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Gyokusendo was registered as a Natural monument because it is one of the best spots where you can see the dynamic stalactite in Japan. You can easily access Gyokusendo from Naha-city. The park has parking spots for buses.

Gyokusendo has the best stalactite and it's near Okinawa world. The cave was made over 300,000 years ago and has spiritual atmosphere that fascinates visitors who come to the park. The stalactite is made from limestone combined with coral, the growing speed is 1mm every 3 years which is faster than stalactites in mainland Japan. You can enjoy the magnificent and extraordinary view.

Must-see sights

  • Gyokusendou

    The growing stalactite

    Gyokusendou is registered as a Natural monument. Its natural cave which is a non-man-made shape is beautiful. In the cave, there are various kinds of stalactites.

  • blue fountain

    Blue fountain

    The blue fountain is located at the center point of the cave. The water comes from the stalactite. The blue light is lit up from under the water, giving the place a more spiritual feel. This is known as the best spot in Gyokusendo so many visitors stop by to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the fountain. If you are lucky, you may be able to see the wild eel and Norway Lobster.

  • brewery


    At the exit of the Fyokusendo, There is a brewery. You can buy sake and storage at the stalactite for 5 years. If you blend Habu sake in your sake, the taste of the sake becomes more mellow and fruity flavored. You may feel like 5 years is a long wait, but it's worth it!

Little tidbits of Gyokusendou


At the exit of the Gyokusendo, There is a brewery. You can buy sake and storage at the stalactite for 5 years. If you blend Habu sake in your sake, the taste of the sake becomes more mellow and fruity flavored. You may feel like 5 years is a long wait, but it's worth it!

During the summer season, there is an adventure cave tour. You need a reservation for the cape adventure.

How are Stalactites made?
When it rains, the rain and the air absorb carbon dioxide under the soil and become weak acid. The acid then melts the limestone under the ground and a peal on the surface of the wall and ceiling. Meanwhile, the carbon dioxide falls, and potassium carbonate precipitates build the stalactite. Because of that, the icicle of stalactite was made on the ceiling. Nevertheless, the ones on the surface of the floor are called stalagmite as well. The thing stalagmite and icicles are connected by a stone pillar. At the gyokusendou, they are all made of coral limestone.

At the entrance of the Gyokusendo, the staff will take a picture of you. You can get it at the end of the tour if you like. It will be at the exit:1 photo 1,100yen. The photo will have good memories. The cave inside is very humid and very cool, especially during the summer time. The path is very slippery from the water coming from the stalactite, be careful and watch your step. Shoes are recommended. Also, if you bring a towel, it will be helpful and useful as well.


  • Gyokusendou
  • passage
  • Hatsukoi-plaza
  • blue fountain
  • Jikemuri water fall
  • Jikemuri water fall 2

Gyokusendou Information

Name Gyokusendou




postcode: 901-0616 1336Maekawa Tamagusuku Nanjo-city Okinawa


It takes 30 minutes from the Naha airport by a car (about 10ml)

From Naha-busterminal . get off at the Gyokusendou-mae bus stop


※※The last entry is 17:00


open year round

Entrance fee

Entrance fee

Free pass (Gyokusendo・Oukoku-mura・Habu museum park)
Adult: 1650yen
Kids: 830yen
Group: Adult: 1440yen/Kids:720yen

Adult: 1,240yen
Kids: 620円
Group: Adult: 1,030yen/Kids: 520yen

Adult: 620yen
Kids: 310yen
Group: Adult: 520yen/ Kids:260yen

Habu museum park
Adult: 620yen
Kids: 310yen
Group: Adult: 520yen/ Kids:260yen

※Kids fees applys to 4-14years / Adult fees applies to over 15 years old
※Group is over 15 people
※yearly pass is also available

How to pay



Optional fee

free / wheelchairs / stroller is 300yen for rental

Credit card

You can't use credit card for buying tickets

※credit card is available at the souvenir shop/ credit cards are not available at some restaurants



JPY only

currency exchange machine is available at the souvenior shop
Available currency: USdollar,Euro,GBP,AUP,Chinese yuen, Korean won,Taiwan dollar,HongKong Dollar, Canada dollar, Singapore dollar, Thai Baht
※Exchanging yen to other currency is Not available


Reservation is available

Craft making : you don't have to make a reservation for few people
※reservation is needed for more than 15 person before 2 weeks.

Park facilities


400 parking lots (Free)



30 minutes
with Oukoku village and Habu museum is about 90 minutes


You are not allowed to smoke in non-smorking area
There are several smorking areas in the park


Wifi is available. Pet is ok. (not restaurants)

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

The stalactite nature made was so spiritually beautiful. The popular spot ”blue fountain” at the middle area is a must-see!

Important notice

You'll need a reservation for the cape adventure during the summer season.

What to bring

Inside the cape is very slippery . It's recommended to wear shoes.

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