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Tabidachi Ramen
  • Parking available

Tabidachi ramen is very famous among locals. It's an hour drive from Naha-city. You can taste the highly recommended by local delicious ramen!

  • CategoryFoodChinese food
  • Phone number0989-73-9200
  • AreaMiddle
  • ParkingAvailable(Free)
  • Hour11:00-21:00(L.O 20:30)

Tabidachi ramen has been opened for 30 years. This is the popular ramen restaurant that is loved by locals. The popular menus are "Niku ramen", "Chahan(Fried rice)" and "Gyoza". Especially Niku ramen is the menu item that you can't miss! The soup is made from chicken and pork bone broth with soy sauce base soup. The thick starchy sauce well coated with noodles is delicious! Also the starchy sauce avoids the soup to get cold. This excellent idea makes the people fascinated!


  • Niku ramen

    Niku ramen

    This is the most frequently ordered menu item at here. Pork loin, bock choy and bamboo shoot with sweet, thick starchy sauce. You can taste the combination with the pork bone&chicken broth that is a family secret sauce at only here in Tabidachi ramen. How he cooks the noodle is different from the usual ramen restaurants. He uses a wok and boil the noodle with high heating. The noodle matches perfectly with the thick starchy sauce and soup!

  • Chahan


    This is also one of the most popular menu item at the restaurant. By using the fresh rice and oil, with secret delicious sauce making the delicious chahan with powerful heat. The chopped Chashu pork belly meat with black pepper fines the ramen great! This is the ramen everyone is craving for!

  • Gyoza


    Gyoza goes perfectly with Niku ramen. Minced juicy meat, leek and garlic is the best gyoza stuffings ! The crispy Gyoza grilled with iron plate explodes in your mouth as you bite! The minced meat is Okinawan brand pork. for the leek is organic vegetable.

The appeal of Tabidachi ramen


Tabidachi ramen has been opened for 30 years that located in Uruma city, the middle part of Okinawa. It will be crowded with customers, especially during on the lunch hours and weekends. Why people love Tabidachi ramen so much? The secret is in its delicious Niku ramen, Gyoza and Chahan which you will get hooked by the taste! Also, the chef serves the dish very quickly, it's the best place for workers too. I've been loving this ramen restaurant for more than 25 years, year by year, day by day, there are many customers coming to the restaurant. Some customers come from far-distance to taste the delicious ramen. The restaurant will be close as the ramen sold out. Recommend to avoid going during night time. The restaurant is always busy.

The owner chef has been refusing the interview for the TV and magazines. However. this time he accepted for this interview. The owner chef Mr.Oshiro's favorite phrase is "I'm not a real chef, making ramen is my second job, my first one is gambling!". He is always joking around. The restauratn sometimes close at 16:00 as he says he's tired... But he is now 56 years old man. He is a great chef, but "it's not going to be like before anymore." He says. He doesn't want people to come and be busy, so he's been telling "the ramen at Tabidachi is so bad.." to making the restaurant not busy.

However, still many people come to the restaurant to taste the delicious ramen and meet with cool cheff! This time when interviewing him, he told me to write the article bad! but for me, it sounded, "I'm going to keep making delicious ramen for Okinawan people!" from his heart.


  • Niku ramen
  • Chahan
  • Niku ramen
  • Owner chef
  • Restaurant inside
  • Food
  • Food
  • Gyoza
  • Niku ramen
  • Restaurant
  • Niku ramen
  • Chahan(Fried rice)
  • Gyoza
  • Restaurant
  • Cool Orion beer
  • Large space inside
  • Hot pork and green pepper
  • Crispy garlic Gyoza
  • Niku don rice bowl
  • Chewy noodles makes you hungry!
  • Hot nikudon rice bowl
  • Pork and green pepper
  • The combination of pork and green pepper is the best!
  • Hot Nikudon rice bowl

Tabidachi ramen restaurant Information

Name Tabidachi Ramen



386-1 Gushikawa Uruma-city Okinawa


5 minutes walk from Gushikawa bus stop


11:00-21:00(L.O 20:30)


Monday/ Obon / New year



Niku ramen:650yen
Chahan(fried rice):650yen
Shoyu ramen(Soy sauce):550yen
Miso ramen:600yen
Gomoku ramen(Starchy Sauce Ramen):600yen
Stamina ramen:650yen
Chashu pork belly meat ramen:650yen
Chuka rice don bowl:650yen
Niku rice don bowl:650yen
Stir-fried vegetables and meat:650yen
Liver sauteed with leek:650yen
Eggplant and minced meat sauteed with Miso:650yen
Cabbage sauteed with Miso:650yen
Mapo tofu:650yen
Pork sauteed with ginger:700yen
Pork and green pepper sauteed:700yen

How to pay



【Lunch】 ¥700-1,300

Optional fee


Credit card

Not available







Counter & Table


Available (free)



Smorking acceptable


No course menu, No WiFi

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Tabidachi ramen is a delicious ramen restaurant that is loved by locals. Highly recommended to try the "Niku ramen"!

Important notice

It will be crowded during lunch hour.

Recommended menu

Niku ramen:650yen

Stamina ramen:650yen

Niku rice don bowl:650yen


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