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Churaumi Aquarium
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  • Wi-Fi available
  • Reservation ok
  • currency exchange available
  • credit card available

Churaumi Aquarium is a popular tourist spot where you can see Whale sharks up close and personal. There are several hotels and parking spots close to the aquarium.

It's not hard to say that Churaumi aquarium is the No.1 tourist spot in Okinawa. The main tank(called kuroshio) is 8.2meters(26ft)high, 22.5meters(73.8ft)wide,60centimeters (2ft)thick and it holds 7500t of seawater. Many tourists are attracted by tropical fish swimming in the gigantic tank thats bigger than a theater movie screen. It is also the only aquarium in the world where you can see Whale sharks and herds of Manta Rays.

Must-see sights

  • Kuroshio no umi and Whale sharks from the private seat

    Kuroshio sea tank (Kuroshio no umi)

    Kuroshio sea tank is the most popular spot at the Churaumi Aquarium. You can enjoy not only Whale sharks and Manta Rays but also 70 other different kinds of fish swimming dynamically. There are seats alongside the tank which you can sit and enjoy your time. The Shark feeding & Talk show is presented daily.

  • Spotted garden eel

    Cute Spotted garden eel

    The little sea creature surrounded by many visitors at the coral reef tank is one of the popular fish, Spotted garden eel. Spotted garden eels show their heads from the sand and their cute eyes are attracting many visitors to the aquarium. Here, you can also see the colorful Splendid garden eel living in the same tank with Spotted garden eel. If you are lucky you may be able to see them coming out of their sandy house and swimming!

  • Manatee

    Manatee comforts the visitors

    One of the Churaumi aquarium's best part is that you can see Manatee at the very short distance. At first glance, you may not be able to distinguish Manatee from Dugong . Here is a little tip for you. You'll know it if you look carefully at their caudal fins. The Manatee's caudal fin is more rounded than the Dugong's. On the other hand, Dugong has triangular caudal fin. Enjoy your time at the Manatee Pool.

How to enjoy Churaumi Aquarium

Whale sharks

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium was built at the site of the amusement park(called Okinawa Expo Land) . It is not only the tourist spot, they are also trying to breed Whale Sharks for the first time in the world. Churaumi Aquarium is the only place where you can see the herds of big Manta rays.

There are 4 types of admission fees, Adults, High school students, Elementary and junior high school students, and Children under 6. Free parking lots are provided close to the aquarium. The entire building is wheel chair accessible . The Aquarium welcomes visitors with disability. Okinawa Ocean Expo Park has a large site including the aquarium. Use a free trolley to travel around the park especially the summer time to prevent heatstroke.

There is a cafe called Ocean blue near the main tank(kuroshio sea tank) inside the aquarium. You can enjoy some light meals and drinks at the cafe while watching Whale sharks and Manta Rays. It is so popular among the tourists that sometimes you can't find where to sit. But it's worth the wait. There is no other cafe like the Ocean blue where you can enjoy your meal by the aquarium tank. It feels like you're having lunch under the ocean! Since you've come you may as well try here!

At the aquarium Kuroshio sea tank, you can enjoy Feeding & presentation. The scene when the Whale sharks and Manta Ray are fed are so dynamic! The presentation is 4 times a day and they conduct the show with a video. The feeding time is at 15:00 and 17:00. Even the adults will enjoy it. The dolphin show (Okichan show) time is 11:00,13:00,14:30,16:00,17:30(17:30 is only April to September). Come and see the dynamic and lovely dolphins perform with a beautiful backdrop of the blue sea.

More places to see at the park! At the Tropical & Subtropical Arboretum zone, You can observe many kinds of plants. Green Consultation Desk is providing information about plants.

Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum, this village faithfully reflects the 17 th to 19 th century of Okinawa. It’ll make you feel as if you were back in the old days of Okinawa.

Planetarium, you can enjoy the seasonal Okinawan night sky. The history talk with the star exhibition is allowing visitors to learn Okinawan history. At the Okinawa Ocean Expo Park you can enjoy not only sea animals but also tropical plants. Culture and Customs are also provided.


  • Churaumi Aquarium
  • Acrylic panel
  • Acrylic panel2
  • Whale shark
  • Spotted garden eel
  • Anemonefish
  • Sea turtle
  • Shark
  • Striped mullet
  • Tank
  • Kuroshio no umi and Whale sharks from the private seat
  • Spotted garden eel
  • Manatee
  • Whale shark
  • Ie island
  • view from the aquarium
  • Ie island
  • Sea creatures
  • Tank and stuff
  • Tank
  • Humphead wrasse
  • scorpionfish
  • Spotted garden eel
  • Jelly fish
  • Whale shark
  • head of giant squid
  • body of giant squid
  • Dolphine show and Ie island
  • baby of Whale shark
  • Crub
  • jelly fish
  •  Stuffed megamouth shark
  •  Stuffed Octopus
  • Manatee
  • Hall
  •  shark genitals
  • Shark head
  • passage
  • sea turtle
  • Shark
  • shark
  • megamouth shark
  • mysterious creature
  • Tank

Churaumi Aquarium Information

Name Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium




Postcode:905-0206 424 Aza Ishikawa, Motobu-town, Kunigami-gun Okinawa


About 120 minutes from Naha airport by car (about 100km, 62 ml)

About 140 minutes from Naha airport by Express bus


May vary based on season. May vary based on Exhibits

Free Exhibits
 May to September : 8:30-19:30
 October to February : 8:30-19:00

Charged Exhibits
 May to September : 8:30-20:00
 October to February : 8:30-18:30

※Entrance closes at 19:00 during the months of May to September
※Entrance closes at 17:30 during the months of October to February


The first Wednesday and the following day(Thursday)
May be closed due to Typhoons

Entrance fee

Entrance fee

General(less than 20 people)
 Adults :1,850yen
  High school students :1,230yen
 Elementary and junior high school students :610yen
 Children under 6 :Free

Group(more than 20 people)
 Adults :1,480yen
  High school students :980yen
  Elementary and junior high school students :490yen
 Children under 6 :Free

Tickets after 16:00
 Adults :1,290yen
  High school students :860yen
 Elementary and junior high school students :430yen
 Children under 6 :Free

Full year pass
  High school students:2,460yen
  Elementary and junior high school students :1220yen
 Children under 6 :Free

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

VISA, Masterter,JCB,AMEX,Diners Club,DC card, UFJ, 銀聯 ,NICOS,J-debit

※TS3 is only available for the ticket machine. UFJ,NICOS,銀聯 is available at any store.


Yen, American dollar

Currency exchange machine is available at the Aquarium entrance lobby

Available Currency: American dollar, Euro, GBP, AUP, Chinese yuen, Taiwan dollar , Korean won, HongKong Dollar, Canada dollar, Singapore dollar, Thai Baht
※Exchanging yen to other currency is Not available

Electronic money

Edy is available at any shops in the park.

※WAON is only available at the ticket machine and the shop(called blue manta)
nanako and QUICPay are available only at the ticket machine.


Reservation is only available for a school trip with more than 20 students

Park facilities


1925 free parking lots
free handicapped parking
charge stands for electronic cars are available



It takes 60minutes to enjoy the free erea
It takes 90 minutes to enjoy the free erea + toll erea


You are not allowed to smoke in non-smorking area
There are several smorking areas in the park


Free lending Wheelchairs and strollers, There are several free Wifi spots, The Aquarium welcomes visitors with disability.

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Whale sharks and Manta Rays swimming gracefully is so dynamic!

Important notice

The park is really large. Flat shoes is easy to walk around.

What to bring

Suncream and water are must items

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