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Yanbaru Soba
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Yanbaru soba is a famous Okinawa soba restaurant in Motobu-town. It takes 2 hours from Naha-city but worth the try! Here is the must-go place for Okinawa sightseeing!

This restaurant is known as one of the most popular Okinawa soba restaurant in Okinawa. It's located 2 hours away from Naha-city. There is a long line at the entrance. The secret of the delicious taste is in its bonito and pork bone broth soup that is a family secret recipe. The chewy noodles coated with soup is the best! Try the extra soft meat as well! The restaurant is close to Churaumi aquarium, so this is the best place for after/before the Northern tip trip!

Must-see sights

  • Soki soba

    Soki soba

    Soki soba is the most frequently ordered menu item at Yanbaru soba. The soft yet juicy spare rib goes well with chewy noodles! This is loved by all generations! The noodle is a little hard at first, but more you bite it, the more it gets soft!

  • Sanmainiku soba (Pork belly)

    Sanmainiku soba (Pork belly)

    Sanmai niku soba is also very popualr menu item! You may think it's too heavy at the first glance, but the combination of meat and soup is so great and the soup makes meat not so heavy but light. The meat fattnig melts into the soup and makes the soup taste rich flavor! For those of you who crave for delicious juicy meat soba, this is it!

The appeal of Yanbaru Soba

Soki soba

Yanabaru soba is located in Motobu-town Northern tip of Okinawa Island. There are other Okinawa soba restaurants around the area, but this is one of the most popular and delicious one! It takes about 2 hours from Naha-city, but it's worth the try!

For the menu, there are Soki soba, Sanmainiku soba, Kids soba. All of them makes you to be hooked by the taste! The most popular menuitem, Soki soba is must-try! The soft meat and soup is the best combination! Sanmainiku soba is you can taste the sweet meat and melty soup! The well coated flat noodles with soup are so delicious! If you want to add some spiciness, help yourself to some Koregusu (Okinawan chilli sauce) on the table.

There are table and Tatami mat seat at the restaurant, also kids seats are prepared. It will be crowded during weekends, make sure to go to the restaurant a little early. If you don't want to wait, it's recommended to go during the weekdays.


  • Yanbaru soba
  • Soki Soba(spare rib)
  • Sanmai niku soba(pork belly)
  • Sanmai niku soba(pork belly)
  • Menu
  • Yanbaru soba
  • Soki soba(spare rib)
  • Soki soba(spare rib)

Yanbaru soba Information

Name Yanbaru Soba



70-1 Izumi Motobu-town Kunigami Okinawa


About 30 minutes by car from Kyoda IC


11:00- closed as the soba sold out(About 15:00)





Soki soba:900yen
Soki soba (small):650yen
Sanmai niku soba:800yen
Sanmai niku soba(small):550yen
Kids soba:350yen
Orion beer:500yen

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

Not available







36 seats
6 table seats, 30 tatami mat seats


For 15 cars





A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

This is one of the most popular delicious Okinawa soba restaurant in the island!

Important notice

It will be close as the soba sold out.

Recommended menu

Soki soba:900yen

Sanmai niku soba:800yen

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