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Yushidofu shop Waraisoba
  • Parking

Warai soba is located inside the Tomishiro golf practice range. The most popular menu item, Yushidofu soba is delicious! There are large space for parking and it's in an accessible place!

The restaurant is situated in the Tomigusuku golf practice range, which is in front of the Tomigusuku junior high school. Yushidofu soba is the most popular menu item at the restaurant that is made with special ingredients. Mapo tofu is also highly recommended! There many people come to the golf range to taste the delicious Soba and food!


  • Delicious Mapo tsukemen(dipping noodles)

    Delicious Mapo tsukemen(dipping noodles)

    The collaboration with "Terukina soba noodle" and Yushi tofu from "Unashi tofu shop" is the must-try! The popular secret is not in just its taste, but also 800 yen affordable price! Dip the noodle in the tasty Mapo tofu soup! The spicy yet creamy tofu soup coated with chewy noodle is the best! Don't forget to put the rice into the soup after you enjoyed the noodles! You can change the hardness of the noodles and spicy level. The Mapo tsukemen is served only 10 dishes a day. It's recommended to go there early time to make sure you can have it!

  • Yushidofu Soba

    The most popular dish at the restaurant "Yushidofu Soba"!

    Yushidofu Soba is the most popular menu item at the restaurant. Delicious Yushidofu goes well with flat soba noodles! The broth is made from Chicken, Beef and Pork which makes the taste very mild! Try to put Koregusu(Okinawa chilli sauce) in your soba! The soup is very hot, be careful to burn your throat The Yushi dofu soba set is also very good which comes with rice, salad, pickles and Abura miso(Okinawan seasoned miso).

  • Entrance

    A bit complicated entrance

    To come to the restaurant, you need to go through the golf range reception first.
    Enter the restaurant door which is on the left side of the restaurant. It may be a little bit complicated for the first time visitors. Mark the sign board next to the entrance.
    The more you come to the restaurant, the more you may get interested in playing golf..

The appeal of Yushidofu Warai Soba

Warai Soba

Warai soba is situated in Tomigusuku golf practice range which is at 5 minutes drive from Tomigusuku IC. Go straight the Tomigusuku intersection to the north, you will see the golf range on your right sight. Go down the hill to the parking lot for free. Get the ticket at the ticket machine by yourself. Help yourself for some water and plate. There are counter and table seats. It will be crowded during lunch hours.

The Terukina flat noodle matches perfectly with the delicious soup! The broth is made with Bonito, pork and chicken bone which make the soup very rich and mild. Other than Okinawa soba, there are Zaru soba and Mapo tsukemen. The restaurant uses the fresh tofu that is morning fresh from the Unashi tofu shop in Itoman city. They are used in Yushidofu, Mapo tofu and other Chanpuru teishoku set meal.

You can get the takeout noodle at the restaurant, which is great for not only Okinawa soba, but also Yakisoba and Zarusoba! Moreover, try the Inari sushi(Sushi rice wrapped inside the seasoned deep-fried tofu).

It opens from 10:00AM to 5:00PM. It will be close on Sundays.


  • Yushidofu soba
  • Entrance
  • Ganso Mapo tukemen(dipping noodle)
  • Mapo
  • Dip with Mapo soup
  • Pork meat inside the Mapo soup
  • Hodgepodge
  • You can take-out the noodles
  • Restaurant entrance
  • Restaurant
  • Waraisoba menu
  • Dip the rice into the Mapo soup

Waraisoba restaurant Informartion

Name Yushidofu shop Waraisoba



(Inside the Tomigusuku practice range) 415 Takayasu Tomigusuku Okinawa


10 minutes drive from Onoyama station
5 minutes drive from Tomigusuku highway IC
5 minutes walk from Tomigusuku junior high school bus stop


11:00-17:00(L.O 17:00)





Okinawa soba:500yen
Sanmainiku soba:700yen
Yushidofu Soba:500yen
Zaru soba(with Inari):600yen
Yushidofu soba set meal:700yen
Ganso Mapo tsukemen noodle(only for 10/day):800yen
Mapo tofu teishoku set meal:700yen
Tofu Chanpuru teishoku set meal:650yen

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

Not available




Not available



20 seats
Counter and table seats


For 50 cars



Not allowed to smoke


No corse menu, No wifi

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

This is the rare Yushdofu soba restaurant! Taste the delicious Tofu and chewy soba noodle which is loved by locals!

Important notice

It's located inside the Tomigusuku golf practice range.

Recommended menu

Yushidofu Soba set meal:700yen

Ganso Mapo tsukemen noodle(only for 10/day):800yen

Tofu Chanpuru teishoku set meal:650yen

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