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Minami-no Eki Yaese
  • Parking available
  • Credit card available

Minami-no Eki Yaese is a good southern sightseeing spot where they have free parking lots and local farmer direct shops. Have a break and enjoy the food!

At the entrance of the Minami-no Eki, you can see the banyan tree welcoming the visitors. There was a city office before the Michi-no Eki, and Gushichan junior high school students plant banyan tree. you can get fresh vegetables, fruits, artcrafts and stock farm products from Yaese town.

Must-see sights

  • Hibiscus tea and Mango&Orange soda


    At 35 COFFEE, you can taste the coffee, which used the beans by slowly and carefully roasting the raw coffee beans and dead coral. Even if it's dead, you are not allowed to bring corals or dead corals anywhere but Okinawa, hence here is the only place you can taste the coral roasted coffee! The 3.5% of the Coffee sale, the company began efforts to transplant baby corals. At the souvenir corner, you can get instant roasted coffee. It will be a good souvenir!

  • たこ焼き


    At Nakanoya, the flying fish Okinawa Suva and popular Takoyaki are sold. Takoyaki from Nakanoya is so fluffy that you can barely grab it with chopsticks. The most popular topping is cheese! The melting cheese fines Takoyaki and it's amazing! Highly recommended to try!

  • Squid Tempura and IchaIcha

    Suke san (Suke industry)

    You can get the squid Tempura for 40 yen! The juicy squid tempura gets hooked on the taste. Many people visit Minamino-Eki to get the tempura! You should try it when you are close by! "Icha Icha" is a fried squid ear. Roasted and crispy taste gets you hooked in the taste! This is a good snack for kids and also the best finger food! Icha Icha has a sweet and roasted taste! It's highly recommended!

Visit Yaese town! Minami-no Eki

Food cort

Minami-no Eki was opened on April 27th, 2017. The entrance hall built in wellhole style. You can check the information on places to eat, sightseeing, activities by using the big panel at the entrance. The panel is easy to use and even kids can use and is very conspicuous.

There are three multipurpose halls at the Minami-no Eki Yaese. There is a room for cooking, on the 2nd floor. The room needs a reservation in advance. You can make a reservation by FAX and Mail. You can use the hall during 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. For making the reservation, it will take 2 days.

At Minami-no Eki Yaese, the staff are working so friendly and put effort into the events. Not only talk show or live event, but also they decorate the Minami-no Eki hall. The staffs working there have a strong passion to welcome the visitors to the Minami-no Eki Yaese.

Good people make food place. Michi-no Eki Yaese is the symbol of the word. If you have time to go to south, highly recommended to visit the Minami-no Eki!


  • Minami-no Eki Yaese
  • Minami-no Eki Yaese food cort
  • Minami-no Eki Yaese Admin office entrance
  • Minami-no Eki Yaese shop
  • Souvenir corner / Snacks
  • Souvenir corner / food
  • Souvenir corner / tableware
  • Souvenir corner / clothing
  • Souvenir corner / colorful glasses
  • Floor Guide
  • Hibiscus tea and Mango&Orange soda
  • Takoyaki
  • Squid Tempura and IchaIcha
  • Food cort
  • Floor guide
  • Information for food
  • Information of fresh fish dish
  • Fresh local vegitable
  • Guiding Yaese town
  • 35COFFEE
  • Nakanoya
  • Suke san (Suke industry)
  • Tasting at Suke san
  • Food cort bench side
  • Parking
  • food shops at the food cort area
  • Atemoya
  • Hirami lemon
  • 35 COFFEE and Habu sake
  • Okinawan style living products
  • Grass tea
  • Okinawa souvenir juice
  • Pottery souvenir
  • Pottery souvenir2
  • Welcoming

Minami-no Eki Yaese Information

Name Minami-no Eki Yaese




Postode:901-0512 659 Aza Gushichan Yaese town Shimajiri-gun Okinawa


It takes about 35 minutes from Naha airport by car


May vary season to area

Free area
April to October : 10:00-19:00
November to March :10:00-18:00


Open year around



35 COFFEE(Three five coffee)
Medium size 120 yen
35 Hot coffee
35 Iced coffee
Hibiscus tea
Hibiscus soda
Mango&Orange soda
Lemon squash

Takoyaki 8 pieces : 500 yen
Bento:380 yen
Flying fish Okinawa soba : 650 yen
Flying fish Vegitable Soba : 700 yen
Flying fish Kakiage Tempura Soba : 700 yen
Flying fish gristle Soba : 750 yen
Flying fish Soba : 800 yen
Jyusi (Okinawan cuisine) : 100yen

Suke san
Squid : 40 yen
Chicken tempura : 40 yen
Tempura : 100 yen
Rice cake : 100 yen
Fried rice cake : 150 yen
Fried tuna : 100 yen
Icha Icha : 500 yen
Kaisen don (Assorted raw seafood dish) : 650 yen

How to pay


0yen -

Optional fee

Rental meeting room and cooking room 500yen/1h, Electric bill 500yen/1h

Credit card

Not available





Multipurpose hall/Cooking : reservation can be made by FAX/Mail



Bus : 50 perking lots
Car : 6 parking lots

Handicapped : 4 parking lots



Visiting only free area, It takes about 20 minutes
Visiting Free area+charged area, It takes about 40 minutes


You are not allowed to smoke at the Michi-no Eki Yaese


A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can get souvenirs and enjoy the food at Michi-no Eki Yaese. Here is a popular souvenir spot for tourists.

Important notice

It will be crowded during the weekends.

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