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Toryumon is a poular ramen restaurant which is crowded with locals and tourists. It is in accessible place from Naha airport and has a coin-operated parking close to the restaurant.

  • CategoryFoodChinese food
  • Phone number0989-88-0044
  • AreaNaha/Shuri
  • ParkingCoin-operated parking
  • Hours11:30a.m.-5:00a.m.(Last order:4:00a.m.)

"Toryumon Home-made thick noodles" is a popular Roman restaurant where is located in the Kumoji Naha - city. It's along the Kumoji river where many restaurants stand. The original "Rich Tantan men" is highly recommended as you will be hooked by its delicious taste! You can order by the ticket machine at the entrance of the restaurant. The original noodle is made with several kinds of flour and it's well-aged for 48 hours. There are thick noodle, flat noodle and thin noodle. The original soup is made with fresh Miyazaki brand chicken broth, which is called "The rich golden soup".

Must-see sights

  • Thida cold tomato ramen3

    Thida cold tomato ramen

    This popular delicious ramen soup is made with Miyazaki brand chicken a fresh vegetable broth base and heated thoroughly soft tomato on top of the ramen noodles. The original thin noodles with fresh vegetables and Mizuna(Japanese brassica) is heaty. You will be hungry by looking the red and green yummy color contrast. The sourness of the tomato with a little spicy soup makes you hooked! Those ramen noodles taste so good on the way down, they're one of those foods you can't miss especially during the summer! The fresh tomato and the olive oil make you even more hungry! The powdered cheese and dried garlic are also come with the ramen, you can change the taste as you like. You can get "Add noodles" and desert(black sesame pudding or almond jello) for free during lunch time(11:30-15:00).

  • Chicken and seafood light tsukemen(Dipping noodles) 3

    Chicken and seafood light tsukemen(Dipping noodles)

    The rich golden soup made with Miyazaki brand chicken broth is mixed with seafood soup. Roasted pork fillet, flavored bamboo shot, wakame (kelp) and Seasoned seaweed are on top of the noodles. The original flat noodles is soft and chewy which goes well with delicious soup and toppings.

  • Rich Tantan men 3

    Rich Tantan men

    You can choose your noodles from flat,thin and thick, and for the soup, you can choose no soup with soup or cold soup. The pictures is the popular thick noodle with soup. If you don't really like spicy soup, it's recommended to try it with flat noodle. The rich sesame flavor and Japanese pepper make the soup fantastic. The soup is not too spicy, so please give it a try for those of you don't really like the spicy regular tantan men. The another tasty way to eat the ramen is put rice into your soup after you finish eating the noodles!

The appeal of Toryumon


Toryumon is located between the Kenchomae station and Miebashi station and takes about 5 minutes by walking. There were tourist, locals and some students waiting at the entrance of the restaurant 10 minutes before it opens. There is a ticket machine on the left side of the entrance, give it to the staff after you bought the ticket. Sit at the table after handing the ticket and help yourself to some water at the table. After about 5 minutes, your ramen will be served.

There are table and counter seats at the restaurant and it's a comfortable restaurant even you are a single visitor. You may ask to sit together with other customer during the crowded time. It's recommended to leave the restaurant as soon as after you enjoy your ramen if the restaurant is crowded.

Don't worry to wait a long time. The staff will work so hard to not make the customers wait. You can enjoy your ramen without stressing out. The Extra size for the noodle is free. You will be full with delicious ramen! You can get desert(Black sesame pudding or Almond jello) during the lunch time which is very good for lady customer!

The restaurant is located close to drinking district, so if you are close to the restaurant, stop by and taste the most delicious drunk food! It's open from 11:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.!


  • Rich Tantan men 1
  • Rich Tantan men 2
  • Thida cold tomato ramen 1
  • Thida cold tomato ramen 2
  • Chicken and seafood light tsukemen(Dipping noodles) 1
  • Chicken and seafood light tsukemen(Dipping noodles) 2
  • Black sesame pudding
  • Almond Jelly
  • Restaurant inside1
  • Restaurant outside 1
  • Thida cold tomato ramen 3
  • Chicken and seafood light tsukemen(Dipping noodles) 3
  • Rich Tantan men 3
  • Restaurant outside 2
  • Rich Tantan men 4
  • Rich Tantan men 5
  • Thida cold tomato ramen 4
  • Thida cold tomato ramen 5
  • Chicken and seafood light tsukemen(Dipping noodles) 4
  • Chicken and seafood light tsukemen(Dipping noodles) 5
  • Black sesame pudding or Almond Jelly2
  • Almond Jelly2
  • How to make soup rice
  • Menu
  • Rich Tantan men6
  • Ticket
  • Restaurant inside 2
  • Restaurant inside 3
  • Restaurant outside2

Toryumon ramen restaurant Information

Name Toryumon



2-11-16 Kumoji Naha-city Okinawa


Car:It takes about 15 minutes from Naha airport

Bus: Get off at the Uchima entrance bus stop and walk 3 minutes

Monorail: Get off at Miebashi station, walk about 5 minutes


11:30a.m.-5:00a.m. (Last order: 4:00a.m.)


Every Monday



Rich Tantan men 880yen
Cold Tantan men 880yen
Rich soupless Tantan ramen  880yen
Thida cold tomato ramen 650yen
Scallops salt ramen 650yen
Old-style Soy sauce ramen 500yen
Chicken and seafood light tsukemen(Dipping noodles) 750yen
Cold ramen 650yen
Appetizer (Roasted pork fillet/Flavored Bamboo shoots/soft-boiled egg) 280yen
Home-made grilled Gyoza 300yen
Boiled gyoza(Soy sauce/Spicy sesame) 280yen
Fried Gyoza 280yen
Roasted pork fillet egg rice 250yen
Roasted pork fillet rice 250yen
Rice(Large) 100yen
Rice(Small) 50yen
Kids ramen 200yen
Almond jello 150yen
Black sesame pudding 150yen
Roasted pork fillet 150yen
Flavored Bamboo 70yen
Komatsuna (Japanese mastered spinach) 70yen
Seasoned seaweed 70yen
Soft-boiled egg 60yen

How to pay



【Lunch】 ¥500-880

Optional fee


Credit card

Not available




Not available



5 counter, 14 table


Not available

Parking close to the restaurant
There is a coin-operated parking close to the restaurant(100-200yen/30minutes)
1 minute walk



No smorking


WiFi:Available(Need mail address)

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

The original thick noodle is soft and chewy! It's the best drunk food as it opens till 5:00 in the morning!

Important notice

Last order is 4:00 a.m.

Recommended menu

Rich Tantan men 880yen

Thida cold tomato ramen 650yen

Soft-boiled egg 60yen

Home-made grilled Gyoza 300yen

Roasted pork fillet egg rice 250yen

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