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Yang kyou fang
  • Reservation ok

The Yang Kyou Fang is an authentic Chinese style restaurant & Bar located close to Asahibashi station in Naha-city.

  • CategoryFoodChinese food
  • Phone number0988-62-0011
  • AreaNaha/Shuri
  • ParkingThere are coin-operated parking lots close to the restaurant
  • Hours【Weekdays】11:30-14:30(L.O 14:00) 17:30-23:00(L.O 22:30)
    【Sat・Sun・Holiday】11:30-14:30(L.O 14:00) 17:30-23:00(L.O 22:30)

Yang Kyou Fang is an authentic Chinese style restaurant & Bar that has been open for 17 years. At first, the restaurant was located close to the Miebashi station with the handwritten "燕郷房" sign board, now it's moved close to Asahibashi station so that more people will come. It's loved by both locals and tourists.

The name of the restaurant, "燕郷房" the Kanji means "swallow comes back to hometown" as the owner spouse want customers to come back to the restaurant again. As they wished, once you taste the dish, you can't forget the delicious flavor and want to come back to the restaurant again. Especially "Sichuan Mapo tofu" and "Ma-la tan noodle" are both a must-try! You will be hooked by the taste for sure!


  • Mapo tofu Teishoku meal set

    Mapo tofu Teishoku meal set

    This is a standard menu item at this restaurant, "Mapo tofu teishoku meal set(Sichuan style)". The server will ask you if you are ok with spicy food when you order. For those of you who crave spicy food, its highly recommended to try!

    Two appetizers, rice and soup comes as a set. The bright red colored Mapo tofu will be served. I taste only the tofu first as the sauce looked very hot, but it didn't taste that too spicy. The mellow tofu and spicy yet delicious sauce matches very well. The 山椒 (Japanese pepper) with sauce coated minced meat with rice will have you hooked!! If you can't decide what to order, this is the dish to go with!

  • Braised Pork Belly starchy sauce rice

    Braised Pork Belly starchy sauce rice

    This is one of the most popular menu item at the Yang Kyou Fang, "豚角煮五目あんかけご飯 (Braised Pork Belly starchy sauce, rice)"Braised Pork Belly meat, plenty of vegetables with starchy sauce on rice is mouth watering!

    The big sliced pork meat melts in your mouth. The starchy sauce well coated with fresh vegetables goes well with the rice!

  • Grilled Gyoza

    Grilled Gyoza

    Grilled Gyoza is a little bigger than your normal size one and it's rectangular shaped. They come on a square dish.
    The Gyoza is chock-full of meat and the juicy flavor of meat and vegetables explodes in your mouth as you chew it! Garlic is not included in the gyoza, so it's also good for during lunch hours. You can enjoy with dipping into the sauce, or without sauce!
    Enjoy the delicious Gyoza on the side menu!

The appeal of Yang Kyou Fang


Yang Kyou Fang is located close to Asahibashi station. The restaurant is very popular as there are many people standing in line before it opens.

The restaurant is modeled after the good old style alley way of Chinese divey bar. The Lotus flower painted on the wall welcomes customer's to the restaurant.

There are table seats for 4 and 2 people on the 1st floor. The counter seats are also available for 1 person.

There are a lot of seats on the 2nd floor as well. You can use the big tables for a party or meeting. Smoking is only ok on the balcony of the 2nd floor.

The restaurant changes the interior theme between lunch time and dinner time to welcome the customer with the best atmosphere. Enjoy the delicious Chinese cuisine and atmosphere! Yang Kyou Fang is the best place for any scene.


  • Mapo tofu
  • Yang kyou fang
  • Counter seat
  • Menu1
  • Menu2
  • 1st floor
  • Mabo tofu set
  • 2nd floor
  • 2nd floor
  • Long line before opens
  • Mapo tofu Teishoku meal set
  • Braised Pork Belly starchy sauce rice
  • Grilled Gyoza
  • Yang kyou fang
  • Mapo tofu
  • starchy sauce on top
  • Good-old Chinese style interior
  • Delicious healthy mozuku seaweed soup
  • Juicy Grilled Gyoza
  • Big table for 4-6 people
  • Table seat for 2 people
  • Good-old Chinese style interior
  • Lotus flower painted wall
  • Pretty Chnadelior
  • Old Chinese picture on the wall
  • There is a private room table at the back
  • Table seat
  • Good for meeting
  • The restaurant inside is not allowed to smoke. The smorking area is on the 2F balcony
  • lovely bird smorking ashtray
  • The restaurant name and luctus flower are drawn on the wall

Yang Kyou Fang restaurant Information

Name Yang Kyou Fang



1-11-3 Izumizaki Naha-city Okinawa


5 minutes walk from Asahibashi・Kenchomae station








Teishoku meal set
Jintian (Daily teishoku set menu):780yen
Meat vegetable stir fried set menu:880yen
Mapo tofu set menu:880yen
Stamina stir-fried liver and garlic chives meal set:780yen
Pepper steak meal set
Twice Cooked Pork meal set

Ramen Salt/Soy sauce:680yen
Sichuan Tan tan men noodle:780yen
Wonton lettuce noodle soup:880yen
Pork&bean sprout noodle soup:880yen

Chow mein
stir-fried noodle with vegetables:980yen
stir-fried noodle with seafood :1080yen

Nse(on top) rice
Home-made roasted pork fillet rice:780yen
Steamed chicken on top of rice:780yen
Dobble Nose gohan rice:980yen

Cha-han(stir-fried rice)
Home-made roasted pork fillet Cha-han:880yen
Lettuce Cha-han:780yen
Braised Pork Belly with vegetable Cha-han:880yen

On rice
Taxi meshi(food):780yen
Braised Pork Belly with vegetable Cha-han:780yen

rice porridge
Century Egg rice porridge:880yen
Seafood&lettuce rice porridge:980yen

Side dish
Grilled Gyoza:3pieces 300yen
Flavored egg:100yen
Raw egg:50yen

※Other menu available for dinner

How to pay



【Lunch】 -¥999

Optional fee


Credit card

Only available for dinner hours







1F seat:
Conter seat(2-6 people)/2, 2 people seat/2, 4 poeple seat/2, 6 people seat/1

2F seat :
Round table(5 people)/2, 4 people/4, 6 people/1


There are coin-operated parkings around the restaurant



You are not allowed to smoke inside the restaurant. (Smorking area is on the 2nd floor at the balcony)


A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Here is the best place for those of you who love eating spicy food! Try the "Braised Pork Belly starchy sauce rice" which is frequently order by ladies!

Important notice

It's highly recommended that you should make a reservation.

Recommended menu

Jintian (Daily teishoku set menu):780yen

Mapo tofu Teishoku meal set:880yen

Sichuan Tan tan men noodle:780yen

Grilled Gyoza:3pieces 300yen

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