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Manko Park
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Manko park is a Ramsar site where you can see mangroves and wetland. It is easy to access from Kokusai street and Naha airport. Free parking lots are available at the park.

If you have time before/after boarding a plane, here is a best sightseeing spot for you! Manko park is located close to the Naha airport within 15 minutes by a car. You can enjoy watching Mangroves and birds. The park is located in Naha-city and Tomishiro-city. You can easily access from Naha-airport and Kokusaistreet. It's a good spot where you can enjoy the beautiful nature!

Must-see sights

  • Ramsar Convention

    Ramsar Convention

    Manko park was resistered as the Ramsar Convention in 1999, the 11th of Japanese Ramsar site. Ramsar Cnvention is "An internationl treaty for important wetland" especially habitats of waterbirds. The Convention on Wetlands, signed in Ramsar, Iran, in 1971. Manko is a wetland the habitat for waterbird. As manko, Kokuba river(Naha bridge,Madan bridge) Noha river(Ishibiya bridge) 58ha in areasquare. The park is an important site for snipea sandpipers and piping plovers. In 2003, Manko Waterbird and Wetland center was built to cultivate a better understanding of Manko.

  • Manko Waterbird and Wetland center

    Manko Waterbird and Wetland center

    Manko Waterbird and Wetland center is to understand the "three pillars" of the convention.
    "Safety・Regrow","Sensible Use", "get to know each other・learn". you can enjoy the center for free. At the entrance, you'll see a blackboad of drawing birds in the morning of the day. recommended to try the birds tweeting listening! Once you push the buttun, You can listen to 5 kinds of birds tweet. On teh second floor, you can see the view of Manko. The free observation platform is availble. You can watch birds 60 power of magnifying maximum. It's the best spot where you can see park and Toyomi bridge! It's recommended to go 2nd floor.

  • A wooden boardwalk

    A wooden boardwalk

    At the park, you can enjoy walking on a wooden boardwalk and see the Mangroves. It takes about 15 minutes for going and returning. 1/5 of the Manko park is Mangrove forest. In Okinawa, you can see mangroves also in Ishigaki island and Iriomote island. In main island, you can see them at Manko park and Higashison village. Mangroves only grow in Okinawa and Kakoshima prefecture. Manko park is located 3 km inland from ocean and gets effect from the ebb and flow of the tide which helps Mangroves to grow.

What is Manko park?


Long time ago, Manko had much water as the name 漫湖(fill lake) means. In the mid 1600, A Chinese envoy named the lake Manko. Matthew C. Perry (commodore) saw the view and praised it. Recently, the lake gets tideland from the reclamation, when it gets high tide, the Maximum water level is 47 ha. There are many creatures living in Manko. If you look under the wooden boardwalk, You can see clubs, and Mudskippers called Tontonmi. There are sign board of the description of creatures with its picture at the park.

There are 7 kinds of Mangroves seen in Japan. At Manko, you can see mainly Cadel, Bruguiera gymnorrhiza and Rhizophora mucronata. There is no tree named Mangrove. It's te\he general term of forest that frows in brackish water that is seawater and fresh water. Most of the tree grows close to the wooden boardwalk are Cadel. Cadel has buttress root and you can see it at the exit of a center. During the summer time, little white flower blooms. The root is litte difficult to see from the wooden boardwalk, so please visit the center to see it. Lastly, don't check to visit the "Nagomino sanpodou" (walking path).

The migratory birds come during Autumn and Winter, you can see them especially in the morning and at evening. 200 kinds of birds have seen at here in Manko. 2 days before we visit the park, there is a news that the blue bird Collared kingfisher was seen in Okianwa for the first time in Mangrove forest. This bird only lives in Southeast asia, and In Japan, there are a few islands Ishigaki island, Iriomote island, Miyako island, and Kume island. We couldn't see it when we visit, but on the day in the mornig they said they saw at the park.

Some tourist say that Naha is a really urban area. Hence, here in Manko, you can feel the great nature. 90% of birds in okinawa are Migratory bird, and Manko is their midway. Manko park is a very good place to relax and important site. If you have chance please visit and enjoy the nature!


  • Manko park
  • A wooden boardwalk view from observation platform
  • Hand-made descripion of kingfisher
  • Mudflat and Mangrove
  • A wooden boardwalk
  • Mangrove root
  • Descripion panel
  • Collared kingfisher panel
  • Black-faced spoonbill
  • Description pannel
  • Ramsar Convention
  • Waterbird and Wetland center
  • A wooden boardwalk
  • A wooden boardwalk
  • Waterbird and Wetland center entrance
  • starting point of a wooden boardwalk
  • A wooden boardwalk and mangrove
  • A wooden boardwalk and Candel
  • An observation platform in a wooden boardwalk
  • 2 years old Mangrove
  • club's living hole
  • Mudflat and Mangrove
  • Mudflat and Toyomi bridge
  • Root of Mangrove
  • Root of Mangrove
  • You can listen to the birds tweeting
  • showing the birds seen in the morning
  • Panel

Manko park Information

Name Manko park




Postcode: 900-0024 3-23-1 Kohagura Naha-city Okinawa


It takes 15 minutes from Naha-airport by a car.
It takes about 15 minutes from Ounoyama kouen station.
Bus: take a bus No.9/11/101/105/ and get off at "Oroku" station, it is 10 minutes walk




Monday (If the monday is holiday, it will be closed the following day) Ireinohi Memorial day of a war June 23rd, New Year's day Dec.29-Jan.3rd

Entrance fee

Entrance fee

Entrance fee : Free

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

Not available



Reservation is available

You need a reservation for Group visitor(more than 10 people)

Park facilities


30 parking lots(Free)



40 minutes


No smorking

Brochure Brochure

Wheelchair lending is available, The park welcomes the visitors with disability. It's recommended to bring Suncream,Sunshade,Towel,Water especially during the summer time

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Here is a famous tourist spot. The park is located away from the urban area and has a culm atmosphere.

Important notice

There is no shops you can get water or etc. It's recommended to bring water by yourself.

What to bring

It's recommended to have suncream, sunshade, towel, and water.

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