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Shisen Hanten
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Shisen Hanten mainly serve the most popular cuisine in China, Sichuan cuisine and buffet. The restaurant is located in accessible location.

Shisen Hanten is on the 2 floor of Hotel Royal Orion which is located a 3 minutes walk away from Makishi station. It's located on Kokusai street and very accessible. The restaurant mainly serves the most popular cuisine in China, Sichuan cuisine and its Buffet. The Sichuan dish made with Okinawan food any is must-try! Many visitors around the world come to enjo the dish. The restaurant has calm and grace atmosphere. Enjoy the good food and hospitality.

Lunch time is 11:30-14:00. Dinner time starts from 17:30 to 21:00. You can enjoy the daily menu special which is different from the other courses . There are 30 dishes for the dinner buffet which you can enjoy Sichuan cuisine! You can also order the dish and enjoy the fresh delicious dish at your table. Please come visit the restaurant when you are Okinawa! It's also the best hotel to stay and a place for business meeting as well.


  • Shrimp and pork lever spicy stir fry

    Shrimp and pork lever spicy stir fry

    The picture is "Shrimp and pork liver spicy stir fry". Sichuan cuisine uses shrimp frequently. You will be hooked by the plumpy shrimp! The grill of the pork liver is awesome that you can taste the fresh vegetables as well. For those of you who don't like vegetables, its highly recommended to try! If you can not eat spicy food, kindly tell the restaurant clerk.

  • Mapo Tofu

    Mapo Tofu

    Mapo Tofu is one of the most famous Sichuan cuisine. For those of you who has an unquenchable for love Mapo Tofu, you must try it! The spiciness and the sweet Tofu matches perfectly! This dish also has different spice levels, if you love spicy food, order Gekikara which means Extra-spicy, if you don't like spicy food, they can make sweet.

  • Shu Mai

    Shu Mai

    These are all-you can eat buffet Shu mai. You can enjoy the real Sichuan Shuma as much as you want! Taste the chewy shrimp inside the Shu mai! Shumai with rice It is the best combination! This is one of the most popular buffet dish.

The cheff was of the famous cooking TV

Restaurant outside

The chef of the Shisen Hanten is "Chin Kenichi" who was on the famous cooking TV program "Ryouri no Tetsujin". The program's master was the famous actor "Kaga Takeshi". Mr.Chin competed with the Japanese iron chef and french iron chef together during the famous 90's TV program.
Now the iron chef is in Okinawa, serving beautiful and delicious dish. He sticks to the real taste and has been making people smile with his delicious dish.
There is a lesson when making Sichuan cuisine, it is "time, time, people, thing". This means that "Cook the originated food deliciously". He sticks to the word and make a great Sichuan cuisine using Okinawan fresh foods.
This is simple yet a deep thought which has inheritated the basic teachings and traditions.

The restaurant very calm with great hospitality. You can enjoy great dish with a beautiful place. Here is also a good place for business meetings.
"Omotenashi lunch/1700yen","Osusume weekly lunch/1400yen-" and "Bimi kazuna corse/2300yen-" for lunch menu, "Seasonal courses dish/4000yen","Family course/10,000yen from 4 people" for dinner menu. You can also enjoy "Tan tan noodle" and "Chahan(fried rice)" as single order.
There are 30 different kinds of Sichuan dishes for buffet, Enjoy the variety kinds of Gyoza, Shumai, stir-fried dish, soup and desert!
Enjoy the highly praised Chinese cuisine! Taste the famous Mr. Chin’s chef's Sichuan dish cooked with fresh Okinawan food!


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Shisen Hanten restaurant Information

Name Shisen Hanten



2F of Hotel Royal Orion 1-2-21 Asato Naha-city Okinawa


It takes about 3 minutes from Makishi station by walking
It takes about 20 minutes from Naha airport by car


・Lunch 11:30-14:00
・Dinner 17:30-21:00


Every Tuesday




A course choose 2 main dish:1,700yen-
B course choose 1 main dish :1,400yen-

 (Main dish)
 ・Bacon and egg stir-fry
 ・Asa seaweed chinese tempura
 ・White fleshed fish stired with mayonnase
 ・Shrimp and pork lever spicy stir fry
 ・Spicy boiled eggplant
 ・Mapo Tofu
 ※Comes with rice,soup,salad,pickles,coffee or tea and desert

Bimi kazuna Acourse (from 2 people):2,300yen-
Bimi kazuna Bcourse (from 2 people):2,300yen-


Paichi corse (from 2 people):10,000yen-
 ・Chicken steamed soup
 ・Japanese beef spicy stir-fry
 ・Shark fin soup
 ・Sichuan duck
 ・Steamed fish roll
 ・Chahan(fried rice)orChin Mapo tofu

Family course A (from 4 people):10,000yen-
Family course B (from 4 people):16,000yen-

※Other menu items available

How to pay


【Lunch】 ¥1,000-


Optional fee

Service fee: 10%

Credit card








Seat:70, 20 private room


1st parking 40 cars (Underground)
2nd parking 30 cars



No smorking


Customer base:20-50 years old

Bring pets is Not allowed

NO wifi

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can enjoy famous real Sichuan cuisine with a calm and great atmosphere.

Important notice

Corse dish is daily.

Recommended menu

【Lunch】B Course:1,400yen-

【Dinner】Family course A:10,000yen-

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