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Shima chan Shokudo
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You can taste homemade delicious tofu at Shima chan shokudo. Shima chan shokudo is located close to Naha and very accessible.

Shima chan shokudo is located close to Naha-city Sobe crossing. The restaurant is a little hard to find, but it's very famous tofu shop is loved by locals. There is a sign with "新垣材木店"(Arakaki lumber dealer shop) on the it which is next to Shima chan shokudo. You can enjoy a delicious fresh Tofu dish at the back of the Shima chan shokudo. There will be a long line for lunch menu at the Shima chan shokudo. The resraurant is open till around 17:00, or until all the stock has been sold.

Must-see sights

  • Yushi tofu set meal

    Yushi tofu set meal

    Yushi tofu has been a popular dish for a long time in Okinawa. You can choose between Shoyu(Soy sauce), Miso, and plane flavor. If you want to enjoy the true taste of tofu, choose the plane. Yushi tofu's stands out because it is a little salty. People who prefer a strong flavor, should try the plane taste first. If you want to add some seasonings, You can add soy sauce which is on the table. White Tofu has a very soft pudding texture, and the soup has a sophisticated salty flavor. This soup is very good for when you are not feeling well, like with a hangover. For the Inari(sushi rice stuffed in seasoned Aburaage tofu) which comes with the set meal, they use Okara(soy pulp) instead of using sushi rice. This is a very rare type of Inari sushi even in Okinawa. Enjoy the Okara sushi which has a delicate sweetness of soy bean flavor!

  • Okinawa chanpon with Tofu


    Usually, When you hear the word Chanpon, you will imagine "Nagasaki Chanpon", but the one in Okinawa is very different from Nagasaki. It is stir fry vegetables on top of the rice. The Main ingredients are cabbage, onion, carrot, green onion, green pepper, beansprout and pork meat. They boiled the ingredients with bonito soup, and mix with eggs at the end. Shima chan shokudo's cahnpon has Tofu inside. They taste very soft and have a light sweet flavor.

  • Tofu Chanpuru

    Tofu Chanpuru

    When it comes to Okinawan dishes, Goya chanpuru is very famous, don't forget Tofu chanpuru as well. Usually, Okinawan people eat Tofu Chanpuru more frequently than Goya chanpuru. It's interesting that each house has its own unique taste. There are lots of Tofu in the Shima chan Shokudo's Chanpuru, but the flavor was different. The seasoning is Shoyu base and you will notice the rich taste of soy beans. If you want to eat the real Tofu chanpuru, Shima chan Shokudo's Chanpuru is the best restaurant for you!

Appeal of Shima chan shokudo


Tofu at Shima chan shokudo is made by Shimabukuros owner's mother. Shokudo has been opened for 9 years, but the Tofu shop is 60 years old which has been loved by locals for a long time. You can watch them make the Tofu inside the shop. The entrance is on the right side of the passage of the building. There are two big pots used by grandma to cook the tofu. Fresh tofu, and Yushi tofu is available to take out. There are customers who want to enjoy Yushi tofu, or some want to take out. It only takes 10 minutes for the dish to be served, while waiting on your food, take a look at the making Tofu!

Shima chan Shokudo is loved by locals and it is a rare place due to the authenticity of real fresh Tofu. For those who love Tofu, or who have never tried, Come visit here and enjoy the fresh delicious Tofu! Here, you can enjoy super sized Tofu dish during all season!

There are 6 counter seats, and 3 table seats at the restaurant. There are single customers enjoying Tofu dish as well. On the day we went, there are couples and family visitors sitting at the table seats, and single visitors were sitting on the counter seats. It will be crowded especially during lunch time hours, it's recommended to go there before or after the lunch time rush! Give it a try for the delicious Tofu dish which is loved by locals!


  • Yushi tofu
  • Chanpon
  • Yushi tofu & Tofu chanpuru
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  • Yushi tofu
  • Menu
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  • Menu
  • Fresh Yushi tofu
  • Jushi(steamed rice)
  • Yushi tofu set meal
  • Okinawa chanpon with Tofu
  • Tofu Chanpuru
  • Fresh Yushi tofu
  • Okinawa Tofu Chanpuru
  • Okinawan Chanpon with original Tofu
  • Full of Tofu dish lunch menu
  • Okara Inari and Jimami tofu
  • Entrance of the Shimabukuro Tofu shop
  • The outlook of the Shimabukuro Tofu shop
  • Inside the Shima chan shokudo
  • Inside the Shima chan shokudo
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Shima chan Shokudo Information

Name Shimia chan shokudo



2-3-12Yogi Naha-city Okinawa


It takes about 20 minutes from Tsuboya station by walking


Monday-Friday 11:30-18:00

Saturday 11:00-17:00

※The shop will be close when all the stock has been sold.





Yushi tofu:300yen
Yushi tofu set meal(Jushi&Salad) :500yen
Yushitofu set meal(spam meat&egg):700yen
Yushitofu set meat(Tonkatsu) :750yen
Mabo tofu:730yen
Tofu chanpuru:650yen
Yasai(vegetable) Chanpuru:650yen
Miso soup:600yen
Miso soup Teishoku(Spam&Egg):730yen
Miso soup set meal(Tonkatsu):780yen
Spicy garlic Chanpon:730yen
Okinawa soba:680yen
Okinawa soba(Small):580yen
Yushi tofu soba:730yen
Goya Chanpuru:700yen
Pork and vegetables spicy starchy sauce :730yen

How to pay


【Lunch】 -¥800

Optional fee

Credit card

Not available







6 Counter, 8 Table


Available for 2 cars

There is no coin-operated parkig close to restaurant.





A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Try the plane flavor of Yushi tofu soup! The taste is mild and sophisticated which is loved by kids and adult!

Important notice

It's recommended to make a reservation as the shop will be close when all the stock has been sold.

Recommended menu

Yushi tofu set meal(Tonkatsu) :750yen


Goya Chanpuru:700yen

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