information

Name Setsuko fish shop



2-8-44 Matsuo Naha-city Okinawa


10 minutes walk from Miebashi station
5 minutes walk from Konan bus stop


12:00-21:00(L.O Food:20:30)





Sashimi set:1,300yen
Fish soup set:1,000yen
Squid ink soup set:1,200yen(Single:700yen)
Taco rice:780yen
Sea urchin sea grapes rice don bowl:1,800yen(Half:800yen)
Kaisen don bowl:1,800yen(Half:800yen)
Makanai fish soup:500yen(Half:300yen)
Daily Sashimi:800yen
Sake-steamed clams or butter grilled:500yen
Raw oyster(1piece):300yen
Hamaguri clam(1piece):400yen
Okinawan tempura:350yen

※Other menu available

How to pay



【Dinner 】 ¥2,000-3,000

Optional fee


Credit card

Not available









Not available

There are coin-operated parking lots close to the shop





Free Wi-fi

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can enjoy fresh seafood and beer! This is the best place to spend your holidays!

Important notice

It will be crowded on weekends.

Recommended menu

Sashimi set:1,300yen

Sea urchin sea grapes rice don bowl:1,800yen(Half:800yen)

Daily sashimi:800yen

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