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Gusuku Bingata Some Koubou
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Gusuku Bingata Koubiou, you can make your own Bingata coaster & tea mat. Reservations can be made for group visitors and private lessons.

Ryukyu Bingata, thought to be at least 500 years old, is an Okinawan traditional dyed fabric that uses stencil paper patterns. The history of Bingata is long, the products made by Bingata artists are all dainty and colorful. To making Bingata, there are 3 steps. Design, Carving the pattern, and covering. Although, at the Bingata experience class, All you need to do is paint your Bingata, so even little kids can enjoy making Bingata. It will take 5 minutes from Gibo station by a car/taxi and its very accessible. The staff will teach you diligently and teach you pointers to make your Bingata good. To experience a Bingata making class you'll need to make a reservation 3 days in advance.

Must-see sights

  • Hibiscus Bingata

    Hibiscus Coaster

    Why don't you make your own useful Bingata coaster? To experience Bingata coaster making costs 1,400yen. The designs are Hibiscus, Fishes, Birds, Stags beetles, Cicadas. To make a Bingata takes about 30 minutes. If you are beginner, there are models that you can look so don't be scared to try! You can paint your Bingata any way you want. There is also an optional graduation ceremony!

  • Cherry blossom Bingata

    Cherry blossom tea mat

    Making tea mats at Bingata is 1600yen. The designs are Shisas, Whale sharks, Cherry blossoms, dinosaurs, and Ryukyu ranger's(Okinawan character). The more popular designs are Shisas and Whale sharks. First, paint the lighter colors, and then the dark colors. By doing so, The color will fit more beautifully on the paper. Make sure there is no unpainted spots by painting all the part there is no glue on them. Your Bingata will be done in 1 week. You can bring your Bingata. Let it dry and wash it with water and it will be completed. It is very exciting to see your own art work!

  • various kinds of goods

    Bingata for presents and souvenir

    There are many products selling the Gusuku Bingata Koubou. A Name card holder, a tie, a pouch, smart phone case, T-shirt, and bags are really good presents and souvenirs. There are seasonal art works too. Bingata is a traditional art craft, but they have cool modern tastes as well. Each of the art works are made wholeheartedly by the craftsman. You will have a warm feeling just looking at them.

How to enjoy Gusuku Bingata Some Koubou

various kinds of goods

Gusuku Bingata Koubou is 46 years old. Since it opened, The shop has a saying "Bingata in living". They wanted people to understand Bingata better through the Bingata experience and products, we can learn more about Bingata. It's recommended to buy the products, but you can have a special experience by making your own! Other than tea mats , there are tote bags, eco bags and tapestries.

Bingata koubou won't be crowded during regular weekdays, you can enjoy the shop more. To experience making Bingata, it will be conducted at home where you can relax and enjoy making your Bingata. The staff will teach you how to paint gently. If you have any questions, feel free to ask anytime.

The paints for painting, are hard to remove. So It's recommended to wear casual clothes that are ok to get dirty. Also, you can rent an apron. There are many kinds of aprons. If you want to wear a specific one you like, make sure to make a reservation in advance.

Free parking lots are available. There is one in front of the building, and some are close to the building. If you can't find the parking lots, feel free to ask staff. Group experiences are available, you'll need to make a reservation in advance.


  • Chinese zodiac Bingata
  • Whale shark Bingata
  • Hibiscus Bingata
  • Cherry blossom Bingata
  • Cherry blossom Bingata
  • Drying Bingata
  • Paints
  • Koinobori(Carp streamer) Bingata
  • sign board
  • Season Bingata
  • Hibiscus Bingata
  • Cherry blossom Bingata
  • Goods from Koubou
  • Goods from Koubou
  • Chinese zodiac Bingata
  • Chiristmas tree Bingata
  • collaboration product
  • Carp streamer product
  • Studio
  • Japanese Doll Festival Bingata
  • Carp streamer product
  • Post cards for souvenir
  • Chinese zodiac Bingata
  • colorful dog Bingata
  • maching T-shirt
  • various kinds of goods
  • Bingata genuine leather business card holder
  • Bingata and Shisa
  • dragon designed T-shirt
  • Okinawan designed Bingata
  • relaxed atmosphere shop
  • Bingata bow tie
  • colorful brooch
  • receiving many prizes
  • You can choose the design
  • samples

Gusuku Bingata Some Koubou Information

Name Gusuku Bingata Some Koubou



Postcode:901-2102 4-9-1 Maeda Urasoe-city OKinawa


It takes about 10 minutes from Gibo Station by a car




Sunday, New Year's day, Obon(23rd - 25th of August)



Bingata hands-on class
・Coaster 20minutes:1,400yen
・Tea mat 30minutes:1,600yen
・Bag 40minutes:1,800yen

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

VISA,Master,JCB,DISCOVER,Diner's club




Reservation is available



there is one in front of the shop. and close to the shop





No smorking


A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can experience making Okinawan traditional crafts! Highly recommended if you want a special souvenir!

Important notice

If there is no parking lots available, you may have to park at one that is charged.

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