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Kaigungou Navy underground headquarters park
  • Parking available
  • Reservation ok

Kaigungou Navy underground headquarters park is known as the former site of the Japanese Navy headquarters during WWⅡ. The site is located next to Naha-city Tomishiro-city. There is free parking available.

Kaigungou Navy underground headquarters park is a famous tourist spot in Tomigusuku-city, South Okinawa. The place is known as the former site of a Okinwan battle. Now there are parking facilities and a place that holding events detailing the history of the headquarters.
If you are a first time visitor, It'll be hard to find. If you want to go from Naha airport, Go straight down route 332 and turn right at the Ounoyama park intersection. Keep going straight on route 7, you'll see a tunnel and with a sign. Turn left at the Dilex Tomishiro on your right side and you'll reach on your destination.

If you want to take a bus, take a No.55, 88, 98 line from the Asahibashi bus terminal stop and get off at the Uehara-danchimae bus stop. You'll see the sign of “West entrance of Kaigungou park”.

When you enter the building, there is a guide map of your location. The inside of the building is very large, So you'll need some water during the summer time. There is a sop inside the building, and you can get original T-shirts and some goods.
There are a signs stating “Caution Habu snake”. Children need to be very careful when they are play outside. It's recommended to wear long sleeves, jeans, and pants to cover your skin.

Must-see sights

  • Monument of victims

    Monument of victims

    At the end of WWⅡ, Many people died in the battle. In 1958, the Monument for the victims was built to honor the spirits of the dead. In 2008, repair work was done by the Okinawa Kaiyu community service.

  • Scenery

    View from top of the hill

    Kaigungou Navy underground headquarters park is located South-west from Naha-city and is on top of the hill of Nanjyo-city. You can overlook Shuri castle and east China sea from the hill. The place is also called “Hipanmui” and was used to light a fire signal to let people know the Ship was coming to the port during the Ryukyu kingdom era.

  • Playground equipment

    Park facilities

    The Kaigungou park is under maintenance in way that would show the world the importance of peace. The park has a playground for kids to play and it's used as a meeting place for people. There is an area for festivals and Events that are used for many activities. There is also a visitor center and exhibition center that were made to exhibit the documents and goods from the WWⅡ.

Former site of the War, Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters

origami crane

At the Naval Park, the number one place to see is “the former Japanese Navy underground headquarters". It is the place where War and Peace exist, and many visitors from overseas come here to learn the important history.
The park is kept as it was in the war to let people know the truth of the War. The park opens yearly and during July to September, opening from 8:30 to 17:30. During the period of October to June, the park stays opens till 17:00.The entrance fee is 440yen for adults, 220 yen for kids, and if you come with more than 20 people, 390yen for adults and 190 for kids.
Origami cranes are hanged at the entrance. Inside of the park there is a commanding office's room, Operation room, and a generator. On the floor, some water gathers so becareful not to slip. The tunnel has space is only big enough for 2-3 people to walk so if you come with a group, you may have to separate to fit. Take your time and really explore the exhibits.

Kaigungou Navy underground headquarters park was used as an air-raid-shelter by the Japanese Navy. The shelter was top secret, at that time no one can go close so the construction was conducted by only people in the military.
The death toll for the battle of Okinawa is over 12 million. You can tell how cruel and ruthless the war really was. Most of those that died were innocent local Okinawan people.
Here, a little scary story. Some mysterious thing happens in the tunnel. Some visitors have seen ghosts. The wall where soldier killed themselves remained as they were found and there is still blood on the wall. Many have reported seeing a kids ghost on the playground outside. If you are scared with ghosts, please beware.


  • Kaigungou Navy underground headquarters park
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  • Kaigungou Navy underground headquarters park

Kaigungou Navy underground headquarters park Information

Name Kaigungou Navy underground headquarters park

TEL:0988-50-4055(The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters Office)


Postcode:901-0241 236 Aza Tomigusuku, Tomigusuku-city, Okinawa, Japan.


It takes 20 minutes from Naha airport by a car/taxi

From Naha bus terminal station, take bus No.55,88,98 and get off at the "Ueharad-danchi-mae". 5 minutes walk to the park.

Access: Go south on route 332, Turn right at the Yamashita-intersection, Keep straight on the route 7, you will come out of the tunnel, you will see "DIREX" on your right side, Turn left at the first intersection.


July to September :8:30~17:30(18:00close)
October to June :8:30~17:00(17:30close)

Center gate・East gate、opens at 8:00 closes at 19:00
Parking lots、8:00OPEN~21:00CLOSE


opens yearly

Entrance fee

Entrance fee

The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters

Adults :440yen
Elementary and junior high school students :220yen

Group(more than 20 people)
Adults :390yen
Elementary and junior high school students :190yen

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

Not available


JPY only

※Exchanging yen to other currency is Not available


Reservation is available

The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters / reservation sheet(pdf)

Park facilities


Van: 10 lots(Free)
Car: 100 lots(Free)



2-3 hours


You are not allowed to smoke in non-smorking area
There are several smorking areas in the park


Peak tourist season:weekends/holidays・GW(from end of April to first week of May) / July - September

Wifi is Not available

Park welcomes visitors with disability
lending wheel chairs available(must have reservation by a call)
Restrooms for visitors with wheel chairs are available
Parking lots for handicap car is available

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters is an important historical site. You can learn a lot of history here. There is a park where kids can play.

Important notice

It's recommended to have a reservation when visiting with a group.

What to bring


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