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Sora Shokudo
  • Reservation available

Sora shokudo is where you can enjoy good Latin music and delicious Jamaican jerk chicken. It's located behind Kokusai street. From there it is about a minute walk from Kencho-mae station.

  • CategoryFoodAsian/Ethnic
  • Phone number0988-67-9352
  • AreaNaha Shuri
  • ParkingCoin-operated parking
  • HoursMonday 11:00-15:00 Tue-Thu 11:00-22:00(21:00L.O) Fri-Sat 11:00-24:00(23:00L.O)

Sora Shokudo is located behind Kokusai street close to Okinawa Bank. You may think about Okinawan food for it's name, but this is a Jamaican food restaurant. They started their business as a food truck in Tokyo Inokashira park. You can find the colorful Jamaican restaurant even from a long distance. Choose your best Jamaican food from the variety kinds of menu items! There are jerk chicken, rolls, sandwiches, curry, and tacos.

Must-see sight

  • Jerk chicken sandwich

    Jerk chicken sandwich

    Jerk chicken is a popular Jamaican food. The secret of the flavorful taste is in the marinade, a truly Jamaican blend of spices and seasonings with fresh vegetables. The bread they use is called Panini which tastes springy on the inside with a crispy outside. The secret of the delicious taste is that they use Koregusu which is an Okinawan chilli sauce. You can add habanero if you want more spiciness.

  • Jerk Chicken rice

    Jerk Chicken rice

    You will smell the spicy seasoning flavor after you order food. The chicken taste delicious spicy taste. The Jerk chicken itself taste spicy but with habanero added those of you who likes spicy will get addicted to it for sure! Enjoy the chewy juicy chicken with marinated sauwer lettuce and onion with over-easy egg matches great with tasty Jerk chicken! The meal comes with house soup!

  • Jerk Chicken Harb curry

    Jerk Chicken Harb curry

    The curry taste smooth with flavorful herb and spicy seasoning. It goes well with cut jerk chicken which is marinated with original spice. For those of you want to eat rice, this is the best menu to order.

The appeal of Sora Shokudo


The restaurant has cozy feeling with tree's and Latin music. The interior design of the restaurant is also great! It make you excited with colorful goods. There is a small goods shop which sells handmade goods! There are tables and counter seats for couples, families and friends or one person!

During the night time, there is a Senbero plan which means you can get drink for 1000yen. It comes with 2 Orion draft beers and one dish. You can get an extra something for free if you sit at the drum table at the entrance of the restaurant. Delicious beer with sunset and friends is the best way to end your day! And don't forget the jerk chicken as well! The beer fits in perfect with Okinawan hot weather! Moreover, the restaurant is going to add more rum as it made from sugarcane(Okinawa is popular for sugarcane making).

It will be crowded during lunch time and weekends with office workers as there are offices around the restaurant. It may be unique to Okinawa that you can enjoy good ethnic foods. Enjoy talking with the owner from Hiroshima prefecture, and his wife who is from Okinawa! The restaurant is loved by locals so you might learn good information talking with them! Visit the Sora Shokudo where can enjoy a great time and great food!


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  • Entrance
  • Entrance
  • Table seat
  • Counter seat
  • goods & accessories
  • goods & accessories
  • coin-operated parking close to the restaurant
  • Take-out chicken
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  • Jerk chicken sandwich
  • Jerk Chicken rice
  • Jerk Chicken Harb curry
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  • Cute interior
  • Rum

Sora Shokudo Information

Name Sora Shokudo



Denen building 3-9-3 Kumoji Naha-city Okinawa


It takes about 3 minutes from Kenchomae station







・Jerk chicken sandwich:650yen
・Jerk chicken rice:650yen
・Harb curry:500yen
・Jerk chicken harb curry:800yen
・Jamaican taco rice:880yen
・Jerk chicken roll:500yen
・Asian food:650yen
・Asian noodles:750yen

How to pay



【Lunch】 -¥1,000

Optional fee

Credit card

Not available







18 seats
Counter, Table, Standing set


Not available

Coin-operated parking
Auto park Kumoji 1st : Walk 1 minute



No-smorking inside the restaurant


Dinner menu available

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

A little spicy Jerk chicken harb curry is a popular menu! Jerk chicken sandwich which goes well with beer is also recommended to try!

Important notice

Senbero(2beer&1dish set) is only available during dinner time.

Recommended menu

Jerk chicken harb curry:800yen

Jerk chicken sandwich:650yen

Jerk chicken roll:500yen

Senbero(2beer&1dish set):1000yen

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