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YES Picnic parlar is a cute sandwich restaurant which is located at Naha-city Okinawa. It is the accessible place, free paking lots are available.

  • CategoryFoodCafe & Sweets
  • Phone number0989-43-5806
  • AreaNaha/Shuri
  • ParkingAvailable
  • HoursTue-Fri 10:00~19:00 Sat 9:00~19:00 Sun 9:00~17:00

The Yes!!!PICNIC PARLOR was opened in 2015 the parlor is pasterl color. Katsu sandwich made by Okinawan pork is recomended! Instagramable soft cream is also popular among ladies.
You can take out your food home but it's recomended to sit at the parlor and eat. The parlor has culm atmosphere. So even a lady can enjoy the meal at the parlor. There are Egg sandwich, Hum cheeze sandwich, and Fruit and whip creamed sandwich. The price is affordable.

Must-see sights

  • Katsu sandwich

    Katsu sandwich

    The fresh sandwich is very crispy and juicy inside. The sauce is not too much and the combination with the Katsu is so good! The lettuce is so fresh and it's good with the Katsu. The Katsu is very thich and big so, you'll be full with just one Katsu. This menu is recommended when you are very hungry! This is the menu you must order when you consider what to eat!

  • Ham cheeze sandwich

    White momo ham cheder cheeze sandwich

    The white momo hum and cheder cheeze sandwich is popular among ladies. Inside it has the lettuce. Sandwich is kinda big, but it's recommended to order the Sandwich and frenchfried combo!

  • Cream soda

    Cream soda

    There are raspberry, blue curacao, tangerine, melon soda, mango, pink grape fruit, pineapple flavors. There are soft cream and cherry on top of the colorful juice. It's not just the taste which is good, but also the looking, many girls post the pictures on the instagram.

What makes Yes!!!PICNIC PARLOR so fascinating/h2>

Yes!!!PICNIC PARLOR was opened on August 2015 at Aja Naha-city. The mint green out look with the parlot logo sign is so cute. You can enjoy delicious sandwich, softcream and cream soda!

There is no sandwich menu on the menu, you can choose the sandwich from the showcase at the outside the parlor and order at the resistrater, The one of the staff told us that you can make your own special sandwich which they can make it for you. There for , the most recommended menu at the Yes!!!PICNIC PARLOR is Katsu sand chish is very fresh and hot crispy!

There are many customers who take out their food to home. You can enjoy your food at the parlor as well. most of the locals prefer to take out their food, so usually inside the parlor is very culm and you can enjoy your own time.

Yes!!!PICNIC PARLOR has so many cute things. Especilly young girls like here.
The sofa at the parlor is mint green which is same as the outlook of the parlor. There are many cute staffs at the parlor which is a good photo spot!
There were girls who take pictures with the delicious food and cute decolations at the parlot and post on the instagram!


  • Sandwich, frenchfries and drink
  • Katsu sandwich and drink
  • Cream soda
  • Entrance
  • menu
  • Shop
  • Shop
  • Shop
  • Shop
  • Terance seats
  • Katsu sandwich
  • Ham cheeze sandwich
  • Cream soda
  • Entrance
  • Various kinds of menus
  • Cute pastel color parlor
  • menu
  • Self served water
  • Shop
  • Snacks
  • 看板
  • sign
  • Imported snacks
  • Terance seats
  • Terance seats
  • White round ham and cheder cheeze sandwich
  • Katsu sand and iced tea
  • cute knick knacks at the parlor
  • big Katsu sand
  • Cool drink
  • At the resistore
  • Cream soda
  • Shop
  • Iced tea
  • Shop
  • The combo menu comes with the drink and french fries

Yes!!!PICNIC PARLOR Information




183 Aza Aja Naha-city Okinawa


It's about 30 minutes from Furujima station


Tue-Fri 10:00-19:00
Sat 9:00-19:00
Sun 9:00-17:00





Tuna&egg sandwich : 420 yen
Ham&Cheeze sandwich : 480 yen
White round ham and cheddar cheese sandwich : 530 yen
Katsu sandwich : 650 yen
Chiken kara age : 540 yen
Cream soda : 650 yen
Fruit serial soft cream : 480 yen
Chocolate serial soft cream : 480 yen
Soft cream Zenzai : 520 yen
Sugarcane Zenzai : 370 yen

How to pay


500-1000 yen

Optional fee


Credit card

Not available




Reservation is available



There are counter and table seats





Smorking is prohibited at the restaurant


Takeout is available

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

At the Yes!!!PICNIC PARLOR, you can enjoy good bread and sandwich ingredient. Especially the White round ham and cheder cheeze sandwich is popular.

Important notice

You can eat at the inside the parlor, but sometimes due to a few seats, you may have to wait for a little bit.

Recommended menu

White round ham and cheder cheeze sandwich:530 yen

Katsu sandwich:650 yen

Sugarcane Zenzai : 370 yen

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