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Gi-zabanta is a human and natural creativity. You can overlook the breathtaking southern ocean. The parking lot is 25hrs available.

Yaese town is located between Nanjo-city and Itoman-city. For sightseeing spots in Okinawa, Southern part is popular, but there are many places to see in South as well. Okinawa is know as the hot weather and humided air, but when mainland Japan is extremely hot and the temperture is over 95 fahrenheit, There is very low possibility in Okinawa. Hottest season is July to August. Even durigng the winter season, the minomum temperture is around 59 or more. So many people visit Okinawa to enjoy surfing and marine avtivity during the winter season. There are many surfer going down the warf to surf.

Must-see sights

  • A view from Gi-zabanta8

    A Cliff

    The veiw from 131 feet cliff is very beatiful. The waves are high, so it's a good surfing spot. It's hard to go down the cliff,so it's recommended to avoid wearing sandals and heels to prevent falling. For woman, be careful to not stick the hem of your skirt to the rocks.

  • Water flown from a dam

    waterfall faced to the ocean

    Gi-zabanta faces the ocean. The water fall was made by man-made and nature. The water fall is not 100% natural, but the water flown from the dam made a waterway, and the water flown down from the cliff. The water is man-made, but the rocks are all natural. While the water reach to the ocean, it made a little basin. The moss growing in the basin is moving with the waves.

  • Gi-zabanta waterfall3

    Real or Mock??

    Do you know there is a definition of waterfall?? In fact, some popular waterfalls are mock according to the definition of waterfall. The definition 1, The water should be from natural river or the natural spring water. The definition 2, The water shoul be flow constantly. The definition3, The water fall shouln't be man-made. The Gi-zabanta is not a real waterfall according to the definition. However you are sure be want to take a beautiful picture of is! If it's a real or mock, you got to visit and see it!

History of Gi-zabanta

Gi-za waterfall4

Fierce battle was fought Southern part of Okinawa. Yaese town is located between Nanjo-city and Itoman-city. Many important resources and properties were lost during the war. Hence, there are natures that were losst and nature still remains and fascinates a lot of people. Yaese-town is not a popular sightseeing place compared to Northern part of Okinawa, but there is a great nature and the town put effort into tourism as well.

The waterfall attracts visitors to the Gi-zabanta. You may imagine the big water flows into the basin, fish are swimming, but the Gi-zabanta one is a little smaller. There are two waterfalls at the Gi-za banta, the longest one is 19 feet and the other one is 6 feet. The water flows into the ocean and make a little basins.

The picture is not as clear as it is, but the water flow down to the ocean and make a little basins. The view is so dynamic and beautiful. You may stay longer than you thought!

It is because the way was really tough... You need to go down the slope, stairs and the way that is not equipped way, it is really hard. but it's worth it. During the time we were there, we saw a couple going down the cliff and coming back, they looked different, It may be because the y helped each other to see the view.


  • A view from waterway
  • A view from Gi-zabanta1
  • A view from Gi-zabanta2
  • A view from Gi-zabanta3
  • A view from Gi-zabanta4
  • Gi-zabanta waterfall6
  • A view from Gi-zabanta6
  • A view from Gi-zabanta7
  • Gi-zabanta waterfall1
  • Gi-zabanta waterfall2
  • A view from Gi-zabanta8
  • Water flown from a dam
  • Gi-zabanta waterfall3
  • Gi-zabanta waterfall4
  • Waterway to the waterfall
  • Ocean from waterway
  • A scenery from the promenadea walk1
  • A scenery from the promenadea walk2
  • A scenery from the promenadea walk3
  • A scenery from the promenadea walk4
  • A scenery from the promenadea walk5
  • Gi-zabanta waterfall3
  • Steps to the waterfall

Gi-zabanta Information

Name Gi-zabanta

Postcode:901-0514 Asato Yaese-town Shimajiri gun Okinawa


It takes about 45 minutes from Naha-airport via Okinawa expressway(12 miles)


May vary based on season and area.

Open year around


Open year around




How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card



Reservation is not available



10-15 parking lots





Smorking is ok. It's recommended to bring ash-tray with you.


A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

The ocean is so beautiful! The view from the cliff is breathtaking!

Important notice

There is a path going down to the waterfall, but it is not safe.

What to bring



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