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Futenma shrine
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At the back of the Futenma shrine, there are several caves known as spiritual site. The shrine is easy to access to the city.

Ginowan-city is located in the middle part of Okinawa mainland. The population is nearly 10 thousand, It's the 5th biggest city in Okinawa. The shrine is located in 40 minutes from Naha. Futenma shrine was built around in 1450 during the Ryukyu kingdom era. It is in an accessible place and the US military air base is located next to the shrine. Once upon a time, A girl shuts herself in the cave and became as a goddess, and the myth the of the hermit who showed up from the cave. Futenma shrine is a spot known for the spiritual site. Many tourists all over the world visit the shrine.

Must-see sights

  • Front of the shrine

    Okinawan style shrine

    At the entrance, you can see the stone steps made from Ryukyu limestone. The shrine room is Okinawan style red roof-tile. Most of the buildings in Okinawa are made from concrete to decrease the damage from the typhoon. However, Futenma shrine is made of wooden building. The contrast of the Okinawan blue sky and the building is so beautiful. Unequalled Okinawan Shrine.

  • Entrance of the cave

    Spiritual cave

    The Futenma shrine cave was designated as a place of national scenic beauty in 1991. Visiting the cave is free. Once you have reported the reception, shrine maiden will guide you to the cave. The cave its length is 918 feet long and it's made of limestone. The cave inside has clear air and calm atmosphere. When you go further, you'll see the spectacular limestone and feel the spiritual atmosphere. It will take about 30 minutes for the cave tour. The cave tour is from 10:00 a. m. -5:00 p.m. It's recommended to go there especially when it's a sunny day. You can see the sun shining to the cave and has mystical atmosphere. Please note that you are not allowed to take any pictures inside the cave. If you have time to visit the shrine, don't forget to check out the cave as well! Here is the place you can feel the spiritual power!

  • Original Ema(votive tablet)

    Original Ema(votive tablet) & Shrine red ink stamp

    At the Futenma shrine, you can get many Omamori (lucky charm), Original Ema (votive tablet) and a Shrine red ink stamp. Especially the Ema and Shrine red ink stamp are popular. There are many Ema hanging in the shrine. Many people pray for their wish and hang it. At the shrine office, you can get the Shrine red ink stamp for 300 yen. If you have a stamp book, a monk stamp your book with red ink and writes the name of the temple in calligraphy. In Japan. there are many young people and couples collecting Shrine red ink stamp. Now it became a secret trend.

History of Futenma shrine

Worship place in site

Futenma shrine is the biggest shrine in the middle part of mainland Okinawa. More than 100 thousand people visit the Shrine on New year's day. The shrine was rebuilt in 2005 due to its deterioration. People visit the shrine to pray for a good match and safe delivery of the child. Some company, visit the shrine to pray for the prosperity in business.

The 8 Ryukyu Shrines which used to be designated by Ryukyu government, where Futenma Shrine, Naminoue Shrine, Okinogu, Shikinagu, Sueyoshigu, Asatohachimangu, Amekugu and Kingu in Uruma-city. Futenma shrine is one of The 8 Ryukyu Shrines and for over 600 years the shrine has watched over Okinawan people and was lived in people's faith.

In the long history, the shrine got a harsh damage from WWⅡ, the monk moved the Shintai (means the body of the deity) to Itoman-city and made a temporary shrine at the Uruma - city. People have protected the shrine for a long time. If you have a chance to visit the shrine, it's recommended to learn the history as well.


  • Front shrine
  • Entrance
  • Cave guide map
  • Chozuya (a place where you wash your hands and mouth with water)
  • Omamori(amulet)
  • Inside the shrine
  • Futenma Shrine guide board
  • Front of the worship hall
  • Shrine red ink stamp
  • Okinawan red-roof tile
  • Front of the shrine
  • Entrance of the cave
  • Original Ema(votive tablet)
  • Worship place in site
  • Shrine office
  • Lucky charm
  • Lucky charm
  • Worship place
  • Ema hanging place
  • Chozuya (a place where you wash your hands and mouth with water)
  • A path at the shrine
  • Ema
  • Shrine office entrance
  • Inside the shrine office

Futenma Shrine Information

Name Futenma Shrine



Postcode:901-2202 1-27-10 Futenma Ginowan-city Okinawa


It takes about 40 minutes from Naha airport by driving

It takes about 5 minutes from Futenma bus stop by walking


Omamori(amulet) purchasing

Reception desk for reservation for praying


Open year around



Ema : 300 yen
Shrine red ink stamp : 300 yen
Lucky charm : 300-500 yen
amulet board: 500-1,000yen
Shrine red ink stamp book: 1500 yen

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

Not available





For group visitor's reservation for praying can be made by a call



55 free parking lots



About 30 minutes
Visiting the shrine and cave field tour will take about 1 hour


You are not allowed to smoke at the shrine.


A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Futenma shrine is a famous spot for its spiritual power, Not only worship, but also the architeture is very spectacular.

Important notice

You are not allowed to take any pictures inside the cave.

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