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Kinjo Tetsuo Museum
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  • Reservation ok

The museum exhibits valuable goods of the Ultraman creator Kinjo Tetsuo. Many tourits from around the world visit the museum, It is accessible from Naha airport. There are free parking lots available.

Kinjo Tetsuo is a great writer fom Okinawa who created the first series of Ultraman. His study is located at Haebaru town and is now open to the public. His life goods were echibited. Many people oversea visit the museum to observe his life. You cansee the monster figures, plastic models, scenarios and even the view from his study room. You need to make a reservation in advance.

Must-see sights

  • Figures on the desk

    The study that created monster boom

    The Shofuen restaurant in Haebaru town is a place where Kinjo Tetsuo was born. Kinjo Tetsuo's young brother Kinjo Kazuo is guiding the study and exhibition room.
    There are monster figures which fans left on the desk at his study. Moreover, on the next to the desk, Kinjo's hat and books are exhibited as well. You can feel his closer at his study.

  • Scenario

    Many achivemants

    Kinjo retired the Tsuburaya Prod. and came back to Okinawa to undertake Okinawan play scenarios and direction. After that, he joined the broadcast station in Okinawa. He worked as director and caster and showed his facility in many different field. He directed the closing ceremony of International Ocean Expo Okinawa in 1975. The scenario is exhibited at the museum.

  • The entrance of Shofuen restaurant

    Shofuen restaurant spread Sukiyaki in Okinawa

    The Kinjo's study is at the cottage of Shofuen restaurant. The garden at the restaurant is very pretty. Shofuen restaurant has a long history for half a century and also a very famous Sukiyaki restaurant in Okinawa.
    The great garden welcomes the guests to the restaurant with beautiful bamboo grove. This scenery sure helped Kinjo to create his works. You need a reservation for enjoy Sukiyaki at Shofuen restaurant.

A little tidbits of Kinjo Tetsuo Museum


Kinjo Tetsuo was born in 1938 and spend his life childhood in Okinawa till he graduate his junior high school. He entered high school in Tokyo. He joined the Tsuburaya Research Institute which sponsored by Tsuburaya Eiji who was called the God of Special effects. Kinjo was active as a scenario writer. When he was 26, he planed the movie "Ultra Q" and started to call the "Father of Ultraman". Kinjo made most of the story and characters. He had created a great sensation in monster boom. The monster he created "Zanpa Seijin" was named after the place Zanpa in Okinawa. The big head monster "Chiburu Seijin" was named after the head in Okinawan dialect. Many Okinawan cultures are appeared in Ultraman.

After his retiring from Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd., He moved to his parents house in Okinawa and helped the Shofuen restaurant write in his study. He created many works themed Okinawa. He undertook the Okinawan show called "a hooligan of Sashiki" and many other great works. In 1976, Kinjo died at the age of 37 by accident. Many people mourn over his death.

His study was used as workplace untill he died. The place is still remained as the time he was working. Kinjo's young brother Kinjo Kazuo is taking care of the study and the Shofuen restaurant. The study is opened to the public as a museum to let know people his works and his belongins as well. For those who want to see the museum, the reservation is needed in advance. The museum welcomes the visitors from around the world.

At the entrance of the museum, scripts, goods and autographs are displayed. When you go farther to the room, there is a desk Kinjo was using, With permission, you can observe his idea notebook at the museum. There are many Ultraman goods are displayed in his desk which his fans were left. Moreover the very rare Ultraman eye is displayed as well!

The Kinjo Tetsuo museum was resistered as one of the "The best Anime holy land of Japan88". The museum is the focus of attention among Anime and special effect fans all over the world.


  • Ultraman goods
  • Ultraman figure
  • Ultra eye
  • Book shelf
  • During Kinjo's lifetime pictures
  • His favorite hat
  • The view from window
  • Idea notebooks
  • Shofuen restaurant
  • Sign board of parking
  • Figures on the desk
  • Scenario
  • The entrance of Shofuen restaurant
  • Autograph
  • Study
  • Private pictures
  • Ultra monster Figures
  • Contributed figures from Fans
  • One thousand paper craneds contributed from a fan
  • Ultraman books
  • Ultraman LP record
  • Script when Kinjo appeared on TV
  • Script when he undertool the structural direction
  • Message board from fans
  • A letter from Kinjo to his family
  • A passage to the museum entrance
  • Museum entrance
  • Koi fish
  • Sign board of parking

Kinjo Tetsuo Museum Information

Name Kinjo Tetsuo Museum

TEL:0988-89-3471(Shofuen restaurant)


Postcode: 901-1117 1384 Aza-Tsukazan Haebaru-town Okinawa


It takes about 30 minutes from Naha airport by a car (about 9.6 miles)

It takes about 5 minutes from Shonan-Seito bus stop by walking




New year's day

Entrance fee

Entrance fee


How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card



Reservation can be made by calling (908-889-3471 :Shofuen restaurant)



Free paking for 20 cars



About 20-30 minutes


Smorking is prohibited


Cameras allowed

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can see the history and figures of Japanese hero "Ultraman"! The museum is a great place for Ultraman fans! You can see the rare Ultraman eye too!

Important notice

The reservation is needed in advance.

What to bring

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