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Owls Adventure Park
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You can pet and hold owls here at the Owls Adventure Park. Its only a 3 minute walk from Kokusai street. The time is unlimited!

You can pet various kinds of animals at Owls Adventure Park. It is located inside the arcade connected to Kokusai street. You can reach the park without getting wet even on rainy days.
At the Owls Adventure Park, you can pet owls and other small animals. It is the only place where you can touch owls and hold them in your hands.

Must-see sights

  • Owl area

    Owl adventure Area

    Once you enter the owl area, the little owl(a native From Africa) welcomes you. In the Owl area, there are various different kinds of owls. You can't touch owls with a resting sign on his, so please be careful. There is an experience plan where you put a glove on your arm so the owl can sit on your arm.

  • Prairie Dog

    A little animal land

    The animal land is at the other side of a reception desk. There are blinds but you can see animals without going inside. If you want to see and touch the animals up closer, it's recommended to go with the premium plan. You may be able to see some animals you don't know.

  • Owl goods

    Owl goods

    Owl goods are sold close to the reception desk. Stuffed animals, Clocks, T-shirts, Coin cases, Keychains, Cups, chopsticks etc. The keychains have the most affordable prices. Its so highly recommended to get it as your souvenir.

How to enjoy at the Owls Adventure Park

The appearance of Owls Adventure Park

You can pet owls at the Owls Adventure Park. Inside of the Owls area is kind of gloomy. You may feel like as you're in the jungle!
Various kinds of Owls are seated on the branch.
The owls at this park are so very friendly that if you touch their head, they wont bite or freak out, so even little kids can enjoy petting them.

You can touch the owls in the owls area, but there are some rules you have to follow.
When the owls are resting you can't touch. The owls at the center area, you can touch them anytime.

You can take pictures with owls but don't use flash.

There is a plan so you can put the owl on your arm. Tell the staff which owl you want to put on your arm, they will bring him to you.

Moreover, there are armadillos and bats at the Owl area, you can also touch them.
If you are lucky, you may be able to see the armadillo named Hana chan walking around the owl area.

At the Owls Adventure Park, there is "Animal land" next to the owls area.

You can see parrots, hedgehogs, Chinchillas, Lizards and snakes. If you like Reptiles, or if you want to see cute small animals, its definitely recommended to visit the Animal land as well.


  • Owl
  • Owl
  • Owl
  • Owl
  • A stuffed animal of owl
  • An ornament of owl
  • A sign board of Owls Adventure Park
  • Pictures of owl
  • Pictures of owl
  • Lizard and Armadillo
  • Owl area
  • Prairie Dog
  • Owl goods
  • Owls adventure park outside
  • The steps to the 2nd floor
  • Pictures of owls
  • Owls of the day at the park
  • Northern white-faced owl
  • Sleeping owl
  • You can pet him
  • Tawny owl
  • Famous Snowy owl which bacame famous by Harry potter movie
  • There is a plan that you can place the owl on your arm
  • Armadillo
  • Fruit bat
  • tiny Fruit bat
  • You can place him on your arm
  • Chairs at the owl area
  • Barn owl
  • Lizard and armadillo
  • Armadillo (Hana)
  • Animal land area
  • Owl T-shirt
  • You can get souvenirs at the Owls adventure park

Owls adventure park Information

Name Owls adventure park



Postcode:900-0014 Nakaima bldg. 2-10-10 Matsuo Naha-city Okinawa


It takes 10 minutes from Makishi station by walking
It takes 3 minutes from Don Quixote Kokusai street by walking


10:00-20:00 (The last entry is at 19:30)


※Please check on web-page.

Fees & plan

Fees & plan

【Simple plan】
Adults : 800 yen
Kids (4 - elementry school) : 680 yen
Kids under 3 years old : Free
(This plan includes)Explore the Owl area
Taking pictures

【Standard plan】
Adults : 1200 yen
Kids(4 - elementry school) : 880yen
Kids under 3 years old : Free
(This plan includes)Explore Owl area
Taking picture
Place owl on your arm (※kids more than 4 years old)

【Special plan】
Adults : 1200 yen
Kids : 900 yen (4 - elementry school)
Kids under 3 years old : Free
(This plan includes) Entering to Animal land
Explore the owl area
Taking pictures

【Premium plan】
Adults : 1500 yen
Kids(4 - elementry school) : 1200 yen
Kids under 3 years old : Free
(This plan includes) Entering the animal land
Explore the owl area
Taking pictures
Place owl on your arm (※kids more than 4 years old)

※There is no timelimits

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card





Reservation is not required

※For group visiting, please make a reservation in advance.

Park facilities


Parking is not available

There are charged parking lots close to the park.



60-90 minutes


You are not allowed to smoke at the park.


Wifi is available

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Owls adventure park is located in an accessible area and is close to kokusai street. You can pet owls! Cute owls welcomes visitors to the park.

Important notice

You can't pet the owls when they are sleeping.

What to bring

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