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Chef's kitchen
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The restaurant is close to the Naha air-port and is the accessible place before and after the south sightseeing. The restaurant is on the residential area so it is very culm and relaxable. It's recommended to try the No.1 popular Hayashi rice(Hashed rice)!

The restaurant "Chef's kitchen" was named so the customer will get familiar with the place. The concept of the restaurant is the plcace whrere the family, couple and friends can enjoy together. The restaurant's decoration is not too much fancy but simple which you can make yourself at home and enjoy your meal. The popular menu item "Omulette Hayashi(hashed rice) was interviewed on the magazine! Moreover, their meat, pasta and desert are also very delicious that are loved by many locals.

Must-see sights

  • Omelette Hayashi rice

    Omelette Hayashi rice

    The Omelette Hayashi was made from the idea of one customer who told the waiter that she wants to enjoy home-made Hayashi(Hashed rice) and Omelette rice together with garlic rice. Now it's the No.1 popular menu item at the Chef's kitchen! You may wonder how it could be good to mix the three different kinds of dish... But with the Chef's kitchen, the collaboration of the three make the dish even more special!

  • The fried shrimp on top of the omelette rice

    The fried shrimp on top of the omelette rice

    The fried shrimp on top of the omelette rice is the best colaboration which is loved by kids and adults as well! You will be hooked by the crispy shrimp! The home-made demiglace sauce and kechup based rice wrapped inside the fluffy egg has rich taste. The slightly bitter taste also make you addicted to this taste!

  • Chef's kitchen lunch plate

    Chef's kitchen lunch plate

    The lunch plate comes with pork fried with ginger and soy sauce, white fleshed fish with basil sauce, onion dressing salad. It is recommended for those who wants to enjoy all the food together! This is the popular menu with ladies as the plate is healthy and low-calorie. The plate menu changes day to day, so you can enjoy different kinds of menu!

What makes Chef's kicthen so fascinating?

An outlook

Omuhayashi is the best recommended menu item at the restaurant, but the garlic rice itself is also delicious and highly recommended to try! The most surprising part is, the taste will be very mild when garlic rice wrapped by the egg and with the demiglace sauce sourness make the dish even more delicious! You will be hooked by the taste for sure!
Other than main dish, there re salad, soup and drink set. The mini salad used fresh veggies and delicious soup are the best appetizer. Fresh veggie soup and a little sour salad are the best appetizer that serve as a foil to the main dish! Moreover, there are variety kinds of different alcohol that you can enjoy your dish with!

The restaurant is on the residential area where is very calm and peace place. Chef's kicten was at the Shuri Ishimine before it moved to Yaese town. The restaurant is fascinating many people from regilar cutomers to first time visiting customer with its delicious food and peaceful atmosphere! The restaurant was close to the monorail before and the dicision of moving the place was very big. However the customers still visit frequently to enjoy the delicious food. The resutaurant staff is also veryfriendly that make you want to visit the place again.


  • Omelette Hayashi rice
  • An outlook
  • Salad
  • Soup
  • Juice
  • An article by a reporter
  • An article by a reporter
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  • Omelette Hayashi rice
  • The fried shrimp on top of the omelette rice
  • Chef's kitchen lunch plate
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  • Lunch plate
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Chef's kitchen Information

Name Chef's kitchen



84-4 Iha Yaese-town Shimajiri district Okinawa


Car: It takes about 30 minutes from Naha airport



Lunch:11:00-14:30 (Last order 14:00)
Tea time:14:30-17:00


Days off are not fixed




Chef's kitchen lunch plate:900 yen
Chef's omelette hayashi:1300 yen
Home made Hayashi rice(Hashed rice):1000yen
Kid's plate:700 yen


Japan-made chicken garlic roasted:800 yen
Home made Hayashi rice:980 yen
Garlic steak:1300 yen

<Set menu>

Veggie consomme soup, salad:300 yen
Veggie consomme soup, salad, drink:400 yen
Veggie consomme soup, salad, drink, desert:500 yen
Appetizer&Veggie consomme soup, salad, drink, desert:700 yen

How to pay




Optional fee


Credit card

Not available




Reservation is available



28 seats (Table seats)


5 cars



You are not allowed to smoke at the restaurant


Party plan, charter plan available

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

The best menu Omuhayashi is must try! The fluffy fried egg with Hayashi rice demigrace sauce and garlic rice will make you hooked by the taste!

Important notice

It's recommended to make a reservation.

Recommended menu

Chef's kitchen lunch plate:900 yen
シChef's Omuhayashi:1,300 yen

Japan-made chicken garlic roast:800 yen

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